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Update Again!

Pride Bees Post 1

Row 1 - transgender pride, asexual pride, bisexual pride
Row 2 - rainbow/gay pride, lipstick lesbian pride, lesbian pride
Row 3 - pansexual pride, genderfluid pride, non-binary pride

Pride Bees Post 2—-> here.

The bee with the axe is based on one of the lesbian pride flag designs.  Yes, sometimes TERFs use this flag design, but I have also gotten many messages from lesbians that use the flag and are not TERFs. More about that —->  here.


op:I have no idea if anyone feels the need for more pride flag colored bees, but here is a few more.

UPDATE: i guess there was a need so MORE BEES.


Hello I made bees yay 🐝🐝🐝

Please download here. Read the instructions and FAQ carefully.

Special thanks to @mrsmaow for making the gif for me when I couldn’t. :-)
Also special thanks to spacechase0, he made my critter idea into a reality. His other mods are dope as well (i.e. one of his mods lets you take a screenshot of your whole farm whilst having aesthetic mods), check them out!

If you want to leave a donation for my hard work, please consider doing so. I really appreciate it.