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When I was five I got stung by a wasp on the lip at the zoo. A guy working there saw and got me some ice and a lollipop and all that, typical "soothe the crying kid" stuff. When he walked me back out of the office, a bee came up to me (I screamed because it looked like the thing that tried to french me ten minutes ago) but it just sat on my shoulder chillin. I'm pretty sure it was apologizing for its dick wasp cousin.

i’m sorry the wasp tried to french u without ur consent that’s horrible. wasps should learn to ask first. seriously, wtf. I am glad though you had a bee in your time of need; they are incredibly sympathetic creatures and i hope she made u feel better 


Guess who just sat for two hours outside trying to get a decent photo of this bumblebee? I don’t know what’s more noteworthy, the fact that it’s nearly impossible to get my camera to focus on something that is constantly moving, or the fact that this bumblebee stayed in front of me for two damn hours.

Well, she probably did it because she was old and getting ready to die. Judging by the ragged wings and her refusing to eat or fly, her time was up.

Bombus jonellus or possibly Bombus hortorum

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Today I didn't see a bee but I saw a dog and like that's ALMOST as good ... like a giant less evolved less colourful bee right?

that might be almost as good, i guess… dogs don’t really have anything on bees. when’s the last time ur dog vomited honey for your consumption, huh? never i bet

did you know that if you ignore bees and wasps they won’t sting you???

if a bee (or wasp) comes buzzing around you, you can slowly walk away from the area or wait until they realize you are not a plant and fly away on their own

once you start screaming and flapping around trying to swat it away, they will think you’re attacking them and are much more likely to sting you

even gently shooing them with your hand will usually send the message “oh this is just another animal. nothing to pollinate here” and they’ll buzz away

I’ve NEVER been stung by a bee or wasp in my life bc I’ve always reacted calmly around them. bees and yes, wasps are both fairly chill creatures and are only interested in pollination and protecting their nests


I’ll admit it, I mostly picked this book for a Tumblr post based on the title.  The Bee People!  What could it possibly be about?

Turns out, it’s about bees.  (Shocking, I know!)  But it’s an adorable little book, and for all its cutesy descriptions of bees as little ladies and misses, it’s pretty scientific, too.  The illustrations get more and more complex as the book goes on, moving away from toads and morning glories and on toward insect eyes and honeycomb structures.  

Miami’s special collections has a very strong children’s collection spanning the 17th to 20th centuries, so I guess I can’t really be surprised when I find little gems like this one in the stacks!