Plant of the Day
Saturday 22 July 2017

The herbaceous perennial Echinops ritro (globe thistle, steel globe thistle, blue hedgehog) are ideal for the middle or back of a sunny, well-drained border. The globes of blue flowers attract hoards of insects and are very popular with bees which is excellent for the bee keepers and provides the nectar for the latest honey harvest.

Jill Raggett


Update Again!

Pride Bees Post 1

Row 1 - transgender pride, asexual pride, bisexual pride
Row 2 - rainbow/gay pride, lipstick lesbian pride, lesbian pride
Row 3 - pansexual pride, genderfluid pride, non-binary pride

Pride Bees Post 2—-> here.

The bee with the axe is based on one of the lesbian pride flag designs.  Yes, sometimes TERFs use this flag design, but I have also gotten many messages from lesbians that use the flag and are not TERFs. More about that —->  here.


op:I have no idea if anyone feels the need for more pride flag colored bees, but here is a few more.

UPDATE: i guess there was a need so MORE BEES.

When she was stung by two bees at the age of four, Mikaila Ulmer turned her fear into a passion project. That’s where Me & the Bees Lemonade was born. Armed with her great-grandmother’s recipe and determination, Mikaila built a lemonade business centered around keeping bees healthy and productive. With Microsoft technology helping to power the business behind the scenes, Mikaila is free to “be fearless, believe in the impossible, and dream like a kid.”

Read more about Mikaila’s story here.