Beetle and Sarge, The Daily Derriere, April 18, 2017

This was drawn in 1989, as part of a one-man show at the “One Way”, a gay leather bar in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States. The show was titled “Recycled Erotica”. As part of the show, I did a series of 8” x 10” pen and ink illustrations of well-known comic strip and book characters in sexual situations.
I revisited this subject matter in 1991, for a  one man show at “A Different Light” bookstore in Silverlake, Los Angeles, California, United State, called “Free Art”. This time the originals were 34” x 48” inched, on full sheets of 3 ply Strathmore Art Paper.


“Beetle Bailey” created by Mort Walker for King Features Syndicate. The strip made its first appearance on September 4, 1950. The following March Beetle joined the army and was posted to Camp Swampy.

In 1954 Beetle made a trip to visit his sister, Lois. She and her family were spun off into their own strip “Hi & Lois”.

ok I’ve been staring at this image for so fuckin long that I’m starting to wonder if I misinterpreted the bottom two images. Obviously the lefthand one is Major Greenbrass, but I’m wondering if the green circle is actually exhaust/smoke from the jeep/army vehicle that the Major is in, and the red one is Otto, Sarge’s dog. It was bugging me initially that the panel seemed to be so large since Mort Walker usually works on a much smaller scale, but it would make a lot more sense if this were Otto because he’s less than half Sarge’s height and would still fit in the panel. Also, the thing in the green circle that we thought was maybe Beetle’s helmet has none of the characteristic shading that the helmets usually have - look at Major’s and Otto’s. It could very well just be exhaust. The plot gets thicker and thicker and thicker!