beetle drawing


@coredesignixandnekonee I am so sorry that it took me an actual month. I have re-drawn this 4 times because it didn’t look good. And to be honest, I am still a bit iffy about this. I’ve never done a “comic” (can this be even considered a comic?) so I’m sorry if the overall flow is weird, the dialog is off, etc. By the way, they are in the Watchtower, I couldn’t think of a background so I just did galaxy. 

It’s not done yet though! I will continue this because 1.) I am sorry for taking so long and 2.) This is a good, angsty headcanon and I think it deserves some more attention. I hope you like it so far!

NEXT (if I don’t post part 2 in a month spam me)

Special thanks to @sohotthateveryonedied for the awesome joke.^^


i’m revisiting project coleoptera with my fourth grade students, and have decided to use advanced colored pencil techniques to add color this time around. 

you can see the steps in the diagram above, and the effect of “engraving” marks with white colored pencil is visible in the white spots on the wing cases, highlights in the eyes and on leg segments. this technique works beautifully when drawing the veins in leaves as well! 

i look forward to sharing the awesome beetles my students are making soon- so much color is happening! 

prompt: sweater weather for @biweeklyboostle

it’s still 80 degrees here but y’know