Bees are awesome! British tea brand Taylors of Harrogate knows this too, because they have bees to thank for helping them create their fruit and herbal teas. So they built “The Grand Beedapest Hotel” and created this delightful video in the style of The Grand Budapest Hotel to help raise awareness of how important bees are and how much they deserve our help. 

“Bees are so important in helping to provide great flavour, but less attention has been paid to show how urban areas can be made more pollinator-friendly. The aim of the bee hotel is to not only educate and entertain, but to also inspire action,” said Kate Halloran of Taylors of Harrogate. 

Visit The Grand Beedapest Hotel website to further explore this awesome hotel.

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Bees spew water at their hive-mates when the temperature rises
After a hot day, some honeybees become living water tanks – they store water in their gut in anticipation of demand from their sisters
By Emily Benson

Turn the air conditioner on, it’s a scorcher out there. When honeybee hives get too hot, thirsty bees beg their specialised, water-foraging sisters for more liquid, which ends up cooling the colony.

Honeybees have a few strategies for chilling out: some fan the nest, others leave the hive to increase air flow, and a few zip off looking for ponds or puddles. These “water collector” bees fill their bellies with water, fly back home, then regurgitate the liquid. Other bees slurp it up and spit it out around the hive, allowing the colony to cool as the water evaporates.

It was suspected that a steady supply of water is important during extreme heat, says Thomas Seeley at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. To confirm that, Seeley and his colleagues exposed two hives — each containing about 3000 honeybees — to heat lamps in the lab.

When the bees didn’t have access to water, the colonies shot up to about 43°C, a hazardously high temperature: above 40°C, bee larvae can dehydrate and die. When the researchers restored water access, the hives cooled below the lethal threshold.

“[Water] is not just icing on the cake, it’s critical for their cooling,” says Seeley. “Without that, they cannot really control the temperature in the nest on hot days.”

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Sunflowers come in a wide range of warm colors from ivory to bright deep red! They also can grow single or clusters of continuous blooms and from small container sized plants (sunspot dwarf only grows 1-2 feet tall!) To those 12 foot Russian mammoth blooms. Basically you need to grow some, no excuses on space limitations do it for our honey bees. Alergic to pollen? There are florists varieties intended for cut flower arrangements that are even POLLENLESS

(Top)Autumn beauty
(Right)Moulin Rouge(pollonless) and Lemon Queen
(Left) Drop Dead Red

Ο αδερφος μου ο Μάριος.

Είχα παει στην αθηνα για την συναυλία των σκορπιονς οποτε έλλειπα ενα τριήμερο. Σημερα το πρωι που έφτασα κρητη, μπαίνω σπιτι και ηταν ο Μαριος ( ο μικρός μου αδερφος που ειναι 7 χρονων ) και έβλεπε παιδικά.
Μου λεει γεμάτος παράπονο “ που ησουναααααααα; ”.
Του λεω πως ημουν στην αθηνα, αυτήν τη μεγάλη πόλη της Ελλάδας.
Σκέφτεται για λιγο και συνεχίζει “Πηγες να δεις αυτη τη φιλη σου που ειχε ερθει στο σπιτι;”
Σκέφτομαι εγω τωρα… Για τη συναυλία πηγα ή για να τη δω οντως ;
Του απαντάω αρνητικά γιατι αν αρχίσουν αυτα τις ερωτησεις τη γαμησαμε…
“Και ποτε θα ξανάρθει, θυμάσαι που παίζαμε;” συνεχίζει ο Μαριος
“Δεν ξερω Μάριε” του λεω. Πως γίνεται να πεις σε ενα 7χρονο οτι δε θα ξαναδεί ενα φίλο του ;
Τον πηρα αγκαλιά και κάτσαμε ολο το πρωι και βλέπαμε παιδικά.

Small bee poem

(for @borderlinecat, thanks 4 the prompt!)

When the weather’s mild and sunny

the air’s abuzz with something furry

as busybodies in a hurry

go about producing honey

rendering the fields all blurry

Strapping stripes in black and yellow

adorn our humble bumbling bee

just big enough for us to see

the beauty of this friendly fellow

and looking at it is for free

They might move as if in a slumber

these tiny creatures on a flower

but when their mood does end up sour

you’ll find their strength does lie in numbers

so never look down on their power