((I was having a liiittle bit too much fun playing with my newest Papercraft models. Thanks to the power of toothpicks, I have made it so that they have interchangeable heads. The word bubbles also are interchangeable, as is evidenced by the various locations. I made it so that they stand up in the bases. I’m pretty excited about these models.))

Things the 8 year old I’m babysitting said

-“you know in history there was this time called the blood rain?” Why was it called the blood rain? “Nobody knows….that’s why it was called the blood rain”

-“Christopher Columbus wasn’t that great, congrats Chris you discovered a civilization that’s already been there and they’re all asking, who the hell is this guy???”

-“in class we made a cloud in a jar, but then it got out and rained in the school, it sucked”

-“if a horse lays down on its tummy all its horsiness will crush it”