Urban pollinators fly high along Oslo’s flower-lined bee highway
The Norwegian city has embarked on an ambitious urban highway-building project complete with roadside lodging and filling stations aplenty. However, those traveling along said highway will primarily be making pit stops for pollen not petrol, nectar not bags of corn nuts. Shelter will be provided in the form of hives, not Holiday Inns. 

Friendly reminder that bees get exhausted in the heat too and a little bit of honey can help revive our fuzzy little bumble friends so they can continue on their way :)

nothing is quite as great as when people get excited about bees in the tags on my posts. it means bee fanaticism is spreading and soon i won’t have to keep building all these intricate miniature victorian houses with working lights water and sewage for my bees all by myself

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what is the latest news about bees?

bees are undeniably the best things to grace this fiery pit of sin we call the earth. also i saw that bee again on the way to work, looks like she mostly works in the pollen distribution sector with a focus on aggregate bearing plants. it’s tough work but she gets the job done

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idk about buying honey helping bees. bees are really mistreated in the honey industry, for example the queen bees' wings get cut off so they can't fly away, every two years the queen is "replaced", so killed off, people artificially inseminate the queen bees, they mass-breed them for honey production, the bees are often just left to die in the winter and the hives get pumped full of smoke to sedate the bees. it doesen't seem good for the bees.

Which is exactly why you should buy honey from local beekeepers instead of supermarket honey made by big companies :-) Seriously by choosing to not buy (local) honey you basically stop helping the bees altogether.

Here’s an article about it and also you should check out the links in the post I reblogged because it talks about this and way more. Honestly the first step to help the bees should be to learn as much as possible to not make this kind of mistake.