To all my nerds,

I am redoing my blog a bit. I am going to start incorporating some fitness in it.

I work at a gym and it always makes me feel good when others come up to me and ask me where I get my shirts from and how did I find the confidence to lose all the weight that I did.  I was just tired of not feeling confident in myself and my body. So many people are confident in who they are… that I decided I wanted to finally feel confident in myself. Something about eating healthy and working out has given me so much confidence in myself. At this point I have lost eighty pounds and as you can see, I am still wearing my tee shirts.

Also, I am redoing it a little to let people know that they are not alone.

Anyway, I want to help others like me. Whether you want to gain weight or lose weight; gain muscle or just feel good… my inbox is open.

I will be posting more about my journey and be around more.

PS: I really think there needs to be more affordable workout gear catered to fandoms. I mean come on, I hate working out in normal teeshirts

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Anonymous Submission

Hello! I am 5'4 and these pictures were taken over a year apart. The left was March 27,2015 and the right was July 25, 2016. I lost weight from walking and eating smaller portions, which was quite shocking to me because freshmen year i would run and never lose weight so I just gave up… But now I have learned that it takes time see change and it is so much better to keep pushing through even though it looks like nothing is happening.

          “while i’m in town i think i should see my parents.”

I started my bulk weighing 118lbs. The photo on the left is from the end of my bulk, i weighed 130lbs. I took the photo on the right this morning, weighing 123lbs.

After dieting for 4 months, i ended my cut last week, earlier than i intended to. My body was not recovering properly after my workouts, resulting in a glute injury, and i was constantly sleepy.

Although I want to shed a couple more pounds, I’m very satisfied with how much progress I made. Im going to enjoy the rest of my summer without worrying about my diet and workout regimen.

If you’ve been dieting for a while and you’re not seeing any progress, take a diet break!

Listen to your body. It’s okay to give yourself a break when you need it. Take care of yourself 💛


T H I S  T O O K  O V E R  A  T O T A L  O F  E I G H T  H O U R S

I’m just gonna.

Lie down. And be done with it.

I don’t know how light and shading works.

Just. Take a Witch!Naomi I have no excuse.