beets salad

listen, on this friday evening, there’s not a thing stopping me from sitting on my dorm floor and delighting in a mini salmon pizza+beet salad+a fine assortment of fruit while watching miss fisher’s murder mysteries before getting freaky with my skincare routine and that’s all that matters

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Healthy Monday: This hearty salad of lentils, spinach, beets, avocado is the perfect storm of brain food goodness to keep you both sharp and satiated throughout the day. Flavor is amped up by cooking the lentils in broth and topping the bowl with a smooth and sweet walnut dressing and (best part) a coconut-fried egg.

Recipe: Brain Food Bowl with a Coconut-Fried Egg

salad can be so much more than green lettuce drenched in oil - this colourful bowl of goodness contains four different kinds of red and green lettuce, red spinach and beetroot leaves, rainbow radishes, spring onions, arugula and baby carrots.
I like to eat my salads with a garlicky french dressing and a chunk of freshly baked bread - that’s what summer tastes like!


Sam watched his brother a moment before taking the wrap from his hands.

“What are you doing?” Dean asked, choking his bite down with a grimace.

“I think..uh,” Sam paused, laughing a bit. “I think I’m saving your life.”

“Kale’s a bunch of crap but it’s not going to kill me.”

“Eating healthy might. You’re actually paler since you cut the booze and burgers out. You might be the first person in history whose body shuts down because of salad or a kale wrap,” Sam said, still smiling with some amusement.

“Y/N’s going on this health kick, Sam. I just want to make it a little easier. Come on, give it back.” Dean held his hand out until Sam gave the wrap back, watching his brother with a grin and a furrowed brow wondering what Dean wouldn’t do for you.


(I’m alive! :D )

I’ve always wanted to witness a citizenship ceremony. I’ve imagined the hope and history behind each immigrant, the journeys they must have taken before coming to the United States. So, I thought, why not kick off our series this way? Why not find people who are just now becoming citizens as a new administration takes power in Washington? 

That idea brought us to Kansas City, Missouri. There, we met the Rahimov family in their home: Erkin and Limara and their two sons, 7 year old Rasool and 16 year old Murad. They won the green card lottery and emigrated to the U.S. from Uzbekistan in 2010. To celebrate our visit, Limara prepared an Uzbek feast. The dining table filled with dish after dish: rice pilaf with beef, beet salad, pickled cabbage, eggplant, shredded carrot salad and homemade bread. “We don’t have guests often,” Murad told me, “but when we do, we give it our all.” It was delicious.

The next day, in a federal courtroom in Kansas City, we watched as Erkin, Limara and Erkin’s 26 year old daughter from his first marriage, Sabikha, took the oath of allegiance to the United States. The courtroom filled with the sound of accents from all over the world – Somalia, Guatemala, China, Iraq, Poland – as the 59 citizens-to-be swore to defend the U.S. constitution.

Just before Judge Arthur Federman conducted the ceremony, he smiled and told the immigrants, “It’s rare that we have an occasion in the courthouse where everyone leaves happy.”  This was one of those days. 

–Melissa Block

(Images: Elissa Nadworny/NPR)

Summer Whatever

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Hermione Granger

Setting: Modern, non-magical, college AU

Word Count: 1,112

Written For: @arxturusblack

Storm clouds of thick dark hair.

Chapstick-slick lips, pouty and almost-red and still bitten raw from October midterms.

Adorably freckled nose.

Stretchy cotton headbands, but not the trendy kind.

Lingering, perpetually beguiling scent of burnt coffee and cocoa butter.

Brown skin.

Wide eyes.

Grating, haughty, offensively condescending voice.

Her name was Hermione Granger, and Draco was going to keep her.

They shared a nineteenth-century British lit class—he had elective requirements, god, and so fucking what if Darcy seemed like the kind of guy he’d slap on the back and take to get a fucking beer, it wasn’t like he was going to change his major—and she was always saying the most asinine things about perfectly reasonable characters, calling them Victorian-collared cartoon villains and going on and on and on about the myth of grey morality and it was like she’d never seen a fucking Scorsese movie or plotted petty revenge against her RA for confiscating her fucking toaster or, like, spent any significant length of time with a person who didn’t talk about stray cats like they were stray children.

And Draco—

Draco probably could’ve learned to forget about her.

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I have a paying job again, which means I’ve been able to go off destitution fare, which means my half-assed cooking blog feature IS BACK

Things I have made and enjoyed these last few weeks:

- little baked egg quasi-soufflés with baby potatoes and tarragon
- homemade merguez with herbed yogurt and pea shoot salad
- beet & greens ricotta galette
- rhubarb pie with cardamom and lavender bitters (have I been eating this for breakfast as well as dessert? lol yes)
- ras el hanout spiced chicken & cauliflower couscous, with cashews and golden raisins
- pea & leek pancakes with sour cream

As always, recipes happily shared if anyone wants!