Grandma wanted to keep Nugget this weekend so Noodle and I rode to the farmer’s market and bought heads of organic cauliflower, radishes and golden beets to pickle and can. Canning is definitely my indoor happy place.

This week Noodle started crawling on knees and pulling himself to standing. It was also his first time in the bike trailer, which put him to sleep.

Tomorrow boating with old friends and Monday with the online guy.

In other news, my friend, the Saint, has decided she can no longer parent baby B. After 2 years in therapy, with the last 6 months of 8-hr/day therapy, he is not making any real progress. DCF wants to find an adoptive home, but they’ve only held a single interview in the past 9 months. No one wants to see him in an institution, but I fear that is where this is going.

anonymous asked:

C-can I get ?? For Choro bean pls? ^.^

FROM: 🐸*ten frogs screaming*🐸

>hhey babe

>it’s me

>I’m at chibita’


>its great

>i had like ywo beets

>beers haha beets ar geoss

>anyway it’s a party ehere

>I miss u

>oh wait hang on

>ok I’m back

>hee hee I tricked u into thinkingni barfed


>now I did

~~about twenty minutes later~~

FROM: 🐸*ten frogs screaming*🐸

>hey baby you must be a frog and I must be a lily pad because I really want you to sit on my face


My little #Russian lady. 😃😃😃 #Borzoi #beets #dog #haha

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