Breed Spotlight: Ibizan Hound

Other Names: Ca Eivissenc, Podenco Ibicenco, Ibizan Warren Hound
Country of Origin: Spain

The Ibizan hound probably shares the same roots as the pharaoh hound, bearing uncanny resemblance to the dogs depicted in Egyptian tombs and to the jackal god Anubis. Phoenician sea traders may have taken the dogs to the island of Ibiza in ancient times, where they remained in relative seclusion. Ibiza saw many rulers through the ages, coming under the auspices of the Egyptians, Chaldeans, Carthaginians, Romans, Vandals, Arabs and, most recently, Spanish. Hannibal was born on a neighboring island, and some say the Ibizan hound was the dog that accompanied him across the Alps. With little outside influence, the dogs of Ibiza remain uncontaminated by crosses to other breeds. The hard conditions on the island imposed stringent selection by islanders because only the best rabbit hunters could be allowed to procreate or, for that matter, survive. These factors produced a hardy, true breeding dog that is little changed from its ancestral stock. 

The Ibizan should possess deer-like elegance and expression, and its movement should reflect these qualities. Its lithe build enables it to perform the double-suspension gallop with great speed, agility and endurance. It is a superb jumper, able to spring to great heights from a standstill. It is racy, slightly longer than tall. With the exception of its large ears, it should not be exaggerated in any way. The trot is light and graceful. The coat can be hard, either short or wire — the latter should be from 1 to 3 inches in length.

The graceful Ibizan hound retains great hunting instinct, using its acute senses of hearing and smell to locate small animals, and relishing the opportunity to chase anything that moves. Unlike most sighthounds, it barks when chasing. It is reserved with strangers; some can be timid. It is gentle, mild-mannered, even-tempered and loyal, and makes a quiet, trustworthy house pet.

Requested by: misslynxx

Rolo/Nyma headcanons bc there’s not enough love for them and they’re MY FAVES esp rolo

  • Beezer was built by Nyma before her home planet was captured by the Galra (she fled and went into hiding, and for a while Beezer was her only friend)
  • Beezer is extremely loyal to Nyma because of this, and only trusts people (aliens?) who have Nyma’s utmost confidence (ie right now it’s just Nyma and Rolo)
  • When Rolo’s planet was captured, he tried to flee, but was captured along with his family. Before they could get them into a cell, however, Rolo and his brother decided they’d escape or die trying. Rolo lost his leg in the attempt. His brother lost his life.
  • Rolo hasn’t forgiven himself for losing his brother
  • Nyma found Rolo bleeding out and nearly dead, and out of pity took him aboard her ship and got him fixed up (this is how they meet/become friends)
  • Rolo has a soft side and often wants to do the right thing (sort of a neutral/chaotic good) but Nyma doesn’t take crap from anybody, no matter what, and often doesn’t feel guilty when Rolo does
  • She’s probably true neutral or chaotic neutral tbh
  • Nyma is hella lesbian
  • Their first ship (Nyma’s ship) broke down a while back, and they ended up on a less advanced planet than they were used to
  • Rolo has crazy mechanic skills though, and souped up one of the locals’ ships. now its basically his baby. 
  • he’s alien han solo with his own millennium falcon
  • i mean he basically IS  alien!Han Solo
  • he talks crap but he’s a sweetie at heart
  • nyma is a stone cold bitch and i love her

get out of there cat. you are really interfering with my unpacking. i’m home now cat so you can stop freaking out. everything is put away now so stop hissing and scratching and biting every time i try to take you out of the suitcase. you have to get out eventually. you can’t just live in there forever cat.

OMG!!!! CRIPPLED!!!! HOCK ON THE GROUND!!!!! ThE rUiNaTiOn Of BrEeDs!!!!111111!!!one!!!!!!

Literally the same dog. Also- look how different she looks in candids vs stacked. Not just in stature, but also her coloring, her face, her ear and tail carriage- this is why I never judge a dog based off a show photo unless it is obvious like a toadline or exotic bully. I would much rather compare it to candids, or better yet see it in person for the chance to see at multiple angles and situations, and then if something bothers me see how the dog appears while showing.

You’d think an expert would know that.

In any case, Seren belongs to @spanishmal as do both pictures, they were thrown at me by her when giggling about the PDE situation (which is still ongoing, unfortunately). Timing matters. Angle matters. Movement matters. There is just as much of Seren’s hock on the ground in the movement shot as there were of Patrick’s- in fact, some of Paddy’s pictures had LESS hock on the ground than Seren in the above.

Once again, for those in the back- you cannot judge a breed for their specific movement if you do not judge other breeds for their stand-out traits either. No one judges a sighthound’s topline during double suspension or how some sighthounds have such flexible pasterns that they hit the ground when running or turning, yet it’s automatically a bad thing in a different breed.