Here’s further proof that bees are awesome. Rotterdam-based designer Tomáš Gabzdil Libertíny of Studio Libertiny collaborated with a swarm of bees to create Thousand Years, a beautiful beeswax sculpture shaped like a teapot. This one-of-a-kind experimental sculpture was commissioned by French fine silver manufacturer Christofle. Libertíny worked with Dutch beekeeper Johan Beckers and his busy colony of 60,000 bees, who built their intricate honeycomb over a metal scaffold.

The Thousand Years project took two takes to complete: the first attempt was unsuccessful due to a variety of factors including location and local weather conditions; the project was then moved to a less windy location near Rotterdam, where it was completed in August 2014. The success and beauty of the project is also a statement about the bee colony’s health and strength, as well as the quality of local flora; no bees were exploited or displaced.

Click here to watch a video about this amazing art project and get a close-up look at the Thousand Years teapot.

Visit the Studio Libertiny website to explore more of Tomáš Gabzdil Libertíny’s creations, including other honeycomb sculptures.

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DIY Ideas for What to do with Newspaper Clippings. I just received a message from ivyink asking me, “I started collecting interesting newspaper scraps, sometimes even whole pages - and wondered whether you have any fancy ideas what to do with them/ how to store them? Pretty scrapbook ideas maybe?" 

My Answer: If you’d like to save the clippings store them in archival sheets - really cheap if bought in bulk  from Costco - but here’s a link for Amazon here and here (although the prices seem quite high compared to Costco). For those interested in archival preservation the Smithsonian has a good post here.

  1. Book Pages to Fabric Using Silicone Tutorial from Design Sponge. You could probably use this for newspaper if you were careful.
  2. Scrapbook from Newspaper Clippings from Carla Wiechers. This looks like it could be art.
  3. Collaged Newspaper Wall At from Crafted Love.
  4. Beeswax Coated Paper from Crafting a Green World.

Beeswax maps

Beautiful Beeswax sculptures by Chinese artist Ren Ri who’s been beekeeping for almost a decade. Ren with the help of honey bees has create art from beeswax which has been exhibited all around the globe.

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Hilary Berseth’s sculpture using bees and their amazing honeycomb building skills to create this magnificent piece of art. Just amazing. You wouldn’t want to leave this one in the sun! Visit our YouTube Channel!