concept: all my online friends live close by instead of thousands of miles away. We see each other frequently and visit each other at work. We have bonfires and play Frisbee in the park and go out to dinner together every weekend. The bees are safe.

bloody-bee-tea  asked:

“no, i don’t need you.” with IronFalcon please

“No, I don’t need you.”

Sam rolls his eyes at the stubbornness he can hear in Tony’s voice, but he also doesn’t move from his spot.

“Tony, don’t be so stubborn. I just want to help you-”

Brown eyes glare at him, but Sam only rises an unimpressed eyebrow at his boyfriend. Tony huffs and wiggles around a little.

“I don’t need your help”, he says again, but by now it sounds strained. Sam glances at the bandages around his lover’s chest, but they are still a clean white.

He sighs. “Tony, come on. You broke your leg and you refused crutches to help you walk. So it’s a mystery to me how you’re gonna make it out of bed without help.”

Tony turns and glares at him again, but Sam responds with an easy smile. It actually soothes him a bit to see that Tony is feeling well enough to banter with him, well enough to argue. Just three days ago, it was a whole different matter, with Sam sitting by Tony’s side and desperately hoping for him to wake up.

Tony is still not fine though. The doctors have prescribed him strict rest – which of course Tony ignores.

This right now is the fifth time today Tony has tried to get out of bed.

“I don’t want to stay in bed anymore”, Tony whines, prompting Sam to sigh. He leans against the wall, waits until his boyfriends looks back at him and grins.

“What if I join you?”, he suggests. “Would that help?”

Tony regards him with suspicion, but Sam can see that he’s pondering the offer. Finally, Tony grumbles, sighs – and lies back down against the soft pillows.

“Then get over here, Wilson”, he says; a command Sam follows without hesitation. He climbs into the bed, settles next to Tony, and wraps his arms around him to pull him close.

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