Day 17: Bear

After a long day of doing the houseworks, the dinner time approaches. The bees were wondering what surprise from Mr. Bear they were going to get for that pretty important meal of the day, the one that comes before the storytime and bedtime:
-Let’s bake a cake! -said the bear.
After hear that, the little ones got a smile from ear to ear and didn’t doubt for any second in help to prepare that delicious cake that their big friend bakes sometimes. Wich flavor is going to be this time?

godspeedcomplex  asked:

hi gingxbeanslover202 here uwu could you write a bee movie killugon au ??

Killua was a bee. That’s all he ever knew. How to be a bee. And how to act like a bee. His family all were the greatest pollinators in existence- his older brother in particular was very pushy when it came to this. And that was all fine and dandy- since it’d give Killua a chance to see the outside world. But that was before he decided to go off on his own on an assignment and if fucking rained. And bees can’t fly in the rain. So down he went.

Into the window of an apartment. Owned by Gon. Who pretty much freaked the fuck out because there was a bee that was drowning in raindrops. So of course what person would he be if he didn’t help it? And it was love at first sight. So Gon dumped his asshole prick of a boyfriend, Hisoka, to date this beautiful bee.

And when they were at the store getting some good goods, Killua saw jars of HONEY. What the hell? How could we be taken advantage of? And Killua questioned all he knew. He was in love with a human (which was BAD.) and now the humans were stealing all of their hard work?

The natural solution was to sue their asses. And Gon was stoked. He’d been preparing for just this event. He was ready. He went to law school- the only law school in the state that accepted 12 year olds. But just to be careful, Killua told him to let Leorio do it. Because he was a doctor and you have to trust a doctor.

But during the whole ordeal the flowers started dying? And Killua’s brother came after him like what the fuck? Killu you betrayed us? You killed the flowers? Gon is a bad influence on you?

So Gon and Killua went on this adventure to save everyone- getting the last of the flowers and moving them all to this one place. And it summoned all the bees. And they started pollinating and everything again. And it was all okay.

But Killua still stayed with Gon because they were cool with the whole interspecies thing.

And Hisoka cried. Many bungee tears. For his lost love. Who chose a bee over him.

He noticed Sera was scribbling away in a notebook.
“What are you working on?” he asked quietly.
“Just things… ideas… stuff,” Sera replied with a shrug.
“Like?” he asked.
“Bees mostly. There have to be more ways to use bees,” Sera murmured without looking up at him.
Cullen decided not to pry further into how terrifying it would be if Sera found more ways to use bees. Once she’d managed to get a whole hive into a training dummy, but couldn’t tell anyone how she’d done it. Perhaps that was what the notebook was for.
—  @slothquisitor in their PHENOMENAL fic, Reparation, which has effectively consumed my life, just lower me into the wooden box with this fic and I would be set. Yep.

I pet the bees.

This one bumblebee sleeps in this pink flower in my frontyard garden every night.  After she warms up in the morning, she takes off, but returns at sunset.  She lets me pet her fuzzy yellow back. 
I actually don’t know what kind of flower this is, it grew from a packet of “pollinator friendly mix” seeds and I threw out the packet after all the seeds were planted. *shrug*