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If you shouldn't have to credit the photographer we shouldn't have to credit you. It takes 5 seconds to make something transparent online. So I'm not crediting you lmao. You're backwards and selfish.

I never said I wasn’t obliged to credit the photographer. I always tell people to either credit the blog post of the flower or to credit the photographer directly.
Don’t credit me, that’s fine. With a reverse image search of the flower you plan on using this blog will pop up anyway.
Beet juice can help with the bitterness you’re experiencing.

Romantic Confessions With Hank McCoy Would Include ...

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·         Both of you always pining for each other and stealing glances every chance you get

·         Both of you turning beet red when you catch each other’s eye while staring, leading to Alex constantly teasing Hank about his crush and talking loader about it when you enter the room

·         Hank suddenly going beast mode when you enter the room and decking Alex before shuffling past you embarrassed at his current form

·         Jean hearing everything that is in both of your heads, but its only when you tell her one night how you feel about him that she starts to try and convince you to tell him

·         Jean confiding in Scott that the two of you are exhausting as neither of you is anywhere near confessing to the other

·         Visiting him in his lab, purely for work purposes of course, and you both manage small conversation before his hand brushes against your when taking some papers from you and you’re both looking into each other’s eyes trying to get up the courage to tell each other how you feel but you chicken out

·         Hank looking back down at his paper work and mumbling something about things to do and you scurrying out the door saying you’ll see him at dinner

·         Him getting the courage to ask you to go for a walk with him, on the premise of discussing some amendment’s to cerebo, after a lot of pestering from Alex and even Jean occasionally

·         Being by a secluded part of the lake and Hank is gathering the courage to tell you he loves you when suddenly Kurt and Peter appear out of nowhere, Kurt greeting both of you and chatting and peter smirking  “Sooooo… whatcha doin??”

·         Hank being fed up of always either chickening out or being interrupted.

·         So he steels himself, pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose (because he is adorable), and marches over to where you are at your desk

·         Gulping down his nerves and wringing his slightly sweaty hands together he gets your attention

·         Stumbling through a confession, you looking at him wide eyed, as he rambles and looks anywhere but you.

·         You stopping him by placing your hands on his lapels and making him look at you.

·         Calming him down by gently stroking his cheek, as he evens out his breath and takes both your hands in his

·         Professing that he hasn’t been able to take his eyes off of you since you set foot in the mansion, that he’s grown extremely fond of working alongside you and has grown to love you, stuttering out the last part afraid of your reaction

·         Telling Hank you love him too with a smile spreading across your face

·         Hank bringing his head down to your level and gently nudging your nose with his

·         Pulling Hank that little bit closer with his tie and looking deep into his gorgous eyes as you bring him in for a kiss you’d waited months for





I hope you call enjoy this and please leave feedback and headcannon requests for me :) love you xxx

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you're honestly the most beautiful girl I've ever met. I've never seen eyes like yours and I get lost in 'em all the time just sayin

You can’t tell but I’m smiling like really dumb and my face is beet red

@3rdbody wash and trim the beets (like 5 for a 1 person meal). cut into chunks. place them in a bowl with olive oil, ground cumin, a tiny bit of ground coriander seeds and salt. stir and massage. roast them in the oven.

while roasting, slice the fennel (i used ½), in the now empty beet bowl mix the juice of 2 limes/small lemons with olive oil, agave syrup, chopped fresh mint, one finely chopped green birds eye chili, and a generous pinch of sumac. adjust the flavors if you need to. put the fennel in the dressing. time to pick the pomegranate seeds out. dont forget to take the beets out when they are ready. toast the seeds: sunflower, pumpkin and chopped walnuts go in the pan at first. they will start popping and crackling, watch them closely. when they are almost done, throw in the whole buckwheat. of course you could adapt this mix as you want. its an adaptable recipe in general so do as you like. mix the beets, some of the seeds and some of the pomegranate seeds into the fennel+dressing. you could also use wheat berry or quinoa or something. i regret not doing that because i got pretty hungry after 30 minutes haha


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i am faster than eighty percent of all snakes.