Ava in Wonderland (based on Disney’s Alice in Wonderland)

“I’m not crazy. My reality is just different from yours.”


Wielding holy artifacts of the old world - like guardians of a forgotten time - the saints of the order of Our Sacred Chalice scour the mist in search of relics and wisdom which survived the war of the Great Horrors.

Mysterious and secretive, each saint is a nation of their own, but with unswerving loyalty to each other and their common goal. They are the dedicated keepers of the holy relics and leaders of their devoted retinues of acolytes - orphan children put in service of the greater good. Be it changelings, giants or human. Saints rarely operate near settlements, so the taboos aren’t as strict.

Life is grim for both acolyte and saint as they often travel uncharted territories in the mist in search of more secrets. No matter what - a saint is not allowed to die. Should their life be threatened, it will be artificially extended through painful, esoteric medical procedures to a degree well beyond what a human body should tolerate. No acolyte would allow their saint to be hurt and would sacrifice their own life without hesitation - as few wish to become the next saint, should their own die.

Above them all is the relic itself. No life is worth more than it’s safety. Both saint and acolytes are deeply trained in its function, care and operation. Should a saint die, an acolyte will pick it up and become the new Saint. Should a Saint find a new relic, it will be brought back to the order’s citadel for study. If it is still operational, an acolyte befitting it’s criteria will be chosen to become its saint - and so the order grows.

Like a holy congregation, the saints of the Order of Our Sacred Chalice gathers at their citadel deep underground in an ancient mine where they keep their secrets safe and heavily fortified. No one knows how many silver tower bells they have in their possession as no chime has ever been heard. Yet still, the monsters of the mist stay clear and out of their territory.

Who knows what secret binds them together so religiously.

If you are anything like me, you probably hate having unproductive days where you feel like you just haven’t accomplished anything and just wasted time..

I strongly encourage you to make to do lists before bed, set goals, and plan your gym time wisely do you can make the most of your workouts.

Going to bed knowing i made the most of my day and kicked ass is much more satisfying!!

Sometimes a gym bunny needs a confidence boost before training in a busy environment. Put on your cutest workout outfit and go to the gym in the late hours of the day. Set the clock for an hour and don’t leave until the hour is up. Even if someone walks in, stay at work and focus on you. Enjoy yourself and your freedom. Gaze longingly at the mirrors and see your happiness. Don’t give in to the urge to be manly. Be beautiful and tell yourself that over and over again. You are a gym bunny. You are a healthy and fit guy that is unleashing the joy of femme fitness. Sweat has become sparkle and heavy breathing is but a sweet whisper of your transforming power from within. Follow this pattern for a few weeks and grow strong in your self-confidence. Before you know it, you’ll be at comfort and ease among the manliest men in the gym, confident and gorgeous in your prettiest pinks, yoga pants, and perky little tank tops. You’ll be the eye candy of the gym and the spirit of self-esteem, panties included. :)



AU in which two demigods defy the divine decree that forbids their union. As a befitting punishment, the deities curse them with eternal love - but one that is bound for doom. Through eons they are reborn in various lives. But in each, their love takes the same course - one that leads to painful separations and their eventual deaths. Only one of them will hold the memories of all lives, and tries to alter their fate… only to fail each time. While the other is made to live through the pain all over again.

Such a nice evolution of the teaser poster for Attack of the Clones! Well done, @800lbproductions, the feeling of this layout is more befitting of Rey & Kylo, I think.

786 Days until Episode IX

212 Days until Solo








I don’t see why they say the gods are gone

The gods were never gone, they were never dead. The only thing that changed was that we stopped listening.

We still have the weather, thunder and rain. Zeus calls down his storms both in peace to keep our lives safe, and in anger to wreak destruction. We might be better at predicting what is coming, but if the rain stopped coming, what would we do? We depend on the rain, and fear the storm.

More than 90% of the world’s trade comes by the sea. Poseidon watches over the sailors on the oceans, gives to fish to those who hunger, and gives protection to more than half of the life on the world, guarding the oceans and rivers.

Death is still is a part of our lives. When we die, Charon takes us across the rivers of the Underworld, and we face our fates. Hades still watches over the sick, giving strength and life to those still with work left undone, and guards those who find their end, judging them as befitting their deeds.

Love is as strong as before. Love still finds it’s way, no matter how we might try to crush it under a world of apathy and industry. Aphrodite finds those that need love in their lives, and she gives them the courage to take their leaps. Young couples still find Eros, families find their Storge, and marriages find their Pragma.

Homes are still as strong, and as broken as ever. Hera gives lovers the strength to overcome their problems, the endurance to see past the faults in those they love to find the perfection inside. She guards the children of broken homes, and shows the light to those that need it in their lives, to build their own families.

Warfare has changed drastically, coming at longer ranges, but war is as terrible as ever. Ares gives his strength to the weary legs of a soldier on march, and stills the nervous hands gripping at a rifle. He gives life to the wounded, and courage to the broken.

War is bigger now, more complicated. General staffs spend years drawing and redrawing their plans, preparing the perfect ideas to spare the world as much horror as they can. Athena gives wisdom to her field marshals, her officers, that they might know the best path.

Food is needed for every single person in the world. Demeter gives us a bountiful, full harvest so that we might not starve. She holds the hand of those working in the scorching fields, that their work may not be for nothing. She protects the abused animals in the factory farms, and she feuds with her brothers and sisters so that their wrath may not destroy the harvest.

Creation is an essential part of life. Hephaestus watches over not only the smiths, but the writers, the artists and every other smith of creation. He watches men build their battleships, lay the bricks of their buildings that might touch the sky, and the production of that which might not only keep us alive, but to make us prosper.

The gods aren’t gone, and they haven’t forgotten any of us. Even if we stop listening, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t there.