I’m taking custody of all bees. Right now. They’re my babies, and you can’t have any. Unless you want one. In which case, I’m going to need a background check.

anonymous asked:

What's a random bee fact that you don't think many people know?

Bees have five eyes, the two large compound eyes on either side of their head that you can easily see, and three smaller eyes on the top of their head that detect light, which is helpful for knowing when a bird is swooping down on them. They are also unable to see the colour red, but they can see ultraviolet light that we can’t.

my grandma has a big bee garden and there were TONS of BUZZ BUZZ everywhere!!! I was so happy I had to take these pics 🐝🐝🐝

ohmygosh oh wow wow these are Extra Fluffy!! it’s so cool she has a bee garden- keep up the good work grandma! ♥

fishmostly asked:

Is it weird that I'm 18 and haven't ever been stung by a bee?

Well not to me, I’m turning twenty in a month and I’ve never been stung by anything. But it seems like most other people have been stung at one point, so maybe we’re both just weird. :L


A honey farm!!! I went here a few years ago and it was so great and fun and this video is relaxing