beetle thing


find your own little spitfire

                                         …one who won’t let you get away with nothin’


[immediately follows up a full-on illustration with a messy comic]

at least by spewing soda all over alim’s phone, marin no longer has to steal it in order to erase the incriminating evidence


Genderbent Miraculous Ladybug with Marius and Adrienne!  

(I like the idea of Adrienne’s hair being naturally thick and curly and so it reverts back to that when she transforms)

imagine guzma meeting bug pokemon from other regions

kanto: “okay you got a great big butterfly thing with psychic powers? hell yes. oh shit, does that bee have fucking drill hands?? THAT THING HAS SCYTHE HANDS? Y’ALL”

johto: “THIS IS WHERE ARIADOS IS FROM. ALREADY GREAT. does that beetle punch things? AWESOME. i don’t know what a ledyba is but it can join team skull if it wants”

hoenn: “wait wait wait… you’re telling me that this one evolves into two pokemon at once?! TWO BUGS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE. kukui’s brat is NEVER gonna see this one coming.”

sinnoh: “……………what the fuck is that noise. plumeria did you just hear that? holy shit”

unova: “LOOK AT THIS THING IT’S FAST HUGE AND FUCKING PURPLE I WANT TWENTY. ninja bug! sewing bug (PLUMS C’MERE WE CAN FIX YOUR HAT)! holy shit this joltik thing is FUCKIN’ AMAZING, I LOVE THIS REGION - is. is that a legendary bug. with a cannon. I’M MOVING TO UNOVA”

kalos: “so… it changes its appearance depending on where it’s from? huh. I WANT ALL OF THEM.”


Non-American cars at an American Car Meet … in Japan - Part 2

Over the last year I’ve been posting my photos from an American Car Meet I attended at Twin Ring Motegi at the tail end of 2015. While the American cars on display were stunning, I was more interested in snapping the Japanese and European cars that showed up. I thought it would be nice to post up all of the images as a set, in-case you missed any of them. Here’s part 2.

Things Rebirth have confused me on
-Was Ted Kord the Blue Beetle at any point before now
-does Barry now remember that he caused Flashpoint, and does he remember the entirety of his previous life in pre new 52
-Does that apply to the Titans as well, being Wally gave them back their Wally memories
-Where is my son Booster Gold
-Did events like Blackest Night, Brightest Day, and things like Guy becoming a Red Lantern, Hal becoming Paralax and destroying central city, and all the other pre new 52 lantern things happen
-Why is Bruce a shitty dad lmao you forgot ur child’s birthday