See how (and why) we transported a live bee colony to the MoMA Sculpture Garden. 

[Beekeeper Andrew Cote (left) and a member of the installation team open the crate containing Pierre Huyghe’s sculpture Untilled (Liegender Frauenakt)[Reclining female nude]. 2012. Photo: Margaret Ewing]

A devilishly charming bee just offered me a large sum of money to call off my campaign, but I declined. This country needs real change, change only I can bring.


Ivy-Leaved Toadflax (Cymbalaria muralis)

In English, this plant is also called Kenilworth ivy, coliseum ivy, Oxford ivy, mother of thousands, pennywort, and wandering sailor. In Danish, it’s ‘Vedbend-Torskemund’ (roughly: ‘cod mouth at-the-bend,’ referring to the shape of the flowers and the growth habit). In German: ‘Zimbelkraut‘ (’cymbal herb’); in French: ‘Ruine-de-Rome’ (ruins of Rome).

It’s a sprawling Mediterranean native that has been naturalised throughout Europe, and introduced as an invasive elsewhere. This is in part due to the fact that it colonises and area rapidly, and exhibits uniquely-adaptive tropisms:

This plant has an unusual method of propagation. The flower stalk is initially positively phototropic and moves towards the light – after fertilisation, it becomes negatively phototropic and moves away from the light. This results in seed being pushed into dark crevices of rock walls, where it is more likely to germinate and where it prefers to grow. [x]

I propagated cuttings from a small patch of this plant growing up the side of the house: as with thyme, I’ve planted it on the borders and soil surface of many beds, because it is attractive and nourishing to pollinators, and forms a dense mat of foliage.

The bumblebees that favour this plant don’t even have to fly between blossoms: instead, they crawl around on the stems. I imagine this saves them quite a bit of energy during their foraging.

  • traffic coordinator:hey, where are you taking all that
  • me, a respectable beeswax mover:none of your beeswax
  • traffic coordinator:you're blocking the road, so it is my beeswax. how are these vehicles supposed to pass with all this wax in the way
  • me, pushing more beeswax into the street:isn't it kind of your job to figure that out
  • traffic coordinator:no. no it isn't
  • me, finishing blocking the road with beeswax:sounds to me like you're not very good at your job

samithepissedoffprincess1234 asked:

My boyfriend and I got a small garden going at his house and we planted a type of plant called bee balm Its supposed to attract and help them. Is there any other type of plant we can get to help more? Or anything else for our garden?

There are many flowers that bees enjoy, here are a few lists to give you an idea. You could also make a bee waterer, so that visiting bees can drink safely! :D

for acnl players who are in bee sting hell

if you’re out there shakin trees for some bells and you get that unexpected bee surprise,  run north from where the bees are, a good distance away from the bees, at least til they’re offscreen. 

then, go into your items menu and get your net. the bees can’t get you while you’re on the menu, they just fly around in little circles. after you’ve equipped your net, your character will be facing south, so it’s easy to exit the menu and just sit there prepared for the bees to fly right into your net (with the right timing)

as a bonus, the bee sells for 2,500 and the beehive sells for 500, so you’ll get a nice even 3,000. there’s 5 beehives in the trees total so it’s a quick way to get some bells