i’m at work right okay and these two boys who look like they’re maybe seven walked up and wanted to buy tickets and they were both wearing pokemon shirts and I told them as I was selling their tickets, “I like your shirts!!” and they said, “thank you” and I told them I had a pokemon cup that I bring to work to drink out of and I showed it to them and they looked at me like a god. I dunno I’m really emotional right now.

See this is why I hate fatties because they’re on their scooters like “You can be healthy with rolls on top of rolls on your body.” *Watches a normal person walk by* “ SKINNY BITCH FAT SHAMED ME BY WALKING! SKINNY BITCH, SKINNY BEETCH!!!!!!!!!”

To tell the truth I’d rather be a skinny bitch than be a beached whale.

You know that she ate that whole cake.

scrawniest-calamity asked:

How DARE that anon claim you are their favorite person! YOU ARE MY FAVORITE PERSON!!! I HAVE CLAIM TO YOU AND I AM THE ONLY ONE! MIIIINE! I'm just jealous... but mostly over protective and also clingy soo like dear anon, BACK OFFFFFF! Except don't because Anna should hear from everyone that adores (she is ADORABLE after all...) see what I did there? people ADORE you because you are ADORABLE!! (your writing that is, but also your face and personality and general essence...) YOU MY FAVORITE, OKAY?

Look at all deez beetches and hoes fightin’ over me