War Kagouti Companion - Mausi

I have completed the final mod for my 2nd Follower Appreciation Event! The Grand Prize winner this time was @beetlekayleigh. The request was: “a kagouti companion decked out in Ashlander war armor”.

So with this mod, you can take an armored kagouti into battle with you as a companion. As a bonus, I allowed you to change out her armor which gives her different abilities. You can even send her hunting for rats!


Download the mod from the link above to make a kagouti friend.

This concludes my 2nd follower appreciation event. This was a lot of fun for me - hopefully we can do another one in the future.


Here’s my rescue, Mabel. She’s a goof, and the friendliest cat I’ve ever met. Don’t think she has a mean bone in her body. Very talkative and attention seeking, and likes to step on my face in the morning. She’s always excited to go to bed just so she can knead all my fuzzy blankets.

(submitted by beetlekayleigh)