Let’s Bee Friends by ROBERT Jackson
Via Flickr:
While shooting a bee, my dog “Ogre” decided to see what all the attention on this little thing was about.


I just fed the bees. They are doing great. There was still sugar water in there from the fall, so that means the honey is keeping them fed still. Go bees!

The difference in snow between the old house and the new one is staggering! There is still a foot of snow in some places here. I had to break ice to get into the walipini.

Speaking of… I haven’t been down there since probably the end of October. Nothing in there had been touched or watered since before then. Yet the perennials are still kicking! Look at that sage! And of course the mint is fine lol! The thyme is still kicking from between dead pepper plants. I’m actually sitting down here now as I write this. I’m going to miss my underground hideaway.

The asparagus near our friends home has been heavily sprayed with toxic chemicals recently and our bee splits whom took up residence there are dying, as a result of this and other spraying practices that have been occurring in our home land of recent weeks. My heart is so heavy. I don’t know how to solve this problem. ‘Save the bees’ is all well and good to say all up in everywhere, write that shit everywhere, scream it from rooftops, tattoo it on your face, but ya’ll needa do more than that. We have to take on the whole world, large corporations and governments in order to do so. Everyone needs to step up and voice their concerns. The bees can’t survive in this eco system with the ruthless amount of toxic chemicals being sprayed everywhere. We need to be loud. The bees need us now more than ever. Our healthy organic colonies are dying out, because there is no safe food sources for them except in our own yards. No wonder farmed bee hives are dying off by the millions, when they can’t even find safe food for their babies.


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