“You are sitting under a tree in the school yard waiting for your bus when he approaches, and for a moment you don’t recognise him because he isn’t wearing a sweater or a turtleneck, but a long sleeved t-shirt and a scarf, his backpack slung over one shoulder rather than mounted squarely on his back.”

this was enough for me to sketch this schoolstuck!Kankri. still a troll, however.

15 Oft Forgotten Facts About Homestuck's Trolls

- Trolls are nocturnal. Due to their sun’s intense brightness and heat, trolls rarely go out at night. Some however, such as Kanaya, can stand sunlight and will operate somewhat diurnally.

- Troll society is, in human terms, matriarchal. The females of the species, mother grubs, are revered and protected by the humanoid males, and castes that are in human terms feminine hold the most important roles of leading society and caring for the aforementioned mother grubs.

- Trolls have no concept of gender affecting sexuality, making them all, again in human terms, bi/pan. However, Beforans (if not all trolls) do have concepts of asexuality and aromanticism, separated out by quadrant.

- Most technology in troll culture is based in organic networks, using specialised grubs and other creatures in place of circuits.

- Most trolls have sharp teeth, and their diets consist mostly of various types of grubs and insectoid creatures, judging from their food terms.

- Recuperacoons are Alternia exclusive, and were created to protect trolls from the nightmares that plague their species ehile they sleep. This is not normal and Doc Scratch is to blame. Possible explanations for the nightmares are Gl'bgolyb (any emissary to the horrorterrors), Purpleblood chucklevoodoos, or species-wide trauma; nothing was confirmed by canon.

- Yellowgreen blooded trolls are oppressed on both worlds. On Beforus, they were treated as lesser peoples and insulted with the “Lime” slur, and on Alternia they were eventually wiped out. What powers they possessed is still unknown, but whatever they were posed a threat to purple bloods.

- Troll horns are not made of bone, and extend from holes in the top of the skull, allowing for the wide variation in horn shapes we have seen. Their hair grows around their horns with no problem.

- All troll skin is silvery grey, regardless of blood color. Color only shows when blushing. Additionally, all of their bodily fluids seem to be tinted their blood color.

- Trolls have 48 zodiac signs, and likely divide sweeps up into 48 sections. This is about 16.5 Earth days per division.

- Trolls’ fingernails are colored like their horns. This suggests it may be made of the same material.

- Most trolls have black lips naturally. Some, such as the Megidos, do end up with blood colored lips naturally (without makeup), but this is presumably rare.

- Another rare occurrance is blood colored hair, such as with Eridan’s tuft and thr Megidos’ eyelashes. It is unknown if this can affect a troll’s entire head of hair.

- Until adulthood, all trolls have slate-gray to black irises. Upon maturing (estimate 10 sweeps), they fill in with blood color.

- Alternia’s trolls are a warrior race. Most adults were out among the stars invading other worlds when they were suddenly killed by Gl'bgolyb’s psychic screams.

And there’s a lot more, but I might make another post sometime. Let me know if there are any other obscure things I missed!

spidertroll  asked:

Arguably the best Beforan troll is Damara, she was cheated on, bullied, harassed to the point of snapping, killed, subjected to almost as much culling as Kankri was, and eventually had a psychotic break that made her become closed off, defensive, and hypersexual to protect herself. She was said to be sweet, passionate, and loving before Meenah messed with her but everyone treats her like annoyance after they're in the dream bubbles. Damara is best troll, deserves all care in the world.

Yea :3

Everyone is bad for good reasons. Damara is really, really understandable…

cephalos  asked:


(With reference to this post here.)

Hah! Got it in one.

For those who don’t remember the Dark Times, at the height of its popularity, Homestuck had spawned several fan-created AUs that were, themselves, popular enough that people unconnected to their creators would write fanfic set in them, cosplay as the AU versions of various characters, and so forth.

It got to the point that some of the most well-established AUs had separate mini-fandoms made up of folks who’d never actually read Homestuck proper, and were in it just for that AU. The best-known example of the type is probably Marchingstuck, a high school AU in which the Beta kids and Alternian trolls were all in a marching band. (The Alpha kids and Beforan trolls didn’t feature because the entire AU lived and died prior to their introduction.) Indeed, Marchingstuck was so popular that it went recursive and spawned its own fandom project, a Tumblr-hosted fan-fan-comic called Promstuck that ran for six months in the latter half of 2011 and concluded after over 250 pages.

To the topic at hand, 4chords was a Homestuck AU created by an artist named Emily Hu, revolving around human versions of Tavros and Gamzee attending community college. Though less prolific content-wise than some, it was one of the longer-lived AUs, remaining popular for nearly two years before the original artist lost interest and stopped updating the fan-comic that spawned it.

Trucks Appreciation Post

“I got shouted out last night in a really remarkably thorough way by the guy who wrote Detective Pony… he definitely did not mention Trucks.” - @some-triangles

“I can’t believe that Trucks wouldn’t be listed among the major works.” - @spacedhamlet

“I can’t believe it, Detective Pony! For fuck’s sake. Trucks is practically our magnum opus. So what do you have to say about that, mister man?” - @some-triangles​, as heard in Mumblesquad Shadow of the Colossus #6

The top 33 Trucks episodes of 2016, definitively ranked in a remarkably thorough way from least Trucks to most Trucks:

33: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 32 - Actually Zero Difference (”Just you and me and our beautiful voices and our crisp, clear ideas.” - Josh)

32: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 28 - Sleepy pooped (”But what if the experience you’re missing is the crippling guilt of doing something truly horrible?” - Josh “Oh, I feel that in life, even when I don’t do something truly horrible” - Isaac)

31: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 13 - Yeah, Star Wars (”For folks who are simply unaware that they’re bad, that is less interesting to me. It’s the people who are aware that they’re bad and are suffering under some obligation to continue.” - Isaac)

30: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 45 - Bummerino (”We only throw paint on whalers inasmuch as we throw shade at people who do art wrong.” - Isaac)

29: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 30 - Monica doesn’t wanna talk about art (”Josh is slightly drunk, I’m maudlin and self-pitying. It was just basically a descent into my own personal problems, which I was trying to frame as if it was something about culture, or the world, or humanity; it was transparent and gross.” - Isaac)

28: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 31 - The preferred background noise (”You can rest easily in my bosom, secure in the knowledge you will not have to think too hard or be tormented too much by the sheer lassitude of everyday nothingness while I am speaking.” - Isaac “Dang.” - Josh)

27: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 36 - Mindless Self Indulgence (”I remember pulling a lot of Weird Al tracks of of Napster. Most of which weren’t actually Weird Al.” - Josh)

26: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 35 - The Trucks Gazes Back (”If a place called Truckee is gonna be the land where our spirit resides, and it’s gonna be because of our trucks affinity, you’d think that this game would be—” “—the correct medium through which to observe that.” - Josh and Isaac)

25: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 15 - Into the Blowhole (”It looks so much like what it is.” - Isaac)

24: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 41 - Missed Erection (”[Overwatch is] interested in the choreography of violence without the consequences of violence“ - Josh “Which means that this game would be much better if it were professional wrestling.” - Isaac)

23: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 42 - Make Something Great (”It’s now or never. And I’ll sideswipe all the cars I need to on my way to this goal.“ - Josh)

22: Talk Simulator 2- Episode 44 - Britain’s goofy mascot (”I was Sailor Gendo.” - Isaac)

21: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 33 - Don’t Hate, Participate (”Oh, Jesus Christ, what’s wrong with you?” - Isaac)

20: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 38 - (Move on to) Stronger Things (”The Darkness exists. The Darkness has always existed, the Darkness will exist.” - Isaac)

19: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 24 - The Long Europe of the Night (”Here we are in… where are we?” - Isaac “Poland. And we’re going to Kris- Kristin- Krislinland- Kristen- Krisliland- Kris- that place.” - Josh “We’re going to Chris Kattan.” - Isaac)

18: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 17 - Unprotected Left Heel Turn (”Oh my god, I can just sleep anywhere in this field.” - Josh)

17: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 25 - I just hate it!!! (”Why don’t we just shout ‘Trucks!’ whenever the thing starts?” - Josh)

16: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 20 - finally (”childish amusements that I childishly amuse myself with” - Isaac)

15: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 27 - Vice-Admiral Thaddeus Wrinkledorf III (”Professional Trucks.” - Isaac)

14: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 40 - I Saw the Suplex (”Most of [modern wrestling] is Vince McMahon whispering in people’s ears. And he is insane.“ - Isaac)

13: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 22 - Lightly Drifted (”Yes, you can tell a story without words, ya dummy!” - Josh)

12: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 23 - Mixed Nuts (”You are better at coming up with fly-ass phrases on— the fly. See? See, I already fucked up, I fucked up right there.” - Josh)

11: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 16 - Don’t click the annotation (”I’m glad when you [Isaac] like a person.” - Josh)

10: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 19 - Pinned Down by Mediocrity (”I’m very sad that they are continuing to bury Bray Wyatt.“ - Isaac)

9: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 29 - Overwhelming Herzog (”I know that it involves [Orson Welles] blustering around with a cape and saying, ‘Ah! And for my next trick…’“ - Josh)

8: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 14 - Ooh Yeah, Brother (”The Kliq. A notorious collection of mid-90s backstage assholes.” - Isaac)

7: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 34 - I love Computers (”The best art is that which is great by accident, and that’s the only thing computers can make.” - Josh)

6: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 12 - 2016 New Year Trucktacular “It’s the renewal of everything. It’s another chance. One in a diminishing series of chances that we have left for all of us, but still, another way to navigate to another place.” - Isaac)

5: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 39 - I just can’t get over it (”All of my opinions are uncontroversial and highly correct… I think that the best video games aren’t fun; I love walking simulators. I think that art is a pretty low bar to aspire to.” - Josh)

4: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 26 - The Mythical Archive Reader (”I suppose that’s the difference [between the Alternian and Beforan trolls]: there was a movement from an affectionate parody of a world that [Andrew Hussie] had belonged to to a vicious parody of a world that he was confused by and forced to be a part of because that’s where his audience lived.” - Isaac)

3: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 37 - In praise of the bad man (”As a young pervert myself, I was like, ‘Hey! I feel recognized and welcomed by this terrible human being. Let’s figure out what this is about.’” - Isaac)

2: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 43 - Bee in the Bonnet (featuring @naked-bee​, creator of the Detective Pony podfic) (”I’m stuck now… Maybe if I do exactly the same thing again…” - Josh)

1: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 18 - Jackpot!!! (”Guys, I’m really tired today.” - Josh “Oh, Josh is a sleepy boy, but we have obligations. Miles to go before we sleep, in this case both literally and figuratively— actually, no, just two different kinds of figuratively: we’re literally in the room that Josh sleeps. But! Figuratively both in terms of driving in this game and driving in our lives, we have to do a lot of stuff before it’s time to not.” - Isaac)

Your move, Truckmen.

god tier homestuck stamp stickers! 

these are the first two stamps I’ve made for this set of stickers. they will be given out for sure at metrocon and, hopefully, megacon! 

i’m hoping to get to beforan trolls and alpha kids as well!

in their physical forms they are about 2.5 x 2.5 inches large!

i can’t wait to hand them out at the cons– i hope that you can get one if you plan on going!

Beforus Structure

The layout of the Beforus album is largely taking its cues from the ColoUrs and Mayhem albums and LOFAM albums which is sensible as these too were big collaborative fan albums, and, in the case of the first two, focussed on discrete character groups as does Beforus. The original plan was to have the album split into two “discs” and a “bonus” disc, but I’ve realised that some of the things I was going to put in the “bonus” section deserve better than to be relegated to additional content, and so right now we’re looking at the following structure:

  • Disc 1 (Principle tracks)
    • The first section of the album contains twelve tracks acting as the main “theme” for the twelve Beforan trolls, in zodiac order, and prefaced with a short “Disc One” track that serves as a book end.
  • Disc 2 (Main body of the album)
    • The second section is the largest and contains additional character tracks in addition to tracks that tell parts of the story of Beforus and the Beforan troll session. These tracks are arranged in a roughly chronological order (although this is not a strict rule). The number of tracks here is still undecided. Again, this will be prefaced by a bookending “Disc Two” track.
  • Disc 3 (Epilogue/Finale/Extra tracks)
    • Quite probably the shortest disc (although it may be of a similar length to disc one), this disc contains tracks that differentiate themselves from the others in some way, such as tracks with vocal content, remixes of previous tracks or tracks with particular stylistic motifs. Again, there isn’t a hard and fast rule as to what goes here as opposed to disc two, and it will mainly be down to the best arrangement to ensure track flow. Again, this will be prefaced with a brief “Disc Three” bookend track.

This is all of course subject to change, but I have a preliminary track order based around this setup (although I plan to overhaul that in a few days once I’ve received more tracks). Still, this should give you an idea of what to expect!


It has come to my attention that some of the newer Homestucks, and even some of the long time ones, are still having a bit of trouble understanding the relationships between the Alpha and Beta human kids, and even more confusingly, the relationships between the Alternian and Beforan trolls.

So I spent the past two hours making a couple of simple diagrams to explain the genetic and familial relationships between these groups. Hopefully this can clear up some confusion, and make it easier for all of us to understand what we’re talking about with these confusing teens.

When we all know what’s going on, it’s a lot easier to make theories, fan art, fan fictions, and roleplays that we can all enjoy.

If you see any misspellings, or have a legitimate reason you think I am wrong about something in either chart, please let me know.


Through a series of vlogs, several groups navigate their way through an apocalypse.  Can you survive?

Cast call!!

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Skaiapocalypse is looking for cast members!

Character list: 

Strike through is taken.

Beta Kids

John Egbert

Rose Lalonde

Dave Strider

Jade Harley

Alpha Kids

Jane Crocker

Jake English

Dirk Strider

Roxy Lalonde

Alternian Trolls

Aradia Megido

Sollux Captor

Karkat Vantas

Nepeta Leijon

Feferi Peixes

Eridan Ampora

Kanaya Maryam

Terezi Pyrope

Vriska Serket

Gamzee Makara

Equius Zahhak

Tavros Nitram


Meenah Peixes

Cronus Ampora

Kurloz Makara

Horuss Zahhak

Aranea Serket

Latula Pyrope

Porrim Maryam

Meulin Leijon

Mituna Captor

Rufioh Nitram

Damara Megido

Kankri Vantas








Neophyte Redglare:

Marquise Spinneret Mindfang:

E%ecutor Darkleer:

Grand High Blood:

Orphaner Dualscar:

The Condesce:


















Midnight Crew

Spades Slick

Heart Boxcars

Diamonds Droog

Clubs Deuce

Other Characters

Lil Cal



The Mayor

Peregrine Mendicant

Aimless Renegade

Speculation about Beforus Ancestors (Aradia to Feferi in Pre-Scratch Universe)

The Alternian ancestors seem, by and large, to resemble the post-scratch kids than they do their pre-scratch self. For example, Mindfang is much more like Vriska than Aranea, the Dolorosa is way more like Kanaya than Porrim, Redglare is a lot more like Terezi than Latula, etc etc so on and so forth.

About the only times this breaks is for The Signless and Condesce (who are more like Kankri and Meenah rather than Karkat and Feferi), and possibly The Summoner. The Handmaid is a bit of a weird one, given that she existed in Alternia rather than Beforus, but she was likely a huge influence on Aradia’s interest in the dead.

A lot of this can be attributed to the kid trolls using knowledge of their ancestors as role models - both in terms of personality as well as in recreating relationships. Meanwhile, the relationships and personalities of their Beforus counterparts are very distinct from their Alternian selves.

What if the same logic applied and the Beforan ancestors are a lot more like the Alternian kid trolls in personality?

Keep reading