To celebrate the 500th anniversary of the existence of bees I have queued up all of the most popular original (including submitted) bee facts for you to look at with your eyes, starting with…….


I did screen printing yesterday at the AGO for the first time! It was super fun and my bee scarves came out beautifully. I’m super excited to hem their edges and (hopefully) make more in the future. These guys will be up for sale once done, but I’ll need to keep a few for my grad show in April.

I’m smitten with the screen printing process and now I hope that in the future I can have a space where I can print at home. New goal: living space with a good sink and lots of space for drying.


Buzz a buzz : or, The bees  

By Busch, Wilhelm, 1832-1908 Cotton, William Charles, 1813-1879 Watkins, Hezekiah.

Publication info Chester,Griffith & Farran;[pref. 1872]

Contributing Library: Cornell University Library


My morning is being spent getting my yard ready to plant things- and digging up on the cement blocks the previous owner apparently tried to pave his WHOLE YARD WITH. Now buried under dirt and 20 years of weeds.

Also, anyone wanna rec me plans good for bees?

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This doesn't really have anything to do w/ the current season. I was rewatching s9 & I couldn't help notice a small similarity between Cain & Cas. Not Dean & Cain big. In s7 when Cas was broken for lack of term. He told them that he watches the Bees now. He loved Bees. Extracted his own honey, so on. Then we first meet Cain, he is keeper / watcher of bees, has stain glass window of honey pot & bees. Just wondering your thoughts on that similarity? If it could maybe stand for something more?

Hello lovely!

YES, that is a wonderful similarity and I personally would file them both concentrating on bees as a way of grounding themselves and reconnecting with nature and in extension also mankind. Which is interesting in so far as both Castiel in S7 and Cain - as angel and demon - try to do something very basic that commonly is associated with humanity. Cas followed the bees, Cain cared for the bees.

If you think about bees as metaphors for humanity as a whole - and there are a lot of bee metaphors relating to human formations and descriptions, such as being a “busy bee” or “a worker bee”, the “queen bee” or being part of the “hive” - then I guess you could say since both, Cas in S7 and Cain lead pretty secluded lives, keeping their distance to humanity due to their backstory. Cas was afraid to destroy everything again and Cain, I assume was afraid to either fall in love again or fall off the wagon. By caring for bees - and it’s important that Cain mentioned that without bees mankind would cease to exist - the two of them may be as close to “human life” as they dare to go. It could be read as a sort of substitute.

There are a lot more ways to think about this parallel though, this is really just my personal at the top of my head idea on this. But to me on very first thought it feels like a nice connection to humanity and them withdrawing from it searching for a simpler life with structure and to live in tune with nature.