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I know bees have stripes but what about the stinger? Shouldn't it be there or do queen bees have different bums than regular bees? In my mind it's basically confirmed it's a bee but the stinger thing is the only thing that throws me off. I tried to google it but I'm terrified of bugs and I started to freak out and get itchy lol

gijsidfjds I get you. I googled for a bit as well and I came to the following conclusion. You don’t have to see a stinger.

It’s not a queen bee, because queen bees are more slender, and their body is longer than the wings. This is not the case for the tattoo.
So it’s either a male bee (a ‘drone’) or a female ‘worker bee’. Both have round bottoms. The male bee doesn’t even have a stinger (ha!) and the female bees eject their stinger so I think it’s not always visible. 

Wasps are usually more slender as well, have stripes that are harder/more defined and don’t have hairy legs, bees do.

Bumblebees are rounder and have stripes over their entire body, and not just the bottom half.

Flies don’t have the stripes nor the long antennas. I also think the eyes would be more pronounced.

So in my opinion it’s definitely a bee, but I don’t know what other kind of demon bugs are out there tbh, so don’t hold this against me! 

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Okay so here's how it all went down...

I got called out to check up on a house that “has bees in the attic” last week. I got there and looked through the attic and didn’t see a single bee. Walked around front and there was a small blob of bees on the outside of a little soffit space by the front door. So there were definitely bees, but given the small space and the amount on the outside I just expected that there would only be 5-6 thousand at most.
Fast forward a week to the extraction today.
I get there, get set up, get all suited up, and prepare to dig in. I drill a hole in it to make sure they are there, and they are definitely there. The bottom of the soffit is rotten so I just pull it off and reveal a MASSIVE blob of bees on a huge hive. The first bucket fills up super quickly and the bees just keep pouring out and replacing those that were sucked up. Two buckets later, I can see enough of the comb to start pulling some of it down. Three “frames” of comb in, the comb is over a square foot. (it was a slant soffit) I pulled down lots of pollen, lots of bee bread in the making, and loooooots of uncapped honey. It was almost all full and thick like honey, so it was definitely almost done. It tasted wonderful. There wasn’t any grown brood, but there were lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of eggs in a very impressive pattern. Now that I remember they exist I need to remember to give them back to the bees once I’m done typing this.
Anyways, I get done pulling down comb and sucking up bees and all the airborne bees are still completely ignoring all of the buckets. This is a great way to tell if you have the queen, because if she was in one of them, the bees on the outside would migrate to her bucket. So I’m just in bewilderment at how I haven’t gotten her, and then I look down at my last bucket. On the grass next to it was a little ball of bees just sitting there. It looked kinda strange to me, so I got closer and gently nudged some out of the way and there was the queen!!! She had apparently just flown down in to the yard when I broke the hive open and started sucking them up. It was amazing because I was almost ready to pack up and leave. I quickly scrambled to grab her with my queen cage and plopped her in the bucket with the most bees. That gives way to her majesty’s name, that shall be announced once I release her in to the hive in a few days.

I’m on a mission to find a Detroit area tattoo artist willing to donate a tattoo for my mental heal. Physical health is getting worse fast, can’t work, desperately poor, and very alone. I’m becoming far more disabled. My garden gives me life, as does caring for the bees. All I want is a single (less petals, open to bees) rose from my garden with a bee on my chest.

I once messaged a tattoo parlour with terrible social media presence, explaining my background and what I can do for them, offering for set them up in trade. I got a nasty message back. In general, no one seems to want to retweet my requests for information and help, contributing to my feelings of loneliness.

It probably seems frivolous. To me it seems like powerful medicine. I’m not giving up, but things seem bleak. If you can, please reblog to help get the word out.