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Omg that's so cute how did you save the bees life

Well, at work it’s my job to take the mail downstairs before I leave for the day. I go down to the basement and there’s this bee on the floor. Being the terrified of things that sting and buzz person that I am, I skirted said bee and went to go dump the mail in the bins.

Then my conscience in combination with all the tumblr posts about bees got me. Fuck y’all, by the way. Because like, it was five minutes until closing and you just know someone’s going to step on the stupid thing, goddamnit all.

I kept one piece of mail and went back to the bee, very slowly set the envelope on the floor, and waited for the bee to crawl onto it. Then I held it as far away from me as possible and crept over to the door (which was thankfully like five feet away, and I am not kidding when I say that if that bee had taken off flying I would’ve screamed and ran).

There’s this big metal box right outside the door that they keep salt in for the winter, but the stupid bee wouldn’t get off the envelope. So I had to shake it as gently as possible to get it off. And of course, FML, the bee lands on its back.

I step back inside, door safely closed, and watch for a minute while the bee struggles. It can’t flip over. I’m like, are you fucking serious right now. Okay then.

Back outside I edge, very slowly put the corner of the envelope under the bee, and flip it rightside (wing side) up. It started crawling around. I threw my hands up, said very seriously “You’re on your own” and retreated inside where it was safe.

That is the story of I saved a bee. I have no idea if it survived, but I like to think I gave it a fighting chance anyway.

Wheel bugs are important predators of the undergrowth here in eastern North America. They also make wonderful native alternatives for pest control in the garden!
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They are so happy to know you love and care about them! #bees #honeybees

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Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of a bees? 
I would rather be attacked by a bear. I grew up near enough to woods to learn how to not die. Not dying is very important. But bees scare me enough when it’s just one, let alone a swarm of ten foot-tall flying fuzzy monsters. You cannot fight the bees.

What movies could you watch over and over and still love?
Oh, all movies are amazing, but I love romantic comedies. The drama, the love, the romance!

Do you miss anyone right now?
Not really a person, but I miss something that hasn’t happened yet, that probably won’t happen. It’s not even a thing, really, it’s a relationship. I miss a relationship I haven’t had yet and might not have. It makes me sad, but that’s okay. It’s okay to be sad, because good things are coming around the corner!

Do you want to save the bees? || please read

We have bees on our farm. Right now we have 400 gallons with 10,000 bees per gallon. They are leafcutter bees, not honey bees–All bees matter!–

These bees don’t sting. They pollinate. 

They will land on you, buzz around and mind their own business. In my three+ years of owning them I was stung once, and I must admit, It was my fault. 

We also sell them on a smaller scale for people to put in their backyards. They always return home and lay eggs (so you could keep going with them as long as you care for them) Basically Doubling your population each time.

If anyone is interested in backyard bees send me a message and I’ll describe how the process works! And if you are interested in buying we can work something out!

Please Reblog and share. 

Don’t just say “save the bees!” 

Do it.