jackie-sugarskull  asked:

Share 10 facts about yourself then pass this onto 10 of your favorite followersssssss~~~~

(( I literally only have ten followers, but thank you! Also, this is practically all my headcanons for Lydia mush up so enjoy it. ))

1. All the Neitherworld food that sounds gross is actually pretty good and it’s something I enjoy.

2. I’ve never had my first kiss.

3. I took ballet for a couple of years.

4. Photography has been my favorite hobby since I was 3.

5. I would have dated Prince Vince if I didn’t already have a crush on someone else.

6.  i may or may not have a crush on my best friend

7. I actually taught myself how to sew.

8. My best subject is Literature.

9. My worst subject is Science.

10. I can’t stand drama movies. They bore me to tears.