The Terraced Strawberry Garden

I have strawberries planted in every nook and cranny of the forest garden, but predictably, the first strawberry blossom of the year has emerged on the warm terraced strawberry garden.

This somewhat-vertical garden is built around an old piece of concrete drain piping, and terraced with pear wood: both of which ambiently radiate heat, creating a warmer microclimate.

The wood also feeds fungi, decomposes into soil nutrition, and stores water. The strawberries have some fibrous roots that have begun to directly penetrate the bark.

The strawberry fruits will droop off of the structure, preventing too much soil contact; they are actually called strawberries because traditionally, they were grown on straw to prevent the fruit from rotting on the soil. Growing vertically increases the physical surface area for crops, so building in a terraced form also allows more plants to be grown in a smaller square-metreage.

In addition to providing a home for fruit and fungi, this is also an insect habitat. I drilled a number of holes in the logs to provide homes for wood-dwelling bees, and soil-dwelling bees can nest undisturbed in the till-free areas between the terraces.

Since bees sip from mushroom mycelium to up-regulate their immune systems, I have no doubt they will find this fungi-ridden structure to be a suitable home!

This little garden ticks all of my permacultural boxes:

  • it’s built from free, local, and salvaged materials
  • it’s built to maximise yields
  • it’s low-maintenance and perennial
  • it’s biodiverse: hosting a fruiting crop, fungi, a rich soil life web, and beneficial insects

Far from being a “type” of garden, it’s more like a “formation” that derives inspiration from raised beds, vertical gardening, hügelkultur, and the herb spiral.  

If I had built it with fresher wood, I could have also innoculated the logs with wood-dwelling edible mushroom plugs: like shiitakes. This would further maximise the efficiency of the space by cropping an edible mushroom in between the berries. Maybe next time!

i jus saved a little bee she was so cute… she was laying on the landing all wobbly so i picked her up and gave her some sugar and water. i took her back outside and she flew away immediately. ;w;

aapocalyptic-chaoss asked:

The thing I appreciate the most about you is how you're actually educated and have sources supporting why you believe what you believe. Also thank you for adding some sense to my dash!

Well thank you honey, that’s what I’m here for! Have a bee:

realjusticewarrior asked:

I don't know if you've seen this, but a study was released yesterday showing that bees are actually becoming addicted to pesticides developing a dependency that causes them to seek it out.

Yes I’ve been reading up on it, and while it’s not proof that they’re addicted to it yet, it’s proof that they can’t tell the difference between nectar contaminated with neonicotinoids and nectar that isn’t, and may get a nicotine-like ‘buzz’ (if you pardon the pun) from them.

It’s really sad, but this quote from one of the researchers, David Gouldon, from the Independent says: “At this point in time it is no longer credible to argue that agricultural use of neonicotinoids does not harm wild bees.”

I hope that this may be the straw that breaks the camels back and finally gets governments to cave and ban the use of them.

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