beeswax wraps


Shoutout to @orriculum for actually following through on their Tumblr giveaway!!

I’ve been wanting to start properly dedicating to Aphrodite for so long, but didn’t really know where to begin. When I saw the giveaway I felt drawn to it, and somehow remembered to reblog it enough to actually possibly win.
I had barely been on Tumblr for months, so to see that post come up first when I logged in was so lucky.

So yeah, thank you so so much.

Photos can’t do it justice (names and addresses blurred for obvious reasons. 

In the pretty (and incredible smelling!) box was: 

- two pretty crystals
- a beeswax candle wrapped with ribbon
- a jar of pink seasalt
- a tiny bowl with legs
- a tealight with a starfish on top
- a doily/altar cloth
- a little tiny bottle of sand
- a wooden pentagram
- an assortment of shells and sand dollars
- a larger shell
- a dried rosebud in a vial
- a honeycomb charm
- an envelope of dried and pressed rose petals
- three metal statuettes (pitcher, chalice, and candelabra)
- a small rose scented bath bomb

I have no idea how this all got through Australian customs but I am not complaining. 

Unfortunately I can’t keep it assembled due to living arrangements but I reassemble it daily and light a candle. Thank you so much!! <3 <3 <3 Submitted by Mountain Slacker

External image

This is my daily on body carry for work and around town…minus a few choice items. I plan on adding a flashlight to the mix very soon, too.

I’m sitting at my desk, minding my own beeswax and trying to wrap up my work week, when I get a bunch of texts via iMessage from the boy asking me if he can play with his computer. I know it’s Friday and stuff, but I kinda sorta want him to chillax a bit after school instead of immediately diving into electronics. 

He’s in his bedroom and I’m ignoring his texts. I wonder when he’s gonna come downstairs and ask me in person? What should I say?