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k but au of ur au where keith only farms beets and the only dialogue lance speaks is him singing "gimme the beet boy and free my soul i wanna get lost in your rock and roll and drift away"

“lance i love you”
“gimme the beet boy and free my soul i wanna get lost in your rock and roll and drift away" 
"gimme the beet boy and free my soul i wanna get lost in your rock and roll and drift away”

this is acceptable

Citrus & Sage Roasted Beets with Goat’s Milk Yogurt.

NEWS! Hi loves. Today marks the beginning of a twice-monthly recipe column I’ll be writing exclusively for the fabulous new lifestyle site SONIMA, called Intuitive Eating. Each column will explore a recipe for a particular feeling, season, imbalance, or mood. 

Welcome to our first installment: For winter. Recipe and tons of luscious beet photos here.

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fitzsimmons + parents meeting when they take their kids to class au please? xx

The muffins look homemade if she squints.  And it’s not like they’re cheap supermarket muffins.  She went to a real bakery and bought carrot muffins for an exorbitant sum of money and then she shoved them in a plastic Tupperware container so they looked authentic.  And if any of the other parents make comments about it (like they did the time she let Andrew do his science fair project by himself or when she was three minutes late to the annual non-denominational holiday show), she can tell them exactly where they can put their vegan gluten-free beet chocolate chip cookies.

“You have all your homework, right?” she asks as they pull up to the school. “And the muffins for the bake sale?”

“Yup!” Andrew says cheerfully. “Can I eat one of the muffins before class?”

“Nope.  Have a banana instead.”

“Emma’s dad lets her have PopTarts all the time.” Andrew has that squinty expression on his face that he always gets when he tries to be cunning.

“Well, Emma’s dad is going to have to pay massive dentist bills.  Even if he did help her build that terrarium.”   Jemma gave a little sigh at the thought of it. The terrarium had been truly spectacular—perfectly engineered, charmingly designed, and filled with native plants.  She had very nearly asked for one of her own.

“Andrew’s mum works in a lab,” his daughter tells him. “She told the class all about in last Thursday.  But I told Andrew that your lab is much better because you work with rockets.”

“Well, what does Andrew’s mum work with?” Fitz asks.  This is probably the time for him to instill some kind of lesson about how every kind of work is important and interesting but for all he knows, Andrew’s mum could be a psychologist, asking people about their feelings and running rats through mazes.  (Load of rot, psychology.)

“Plants.  She taught us all about poisonous ones.  She’s really pretty,” Emma adds in what’s seemingly a non-sequitur but what Fitz suspects is actually another one of her glaringly transparent attempts to get him to go out with someone.  He never should have let Daisy show her Sleepless in Seattle.

“Look, Andrew’s right over there!  Let’s go meet them.” And before Fitz can say anything, his daughter has a shockingly strong grip on his wrist (he blames May for that one) and is dragging him over to where a small boy is receiving a lunch that seems to be largely composed of kale. “Ms. Simmons, this is my dad,” Emma announces and deposits him in front of Andrew’s extremely pretty mother. “He’s a scientist too. His lab is probably fancier than yours, but that’s okay.”

“Leo Fitz,” he says. “My lab isn’t really that fancy.  I work with rockets over at Space X.  I mean, it’ll be fancy when we actually manage successfully to launch one but…”

“Jemma Simmons. I’m a botanist over at Berkeley.” She glances down at the brown paper bag of donuts Emma is clutching in one hand. “So you didn’t have time to make anything for the bake sale neither?”

“The bake—yup. Right.  The bake sale.  I’m a decent baker, actually, but things have been crazy around the house lately.” Fitz decides to omit the fact that he and Emma bought the donuts on the way to school.  “We’ll have to transfer them into something less obvious right, Emma?”

“I’ve already got the container, Daddy,” she chirps and beams up at him and Jemma Simmons.  She probably thinks her diabolical plan is working. “Can I go to class now?”

“I’ll see you after school.” Fitz bends down to hug her, letting her grab on to him like a monkey. “Don’t forget to do better than everyone else on the math test today!”

Emma shoots him a smile and then she’s off, Andrew racing into the school behind her, and he’s left with the woman who seems to be getting prettier every time he looks at her. “You know, I’ve always been interested in the physics of rocketry,” she says. “I’d love to hear about it sometime.”

“How about right now?” he blurts out. “I know a great coffee place in the Mission.”

After a moment, she nods, smiling at him, and Fitz barely resists the urge to high-five someone in victory.