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hi, what websites do you recommend for buying makeup online, specifically ones that will ship to Australia?

Hi I definitely recommend the below list.

All ship internationally and have good customer service.

In general remember USPS is always the better option for international rates because it’s sometimes half the price of Fedex but places like nonpareilboutique and allcosmeticswholesale charge higher rates for the same weight than beautyjoint etc so be aware when buying brands like NYX that are available on multiple sites.

1. elf, Milani, NYX

2. NYX, discounted high-end brands like Nars, Too Faced and Laura Mercier

3. cheap palettes, shadows, brushes

4. Wet n Wild

5. fantastic mid-range price brushes

6. Lip paints!! I love these; the colors are so strong and they’re so affordable. Check out the eye dusts and lip pencils too. (UK shipping is slightly more expensive than from US sites in general.)

For higher-end products I often shop from:

7. limited edition and discontinued MAC products

8. the lipsticks are fantastic and shipping is free internationally if you spend above a certain amount.

9. [update thanks to sweetaholic-beauty:  Free international shipping for specialty brands such as Mario Badescu, Dr Sebagh, etc. Amazing!! I’m going to have to check this out.

These aren’t the only places that ship internationally of course. I haven’t checked out Sleek makeup, etc so I can’t say. If anyone has more to recommend reply to this and let us know which you like!

Beflurt Blow Out Sale (25 June to 1 July 2013) - Promo Code BFSALE

My quick-picks if you’re going to shop?

MAC Girl About Town Lipglass

External image

Too Faced Color Confections Palette

External image

NYX Waiting For Tonight Palette (ugh I hate the name; love the kit)

External image

Triple Square Ring

External image


The BeFlurt Girls share their favorite accessories for date night! Find your perfect finishing touch - whether going out for happy hour, for a formal dinner, or if you’re keeping things low-key. Enjoy!

Ginny’s Happy Hour picks:
1. Long Peacock Feather Hair Clip-In Extension ($12.50)
2. Exotic Black Lizard Ring ($9.99)
3. Luxe Animal Print Ring ($9.99)

Irene’s Formal Dinner Date picks:
1. Chiffon Flower Feather Headband ($14.25)
2. Peacock Feather Ring ($10.99)

Cristina’s Casual Date picks:
1. Miss Robot Ring ($10.99)
2. Large Rhinestone Bow Ring ($10.99)
3. Vintage Bow Ring ($8.99)

The “Love” Collection:
1. Cursive Love Ring ($9.99)
2. Sexy Lips Ring in Pink ($8.99)
3. Large Rhinestone Heart Ring in Red ($8.99)
4. Cyber Love Ring ($6.90)
5. Cute Rhinestone Heart Ring in Black/Silver ($6.99)

BARGAIN ALERT! Insane High-end Makeup Deals on (plus an extra 10% off for Makeup Box readers, 5 Mar - 4 Apr 2012!)

The Good News:

I discovered awhile ago while surfing for discount beauty sites and was blown away by some of the deals they have. (I did the math for you below just in case you were wondering what the deal was.)

MAC Marbleized Lipglass SetUS$72 US$29.90

4 X MAC Marbleized Lipglasses

External image

That’s under $7.50 per gloss, when these usually cost $18 retail!

Instant Pin-up Set @ US$25.60 US$11.99

1 x Benefit Frenched Lipstick

1 x NYX Felt Tip Liner

External image

The Benefit lipstick alone is usually $18, and you’re getting that and a liner for $11.

Glam Girl Set @ US$53.60 US$20 

1  x Laura Mercier Paprika lipstick

1 x Laura Mercier Mint Snow shadow

1 x NYX Felt Tip Liner

External image

Once again, the shadow costs $22 and the lipstick $24. You’re getting 3 items for $20. What is up with that??!

And the absolutely insane deal…

Haute Bronze Set @ US$50 US$11.50 **I’m getting this before it’s gone!**

1 x Fusion Beauty Limited Edition Micro-Collagen Lip Plump in Posh

1 x Too Faced Pure Bronze Powder in Golden Bronze

External image

If you like lip plumpers, you’ll know LipFusion is the lip plumper du jour among many makeup artists such as Lisa Eldridge. While I’ve always been curious about the brand, the whopping US$36 price tag (SGD$45 in Sephora Singapore) for a tube of gloss is a major turn-off for me.

Well, this set includes a Too Faced Bronzer, and costs LESS than that $14 bronzer itself.

The Even-Better News:

This is too good not to be shared so I contacted the company and they’ve very kindly agreed to give Makeup Box readers a 10% coupon code applicable on ALL PRODUCTS - including the sets you see above - but excluding Clearance and Fragrance items, from now to 4 April 2012

Simply enter MAKEUPBOX in the coupon box when checking out. 

Happy hauling!!

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I was wondering if you've ever ordered anything from beflurt? Just wondering because I'm often wary of "discount" make up websites, a lot of times they can be a scam. It's AMAZING if it's real, though! <3 LOVE your blog, btw!

Hi there!

I’m still considering which sets I want to get, but I’ll be placing an order soon. The team has been quite responsive and professional in my communications with them, and they’ve been operating for awhile, with all the requisite site systems and communications channels set up, so I definitely don’t get any sense that there’s anything shady about them.

(I’d say you need to be more wary if the shops are on eBay, etc. A scam/counterfeit-goods site generally does not last long enough to warrant setting up active and regularly-updated Tumblr, Youtube, Facebook, etc accounts and getting legitimate encryption for their site.)

Also, I originally heard about from Emilynoel83 on Youtube who recommended the site in one of her recent videos on budget makeup, so you be the judge on that!

If you’re still not sure, I’d recommend giving them a call at (877)717-0576 [Mon - Fri, 9AM - 6PM PST]. I’m sure they’d be happy to respond to your queries!


Today’s Super Deal: Large Rhinestone Bow Ring in Hot Pink and Black/Silver, on sale for $7.99

I admit, I have a fatal attraction to cuteness. And when I first saw this ring, I knew we had to have it on BeFlurt. It’s just so whimsical and pretty, and reminds me of one of my favorite cartoon felines, if you know what I mean! ;) Highly recommend, especially to add a dash of fab to a Valentine’s Day outfit. -Cristina