I didn’t make this snake but I caught him in the dead of night with my bare hands which is a feat of skill and that I hope is enough for a fortune


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The aesthetic scenario thing~ ^_^ Sebastian: Beach holiday (modern) Peonies Pastel beach Rain Golden hour beach condo Sunset mermaid adventures Eat-in together night Midnight lighthouse ghost stories Candle-lit, rose petal/bubble, couple-bath Hope you have fun with it~!! : D

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It had been planned for months. After a disappointing piece of news from your family and having witnessed your despondency, Sebastian had resolved to put that smile back on your face by any means possible; a decision he had made before Ciel had ordered him to. He hadn’t told you of his plans and had taken full advantage of the element of surprise that he had over you. So, here you were on a particularly sunny day with everything prepared to the finest of details with you in mind, an act befitting the Phantomhive butler.

Sebastian had taken you to your childhood beach, a place that held years of childhood memories for you. He wanted you to reminisce in the old but also make room for new memories with him by your side. The day was to be everything you ever wanted in a beach trip; picnics, romance, quality time with Sebastian uninterrupted by jobs or other people.

Though it was lightly raining, causing ripples in the sea, you were still up to your knees in the crisp salt water, your favourite swimsuit accompanied by a freshly cut peony in your hair, expertly tied in place with a strand of your own hair. While you were enjoying the cool water against your sunkissed skin, Sebastian kept you amused by manipulating the water to make it seem as though mermaids were swimming around in it. 

“My dearest Rachel, I have prepared a spot of lunch for you. I hope it is to your liking.” You jumped around, grinning at his rich clipped baritone breaking the peaceful atmosphere of the warm summer afternoon. You chirped at him affectionately and Sebastian smirked at your pleasant demeanour. It was exactly what he had wanted, for that gorgeous smile to be put back on your face.”Come, my love. Join me.” He held out his hand from the shore and you came to him, a soft smile on your face. 

Sebastian pulled you to him and wrapped a towel around the top of your head in the same movement, his arms coming to wrap around your middle as he rested his chin on the top of your head. It was an affectionate hug of sorts, and also a way for his adjusted body temperature to dry your hair for you, though it was damp rather than being saturated with sea water. You chirped when your hair was dry and you turned, wrapping your arms around and into Sebastian’s tailcoat, which he wore despite the blistering heat. You snuggled into him and he allowed it for a moment, though somewhere in his mind he was calculating how much warmer the food would be now. 

Realising that you weren’t letting go of him anytime soon, Sebastian scooped you up into his arms and carried you to the picnic area, your head coming to rest under his chin. You still had the towel on your head and he removed it as he placed you on the crisp blanket, somehow devoid of all sand despite being right in the middle of the beach.

The food consisted of small portions of each of your favourite meals, as well as some sweet treats that you hadn’t had for quite some time. Then, for dessert, Sebastian fed you chocolates, his gloveless fingers lightly brushing your lips as he fed you gracefully. When you got chocolate smeared on the corner of your lips, Sebastian smirked mischievously and leant in to kiss you, his fingers came to wind in your hair and brought you closer to him. 

In a movement so fast that you didn’t register anything had changed until you opened your eyes and looked around, you were in your rented beach condo, the picnic stuffs cleared away and back in the car, and now you were in the bathroom of the condo, where a soapy bath with rose petals and candles adorning the surrounded area laid waiting. The bath was at your optimal temperature and as you undressed Sebastian left the room, giving you your privacy. He was a gentleman above all. You were already in the bath, your shoulders just poking above the water and your head rested against the white porcelain of the tub. Your eyes closed in bliss as those devilish fingers once more wound tightly in your hair, massaging your scalp and soaking your hair in a tub. You hadn’t noticed the sink beside the bath, though thinking back you realised that it had been obvious. He washed your hair in silence, leaning down every now and then to press a light kiss to your wet skin. His kisses tasted of endless possibilities and games that could only be played between two people in the dead of night.

Your hair washed, Sebastian pushed you forward with his two hands, his grip firm yet gentle. He climbed in behind you and then pulled you back to settle against his lithe body. Sebastian washed your body slowly, tantalisingly yet thoroughly. No inch of you went unwashed and when all was finished, he permitted you to wash his hair, running your fingers through his raven locks and then wash his body, taking as great care with him as he had taken with you. The two of you didn’t speak for your relationship had transcended above words. Indeed, your relationship was such that you could communicate with a single look or a single touch, understanding one another perfectly. Every now and then you broke the silence with a chirp of affection, nuzzling his neck like a content bird, and Sebastian would always chuckle lightly, amusement making his eyes glow in the low candlelight.

The two of you had been in the bath for so long that the golden sun had dipped below the horizon, turning the sky various pastel colours. It was truly a sight to behold and as Sebastian gazed at the wonders of nature from the door of the condo you looked at him, a light blush dusting your cheeks as you saw his entire countenance soften in the face of one of nature’s greatest treasures. You chirped loudly and Sebastian smiled, his eyes travelling to your freshly washed form, still in your large fluffy towel. 

“I love you too, my butterfly. Now -” Here, he offered his hand to you again, “Come to bed? I have some ghost stories I think you’ll enjoy. And not to worry, I’ll protect you.” His white teeth flashed and you were suddenly reminded of just what Sebastian was, though you were beyond feeling scared. His true form was beautiful to you, and when you had first told him this he had thought you were jesting. But upon seeing your seriousness, he had only grown more devoted to you and wondered how he had been so lucky to find you.

As it was, when he sealed his promise of an eventful evening to you with a searing kiss that left you lightheaded, you knew that you would soon find out just what it meant to dance with the devil. The two of you had an unconventional relationship but it was a pure one full of mutual support, love and encouragement. After all, if he couldn’t do this for you then what sort of a butler was he?

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Bloopmethyst - Distracting each other during the Rebel meeting

Amethyst’s hands twist and wring the fashionably torn hem of her shirt. She’s never been to a war council before– she wasn’t around the last time there was a war– and yet here she is, sitting in a drab cavern in a long-abandoned Kindergarten, waiting for the first major meeting of the new rebellion to start.

And she’s very, very distracted.

To be fair, Bloop is very distracting.

Amethyst hasn’t noticed that before, though. Maybe it’s just one of those things, like the atmosphere of the war council charging the air with a different kind of energy. Maybe it’s the different way Bloop carries herself as she enters the makeshift meeting room with the dignity befitting a general. Or maybe it’s simply one of those things you don’t notice until your feelings for someone highlight everything to crystal clear sharpness.

‘Oh frack! Oh frack! She’s sitting next to me!’ thinks Amethyst, panicked. Blushing furiously, she buries her face in her hands as Bloop pulls out the seat right next to her.

Bloop pauses.

“Amethyst, are you all right?” Even without having to see it, Amethyst could feel Bloop’s gaze running up and down her form, studying her.

“Y-yep! Totally fine!” Amethyst squeaks out, her voice muffled through her hands. A beat. A moment of awkward silence. She peeks through her fingers only to see Bloop still standing, still staring through her bangs. “…okay, so maybe I’m just a teensy little bit nervous?” Amethyst tries to smile. “It’s my first time.”

“Oh,” says Bloop, finally sitting down. “Well, this will just be a quick briefing.”

Soon, all the other gems file into the room. Pearl (very fun, uptight, renegade, Pearl Pearl) stands at the head of the table, on Amethyst’s other side, and conducts the war council to begin. They have a lot to talk about, after all.

…Not that Amethyst can hear what everyone’s saying. All of her attention is focused on how her shoulder is almost but not quite brushing against Bloop’s, close enough to feel the subtle hum of her Gem song radiating off her skin.

On the other hand, Bloop seems completely immersed in the meeting. She sits primly in her seat: back ramrod straight, shoulders thrown back, head held high and tilted slightly towards whoever’s speaking.

And then Amethyst feels her seat move.

Not by much, just barely a smidge. If it had been anyone else, they probably wouldn’t have felt it. But Amethyst has been hyper-aware of herself and one of her seatmates for a while now, and she can tell that the direction her seat moved was towards that aforementioned seatmate. Looking down at the space between them only further proved that: one of Bloop’s hands is curled under the base of Amethyst’s seat, tugging it closer to her own.

‘Oh, so that’s how we’re gonna play this, are we?’

Amethyst is hard pressed to keep the smirk off her face as she reaches under the table and starts toying with the sheer cloth of Bloop’s skirt. This earns her a startled, almost uncharacteristic glare from Bloop, only further accentuated by the dark splotches blooming on her cheeks.

Bloop retaliates by grabbing Amethyst’s hand, their fingers interweaving on instinct. She keeps it pinned to the top of her thigh so that Amethyst would stop playing with her skirt.

Unfortunately, it’s Bloop’s turn to speak in the meeting and she has to let Amethyst go.

There she stands– with the prim and proper posture of befitting a Pearl, but also with the bearing and air of a hardened political strategist. Amethyst is having difficulty following Bloop’s speech, especially since she hasn’t been listening to the meeting so far, but she tries her best and admits to herself that it’s very impressive.

But then her hand moves without her realizing, back to curling its fingers around the soft sheer fabric. Amethyst didn’t mean to interrupt, she really didn’t, and yet she did. Bloop squeaks mid-word, halting her speech and covering her mouth and her blush with her hands.

To the side, Pearl facepalms.

“Get a room!” Yellow Pearl laughs and rolls her eyes.

“Just fuse already!” 8XJ hoots.

“Ooookay,” Pearl interrupts any further cheering from the room. She turns to Amethyst and Bloop. “I think we’ve had enough flirting from the two of you.”

“You noticed?” Amethyst asks.

“Well yes, obviously. Neither of you were particularly subtle or discreet about it.”

Amethyst stares at Pearl, then at the rest of the smiling faces in the room.

Beside her, Bloop just chuckles.

They spend the remainder of the meeting seated on either side of Pearl, though.

[Tsubasa Caractere Chronicle: page 79]


I want to know. The reason for that strength.

The mafia boss who extensively expands his business

The present head of the Vision family, who expands his business in the tourist city ‘Infinity.’ Officially, they are ordinary rich people, but really, they are two-faced [and are also] the mafia.

He shows an interest in Sakura and the others, who have joined the illegal chess tournament that he [and his family] sponsor.

Truth: Through chess, he becomes aware of Sakura’s true purpose

Sakura and the others were thought to participate in the tournament for the prize money. However, Eagle, who has sharp observation skills, experiences discomfort at Sakura’s manner. Eagle, who ascertained Sakura’s true feelings just before the final match, pledged to cooperate with her, should Sakura and the others win.

Eagle is usually calm, but occasionally he shows an expression befitting the mafia.

The final match of the tournament. After Eagle, defeated, granted Sakura’s wish, he starts telling Syaoran and the others the truth.

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