I would breathe you like an air;
catch me
with your hands and with every look;
read my thoughts when we’re close
and be near when we’re far away;
love me - it’s that easy.


because both of them deserve it. the q is how I ended up here.

how to help sick bee!!

is bee on ground? is bee not moving much?? is bee tired??? help sick bee!!!

  • use paper to pick up bee!
    slide slowly under little bumbly legs and little bumbly body until bee is fully on paper

  • bring bee inside to open window or open door!!!
    when bee is better, bee will fly out!

  • make sugar water for bee!
    mix two (2) to three (3) tablespoons of sugar (can be normal sugar or organic sugar! no artificial, no diet sweetener, no sweetener, just sugar!!!!! no honey either!!!!!!) with one (1) tablespoon of water! stir until sugar dissolves!!!!

  • put sugar water on plate or spoon for bee!
    give to bee! put bee on clean parts of plate or hold spoon near bee! if bee gets stuck in sugar water, use paper to help them get unstuck!

  • let bee drink and rest!!!!!

  • can put a bowl / plate / container of sugar water outside for other bees!!!!! use same two to one (2:1) or three to one (3:1) ratio for mix!!!!!

i am so happy that marc bartra is at bvb. this has nothing to do with him leaving barca, it’s just that he fits in so well. like, i can’t imagine him at any other club anymore, he looks so happy and you can really see how much he loves the club and how loved he is by all of the fans and the players. he’s playing his best and is getting lots of playing time, everybody sees how important he is and he is also the sweetest, nicest and the best person. i just love him so much and i’m so happy that he’s here, he belongs at bvb! 💛💛💛