bees knees tattoo

today i was sitting under a magnolia tree waiting for my tattoo appointment reading Les Miserables and two young men walked up to me. one introduced themselves as a photographer, the other as a business man- allegedly having worked on dragons den and various other projects i dont really recall. 

they inquired if they could take some photographs of me. they explained they were working on a project similar to “citizens of ny” and they were struck by how beautiful and serene the setting of me laying in the grass under the magnolia tree was. they asked if i could provide a quote. anything about myself. i said something. they smiled, writing my words on a notepad. the business gentleman then pulled out a waver, stating my photos could be featured in various different media outlets pertaining to their project. i signed and smiled, shook their hands. 

i hate being photographed. i get tense. but i enjoyed the calm and candid environment. i didn’t have to focus in or allow it to become a fixation of my reality. in fact, i barely realized it even happened because the goal of the image was for me to continue to be immersed in my book. but it was very sweet and refreshing.