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Do you think Beforans and Alternians are biologically identical?

Depends. I’d say the core functions of Alternians and Beforans has to be identical as they’re from the same race - almost all cat-like creatures have whiskers, ability to hide claws (except cheetah) and see good in the dark. At the same time there are minuscule differences that can be spotted between Alternian and Beforan trolls that cannot be linked only to cultural differences. For example:

Latula and Terezi have completely different sets of teeth

…something post-scratch!Latula doesn’t share with pre-scratch!Latula, as Redglare seems to have identical teeth with Terezi.

Amporas have different sets of fins, which is either a major mistake from sprite artist (fins cannot be different if we’re talking about same line of family, because it can mean completely different species in genotype - unless xenobilogically seadwellers can be differentiated by other traits) or a showcase of different biology.

The only picture of Dualscar doesn’t clearify much here.

Now, I’m not a big fan of differentiating Beforus trolls on sprites that were made by guest artists, cause they have major differences from walksprites and thus, aren’t really that canon. On the other hand, you can’t tell much about biology of Beforus trolls basing on walksprites alone.

There’s the thing with Beforus and Alternian trolls tho: they both have lived in completely different environments (Beforans were peaceful and Alternians extremely aggressive) and this surely had to influence some of their biological traits. If you consider that Beforus trolls become ancestors post-scratch, then it has to mean that:

a) Scratch does something to trolls that changes some of their biological features;

b) Scratch doesn’t do anything but years of evolutions down the generations do, as f.e. Latula’s lack of sharp teeth would eventually evolve into sharp fangs  (through genetical mixture) which Terezi has;

At the same time you have to remember that Beta trolls we know were once ancestors to Alpha trolls, so in the end it’s all a bit like a pendulum going back and forth in a loop - aggressive traits vanish in non-aggressive environments as they don’t have to be used and they reappear once the individuals are tossed into environment that requires for them to be there (during the given span of time of generations, process of elimination and so on).


It has come to my attention that some of the newer Homestucks, and even some of the long time ones, are still having a bit of trouble understanding the relationships between the Alpha and Beta human kids, and even more confusingly, the relationships between the Alternian and Beforan trolls.

So I spent the past two hours making a couple of simple diagrams to explain the genetic and familial relationships between these groups. Hopefully this can clear up some confusion, and make it easier for all of us to understand what we’re talking about with these confusing teens.

When we all know what’s going on, it’s a lot easier to make theories, fan art, fan fictions, and roleplays that we can all enjoy.

If you see any misspellings, or have a legitimate reason you think I am wrong about something in either chart, please let me know.

Speculation about Beforus Ancestors (Aradia to Feferi in Pre-Scratch Universe)

The Alternian ancestors seem, by and large, to resemble the post-scratch kids than they do their pre-scratch self. For example, Mindfang is much more like Vriska than Aranea, the Dolorosa is way more like Kanaya than Porrim, Redglare is a lot more like Terezi than Latula, etc etc so on and so forth.

About the only times this breaks is for The Signless and Condesce (who are more like Kankri and Meenah rather than Karkat and Feferi), and possibly The Summoner. The Handmaid is a bit of a weird one, given that she existed in Alternia rather than Beforus, but she was likely a huge influence on Aradia’s interest in the dead.

A lot of this can be attributed to the kid trolls using knowledge of their ancestors as role models - both in terms of personality as well as in recreating relationships. Meanwhile, the relationships and personalities of their Beforus counterparts are very distinct from their Alternian selves.

What if the same logic applied and the Beforan ancestors are a lot more like the Alternian kid trolls in personality?

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