Royal jelly is a honey bee secretion that is used a nutrition for larvae and queen bees. When worker bees decide to make a new queen because the old one is either dying or dead, they choose several larvae and feed them royal jelly in specially constructed queen cells. This triggers the larvae to develop with queen morphology, including fully developed ovaries needed to lay eggs.

So… any beekeepers out there who’d be willing to sell me a few of their naturally deceased bees that are in good condition? I know no good beekeeper would go out of their way to purposefully harm a bee but accidents happen and bees do die of old age and if you’ve got a few intact specimens lying around I want ‘em for shadowboxes and jewelry and curios.

I was kind of hoping to get them in small lots in ziploc bags or something like some sort of demented dead bee drug dealer. Again, I’m not asking for anyone to purposefully cull bees for me, I just want whatever dies on its own that’s still in good shape.

anonymous asked:

A bee landed on my lips before. What does that mean?

That your lips are as sweet as nectar.

…And as usual with my followers this is going to take a weird sexual turn and someone is going to tell me a bee landed on their dick, isn’t it.

Holy shit I went outside to check on my baby palm tree and my lemon tree and the bees in my yard are so used to me petting them that they just land on me. They give no fucks about my gecko. They just sit on my arms and wait to get a lil boop before flying off to the thistle again. I love bees