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Today’s in-the-car lunch and part 1 of dinner before a delicious supper at Oven and Shaker here in Portland ~ The all raw vegan ‘West’ salad from our new fave North West Raw. Officially the largest 'half’ salad you will ever meet, it’s full of kale, carrot, beet, cabbage, sprouted almonds, avocado, currants, sesame seeds and a yummy creamy dressing. #twfdgoestoportland #lunch

anonymous asked:

Hi Nicole! The hardest part about eating healthy for me is the cooking and time it takes to prepare a delicious whole meal. What are some of your quick, healthy go to meals for breakfast lunch and dinner?

Hi there!

Lately I’ve been really lazy so I kind of just throw all my favorite ingredients into a bowl and call it a meal, haha.

Post workout/for breakfast I’ll have a green juice or smoothie and a handful of raw nuts.

For lunch I’ll have roasted chickpeas or broiled fish with asparagus, Brussels sprouts and a green salad with balsamic vinegar.

And dinner is usually just a kale salad massaged with avocado and tossed with beets and carrots.

I’m pretty snacky too so I like rice cakes with almond butter, fruit, veggies and hummus and raw nuts.