It has come to my attention that some of the newer Homestucks, and even some of the long time ones, are still having a bit of trouble understanding the relationships between the Alpha and Beta human kids, and even more confusingly, the relationships between the Alternian and Beforan trolls.

So I spent the past two hours making a couple of simple diagrams to explain the genetic and familial relationships between these groups. Hopefully this can clear up some confusion, and make it easier for all of us to understand what we’re talking about with these confusing teens.

When we all know what’s going on, it’s a lot easier to make theories, fan art, fan fictions, and roleplays that we can all enjoy.

If you see any misspellings, or have a legitimate reason you think I am wrong about something in either chart, please let me know.

The Beforus fan album is now released and available for download!

(Artwork by Gilwing)

It’s been a long time coming, folks. 14 months of dedicated work for 93 contributors has produced the largest Homestuck album of all time, centered on the Beforan trolls!

Beforus features:

  • 82 all new original Homestuck tracks by as many as 43 different fan musicians.
  • A fantastic library of gorgeous track art drawn by our art team of 45 skilled visual artists.
  • An exclusive behind-the-scenes commentary booklet featuring the art and in-depth commentary on each track from both its musician and visual artist!

Be sure to listen to the album, look at the art and check out all the wonderful contributors who have helped to make Beforus a reality!


Be sure to check the bandcamp and commentary booklet for full contributor credits! It’s bundled with the downloads.

Thank you for everyone for being so supportive of this project over the the time we’ve been putting it together! Beforus could never have been made without your overwhelming efforts to support the project. I think the project really stands as a testament to what we, the fandom, can do when we all band together. Homestuck ends tomorrow, and I think that this release is a fitting way to celebrate.

I hope you all enjoy the end of Homestuck!

(And stay tuned to our blog in the future for some special secret dlc…)

“You are sitting under a tree in the school yard waiting for your bus when he approaches, and for a moment you don’t recognise him because he isn’t wearing a sweater or a turtleneck, but a long sleeved t-shirt and a scarf, his backpack slung over one shoulder rather than mounted squarely on his back.”

this was enough for me to sketch this schoolstuck!Kankri. still a troll, however.

Homestuck Headcanon

Tavros has a rare mutation which gives him a lifespan similar to that of a highblood. Nitrams are just prone to weird stuff, apparently.

On Alternia this never came up ‘cause he died aged six, but on Beforus he was actually pretty famous for his lifespan. People often wondered if he was lying about his blood, or whether it was even the same guy.

Over time, his seemingly eternal youth earnt him the nickname of the Lost Pupa. Even after his passing (probably in some epic way) the Lost Pupa became a figure of myth and folklore - a lowblood who was said to be immortal.

The impact of the Lost Pupa myth was such that it persisted after the Scratch in the stories of “Pupa Pan”, leading to the creation on Earth of “Peter Pan”.

All that time, Tavros was looking up to and pretending to be himself.

A Homestuck MMO isn’t really a thing that should exist, nor would it under any predictable circumstances, but thinking about running around in a WoW-esque setting as a Homestuck troll with a neat set of armor and a cool lusus mount is a very, very neat prospect.