A little bit of dapperday romance never hurt anyone. #NotDating

(All of theadventureeffect’s Dapper disneybounds in order: Tarzan & Jane, Briar Rose & Philip, Mrs. Potts & Cogsworth, Rapunzel & Flynn Rider)

Dapper Day Highlight: We were in the Animation Academy building when Once Upon a Dream began to play. We waltzed around the room, and when the song was over, the entire room burst into applause.

thatprincessgirl & lostboycosplay, photo by BeeTanz

thatprincessgirl as disneybound Briar Rose on dapperday

Photo by BeeTanz, gorgeous dress made by justanotherimpossiblegirl


The Adventure Effect’s thatprincessgirl & lostboycosplay at spring dapperday 2014

Photos by BeeTanz