beetles nest

Finally found the time to finish this piece. It took me more time than usual to achieve a satisfying result, the crow feet were quite the challenge. I still don’t have a fixed title for this one ( “instinctual” & “driven” are the 2 I have floating around), so feel free to come with suggestions. Cheers!

In Vino Amaritas (Leopika)

I’m playing with kurapilka‘s awesome headcanon, which you can see HERE. I’d link to the original, but my internet is sketchy at the moment and won’t load her blog.

The title is a play on the old Latin saying, “In wine there is truth.” Now it’s, “In wine there is bitterness.”

Warning: mentions of grisly death pop up.

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Museum scientists have uncovered the fossil of a 52-million-year old beetle that likely was able to live alongside ants—preying on their eggs and usurping resources from the comfort of their nest. 

The Eocene fossil, named Protoclaviger trichodens, was encased in a piece of amber from India and is the oldest-known example of this kind of social parasitism, or “myrmecophily.” Published today in the journal Current Biology, the research also shows that the diversification of these stealth beetles, which infiltrate ant nests around the world, correlates with the ecological rise of modern ants. 

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