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Those few days when Sid believes that Geno is dead the kingdom is gripped by near constant torrential downpours and lightning storms unlike any they've seen for at least a century. It's not that Sid is doing it on purpose; he's just so consumed by his grief his magic is just going haywire and releasing the pressure however it can. (Unsurprisingly the storms clear up immediately when Geno returns, leaving only a multitude of rainbows in their wake)

and then here’s a bunch more GoT AU asks from different anons:

- So the Stark family in GoT has six dire-wolves (they’re incredibly smart and as big as a fucking horse). GoT AU Ovi definitely has five dire-wolves (and unlike in the show, because this isn’t fucking Old Yeller, all of the dogs live long happy lives) and consider someone trying to kidnap/torture Nicky for a ransom while he visits his homeland, but when they try to ambush his party, Nicky calls out for Ovi’s dire-wolves with an ancient Scandinavian herding song, and they tear the men to shreds.

-  Geno returns weeks later from his presumed death, one of the dragons carrying him back and Sid honestly thinks he’s hallucinating the second he walks inside. Also Sid becomes the unquestioned leader after proving his strength with magic and G is just in awe of his consort and Sid is crying in his arms and a lot of magic releases itself in his relief and basically that’s when the earthquake happens and everyone knows it’s magic from their leader and AHHH

-  GoT where sid and Geno’s daughter is old enough to where she’s receiving gifts and proposals from suitors and her protective fathers always intimidate them with their dragons, and magic, and weapons. They always scare them off, except for nervous squire Jake who grew up with their daughter and have known each other since they were babies. TBH they’d much rather prefer Jake than som sleezy prince.

-  Ok but imagine how funny it would be if Sid and Geno were fucking and the dragons were like dogs, super worried and making noises at the closed door. Sid has to stop to laugh because the dragon screeching is increasing in pitch and Geno’s face is hilariously screwed up as he tries to ignore the dragons and just fuck his husband. When Sid finally opens the door it feels heavier than normal because there are several dragons hanging from where their claws are embedded in the door.

-  Okay addition to the dire-wolves ask: after the attack, Nicky spends hours performing the necessary rituals to his gods so that each of his injured men may be healed. When he finally attends to his own wounds, all five horse-sized wolves gather around him and whimper because Nicky’s been harmed, and to comfort them, Nicky scratches behind their ears when he can, and tiredly coos the GoT-equivalent of, “Who’s a good boys? You’re a good boys”

My visitor

I had the most welcome visitor in my greenhouse today. She was a very welcome and most desired visitor and can come visit me anytime. She came in and sat down on my work table and we talked for quite a while. I was surprised to see her out and about so early in the year as the winter is hard on her and her family. But with the mild February we are having I knew it was possible.

My visitor was a tiny honey bee and she landed on the transplants I was working on and she groomed herself for some time. She walked around the table exploring for quite awhile and then she flew off.

I was thrilled to see this little bee because this tells me that they are still around. We used to have bees galore visit our property , but in the past years not so much. We will be new beekeepers this year as we have a new hive and will be putting it out soon and filling it with bees. I can’t wait for this new experience. We have attended classes and finally decided to just jump in and go for it. We are even considering joining a beekeeping club.

When we do get our bees I hope some gardener nearby will be as thrilled to see my bees as I was when I seen that tiny bee in February.

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Imperials playing D&D

goddamn nerds, all of ye

tarkin: is the DM sometimes (much to krennic’s great misfortune—random nests of flesh-eating bees, galore). otherwise he is a human wizard named Walfacon who is eternally tired and needs to conjure a bottle of wine every damn time his party members start to scream at each other.  

krennic: a high-elf sorcerer named Olorin who absolutely MUST loot all the clothing for himself; unless, of course, it is hideous. only uses his fate-changing powers to get out of the flesh-eating bee nests.

hux: a half-elf monk named Horfire who angrily insists on being the leader of the party. everyone grants him the title but that’s about it. wields a wooden spoon named “discipline” as a weapon.

phasma: a half-orc paladin named Lady Pruonna that makes an oath of vengeance against everyone else just for the hell of it. probably the only one besides yularen who doesn’t fight for position of leader. tarkin happily shares his conjured wine with her.

yularen: a halfling bard named Wilbert that just wants his team to get along. repeatedly attempts to use the “song of rest” to stop krennic from killing thrawn. collects an army of squirrels that he names after the clones (fives keeps throwing nuts at hux)

thrawn: is the DM whenever tarkin isn’t, which is just fine in everyone else’s opinion. he’s a cool DM, always has some weird shit up his sleeves. as a character, he is a tiefling rogue named Mitthraw (”that’s just your name” “but it sounds good, doesn’t it?”) that does all the talking during encounters. despite being a rogue, all he uses is his fists.

kallus: a human ranger named Fron that uses yularen’s squirrels as target practice (”KALLUS NO STOP” “we need food to eat.”). tries to separate from the rest of the party, but thrawn keeps threatening to punch him 

A Post V3 Unnamed Fanfiction: Pilot Chapter

- So here is something else that may or may not become something…

Summary: Five years after the fall of Beacon, Blake returns to find her former partner.

Enjoy -

It has been five years since the fall of Beacon Academy. Five long years since Blake had last seen her former partner. She still felt guilty. Letting Yang get hurt like that and then leaving. But she couldn’t bare to see Yang in such a state. And Adam’s words still echoed in her mind. “I will make it my mission to destroy everything you love.” She shook the thought from her head as she continued on down the path.

She took in the sights and sounds of the colorful fall forest. Happily looking around, Blake couldn’t help but get lost in her surroundings. The sound of birds chirping around her. The smell of the crisp fall air. Even the colors of the changing leave were beautiful. She now knew why Yang said she loved fall back home.

As the sky began to grow dark, Blake was a light up ahead. As she got closer she saw that light happened to be coming from a house in the distance. It looked to be the house described to her when she asked around the town about where the Xiao Long residence was.

As she got closer, her legs began to feel weak. She was getting nervous. Nervous to see Yang again. How would Yang react? Would she be happy? Would she be angry? The latter more that likely. Blake knew she had to be strong. She knew she had to this. If not for her, but for Yang. She let out a sigh as she got to the end path that lead up to the door, looking to the house. She bit her lip as she took a step forward, her fingers fumbling with the belt on her white jacket.

Letting out another sigh once reaching the door. She raised her hand to knock, pausing for a second before knocking. While she waited, she noticed how quiet things have gotten. The wind was still gently blowing but all the chirping of the birds have ceased. Soon though, the door swung open, revealing a tall blond man looking down to her. He looked a lot like Yang. Her father, Blake would guess. “Uh, hello,” Blake said, almost instantly mentally scolding herself for the lack of confidence.

The man looked Blake over before giving a small smile, leaning against the door frame. “You must be Blake.”

The faunus raised an eyebrow, confused. “You… you know me?”

The man chuckled a bit. “In a sense. Yang wouldn’t really shut up about you.” His words caused Blake to blush lightly, looking of to the side. “I assume Yang is why you’re here then.”

She returned her focus to the man. “Y-yeah.”

The man sighed. “You may want to come on inside.” Blake nodded, following him inside. He led her into the kitchen morning for her to take a seat at the table. He opened and reached into the refrigerator, pulling a glass bottle out. “want one?” he asked, looking over to the girl. Blake shook her head. He closed the refrigerator, opening the bottle and tossing the cap on the counter. “So, as you have probably guessed by now, I’m Taiyang. Yang and Ruby’s father… you can just call me Tai.” he said, sitting across from Blake.

“Nice to meet you sir,” Blake said respectfully, giving a slight bow of her head.

“Please,” Taiyang said with a chuckle. “Just Tai. Sir makes me sound old.”

Blake nodded. “So Sir, I mean Tai, I came here for Yang”

“Right,” he nodded, taking a drink. He let out a sigh when finished. “I haven’t seen or heard from Yang in just over four years now.”

“What?!” Blake leaned forward as she spoke.”What do you mean?”

“I mean she left.”

Blake’s eyes widened as her mind began to race about why Yang would leave. And more importantly, why she hasn’t kept in contact with her own father. “Why?” Blake simply asks.

“I dunno,” he says with a simple shake of his head. “After she had the surgery to get herself a new arm and after the physical therapy she came home and began to train. It was nice seeing her have some motivation again. Things seemed almost normal.” he takes another drink. “Then one day, I leave on a hunt out in Vacuo. I come home a week later and she’s gone. No note. Nothing. Just gone.”

“Oh,” Blake simply says. “So you have no idea then?”

He shakes his head “Nope. Sorry. But I never really did try and find her either.” That causes Blake to look up to him, eyebrow raised. “Hey. If she wanted me to know, she would’ve told me. She was eighteen, so it’s not like I could force her to come back home.”

Blake nodded. Understanding his words. “So,nothing then?”

“Well…” he began “I have kept tabs on things. I’ve heard some stuff going around. Asked around while out on hunts. The most promising thing comes from Mistral.”

“What is it?”

“Well. There has been rumors going around there for a year or so now. Basically warrior who fights with the passion of a fire and the ferocity of a dragon.” He takes another drink, letting the bottle rest on his lip, smirking. “Sound like anyone we know?”

Blake gives him a small smile, now seeing where Yang gets her smirk from. “Sounds like Yang.”

Tai leans back in his chair, setting the bottle down on the table. “Now, I already know you’re going to head after her.” Blake looks down. “And I say go for it. I would love to know how she’s doing. I’m both a huntsman and a teacher. I don’t really have the time to chase after someone who doesn’t want to be found.” Blake nods, looking to him. “So let me offer you this. You find Yang, I’ll pay for,you ride to Mistral and give you a place to stay tonight. Sound fair?”

“Why are you offering me this?” Blake asks looking back down.

“Because it obvious you care a lot about my daughter. You wouldn’t have come here if you didn’t. So, how about it?”

Blake smiles to the man, giving him a nod. “Okay. I already planned on it, but I’ll do it. I’ll find Yang.”