beex in the trap

"Female rappers always feel the need to rap fast."

She didn’t avoid the music video cliché’s of objectified women and opulence, and the lyrics don’t dodge the approach of dissing an unidentified third party, but the dark tones, black backgrounds and décor, and smoke effects visually compliment the hollowness and coldness evoked in the echoing snap of the beat. I really like the beat. A lot. Minimalist production on hip-hop tracks has become noticeably popular in recent years, and it emphasizes how rappers use rhythm, and which use it well.

When my friend noted that a lot of female MCs rap quickly–not necessarily meant to be a positive comment–I noticed that some recent female rappers exceed male rappers in their rhythmic skill. Azealia Banks is an obvious example, as is Iggy Azealea–“Bottles over here, more till I die/Sparkle every bottle, see the glare in my eye/Turned over here, it’s the 4th of July” in “My World” at 2:03–and Nicki Minaj. Corny lyrics aside, “Stupid Hoe” is catchy in part because it’s rhythmically astute. Listen to “Roman’s Revenge,” and you’ll notice Nicki’s verse is more strategically and thoughtfully rhythmic than Eminem’s. Many recent male rappers are wit-heavy, but become conversational in their execution, or their rapped verses melt into sung verses. This isn’t to say I don’t think recent male MCs are rhythmically aware, but the predominantly cis, straight, male dominated space has recently been shaken up in more ways that one.


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