Deterioration with age. Ravaged. Worn. Plagued with problems, even some warts. Things fall apart. But the symmetry is dynamic and the colors are vivid. Age has made everything a little more interesting.
I abused this egg with etching, dyeing and re-dyeing, rinsing off and washing and starting again. The eggshell was not happy and not cooperating with what I wanted. I was frustrated with it and set it aside for a few weeks. Once I was able to not be annoyed with the egg I decided to play with the problems and see how much I could amplify and showcase the issues that are usually frustrating to make them the whole point of the design. I ended up really loving what happened in the end.
Happy Friday!

Would any women like to buy a farmhouse in upstate ny with me and raise chickens and make pottery and beeswax products and make art and just. subsist in tranquility