Still though..I use the term “mercenary” in a rather arcane light as it was used back in the old days–a mercenary now is known as an assassin-for-hire or a brute force, but I and the others at the Hornless Minotaur are basically just hands-for-hire!

I’m available as a singer, a muse, a model, or a helper in any way I can be of service–that is, if I don’t have a conflict and if we can come to an agreed term for payment!

I assure you, young Miss, I’m still the same mare you’ve seen before. <3 

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BEETLE MANIA - P.O.T.W. -OCC - pagan

  • OCC - pagan
  • L'Oreal - tangerine crush
  • Color Club - nature’s way + je ne sais quoi
  • Essie - naughty nautical + miss fancy pants
  • O.P.I. - orange you going to the game? + no room for the blues
  • Cover Girl - black diamond + toasted almond
  • Revlon - fresh linen
  • Sally Hansen - white on
  • brown crushed shell from Born Pretty Store - STL91 for %10 off at

 This is the last look using Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics - pagan. Visit the P.O.T.W. page for more nail art and swatches!


Our new collection Moonlight Dance is now open for reservations!

We collaborated with the amazing illustrator Minna Ainoa of Imagine and Do to create something spectacular! A print with moths, dragonflies, moons and other kinds of critters you don’t typically see in lolita.
Minna has a very unique soft touch in her pencil based illustrations, which creates the perfect balance between these critters and lolita fashion. The print is dream like, reminding us of summer nights, forests, spirits dancing around bonfire at the midsummer night.

The print comes in four colorways; pink, lavender, dark blue and dark red.We decided to offer two kinds of jsk:s for this collection along with a skirt and a head bow. There is a high waist jsk with tulle lace that creates a softer look and a normal waist jsk for more classic lolita look. This time we also did another collaboration; wonderful Kuusade created matching jewelry for the new collection!

The collection comes in four colorways: pink, lavender, dark blue and dark red. We offer the designs in three sizes and during the reservation period we also accept custom size orders. The reservation is only open until 15th of March!

For more information check out our Facebook or storenvy, the orders can be send by e-mail ( so you don’t have to have an account for these sites to make an order.

White Scarab Beetle (Cyphochilus insulanus, Melolonthinae)

This is an illustration I made as a gift for my dad’s birthday, which was yesterday. 

This illustration was based off of the fantastic photos of John Horstman, a.k.a. Sinobug (on tumblr) and itchydogimages on Flickr. If you haven’t seen his insect photography you really need to go take a look right now. It’s amazing!