Soooo many people in this fandom have awesome interpretations of the Let’s Play guys Minecraft skins, I had to try and make a few for myself! I guess the route I went was keeping it pretty spot on to what they wear normally just with colors or add on’s relating to the character skin they chose.

So I started off with Gavin because he’s my favorite. Creeper polo and all green. Which is kind of cool because it’s the typical color of an archer so it sort of fit. Shout out to Mark Nutt!

The rest of the guys will follow and I’ll probably mush them all in together for a nice group shot :3


I drew up a super cute Fennekin to celebrate~! Ever since the RPG starters theory went around I wanted to draw a witchy Fennekin so what better month to draw it up! She’s now available on my brand new Redbubble account! In print, sticker, and shirt form! Keep an eye on the shop for more updates! I’ll be posting a lot of Pokemon stuff this month!


I might have drawn this over like a hundred times but I’m pleased with this one. Keeping the same theme with Gavin, where I try to utilize much of their real style with adding elements of their chosen skin.

I LOVE Banjo Kazooie so much so I was excited to draw Michael. Everyone has done the Banjo hoodie so much and so well, I had to try and mix it up a bit. So here we have GIANT BEAR CLAW HOODIE YEAH. I just love drawing beastly hands lol. I REALLY wanted to incorporate ears but it just wasn’t working out for the look of the piece. So just pretend there on his hood or something hahaha