Lavender lures; blooms
Of purple pollen call you
To collect nectar -

Levitate to and
Fro, humming your summer song
Busy little bee,

Helping the garden
Along, as you toil with grace
Buzzing with vigour,

You dance in the air
Bringing the flowers such joy
When you do visit.

Haikus about bees


Arolo No. 7

Arolos are sweet, sleepy little friends who love to keep you company at your desk, bookshelf, or anywhere else they can catch a quick nap. They’re great listeners, and are always happy to encourage you when you’re hard at work. This Arolo misses summer already, and can’t wait to see new flowers in the spring!

This doll is not currently for sale, as she will be made available at a festival next summer. I do, however, have several other little friends available on Etsy!

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These 2 made a proactive attempt to save thousands of honey bees last week . The customer was going to burn this 3 ft bee hive because he wanted to keep the wood left from the tree he was having removed.

Trauma from removing the hive with winter right around the corner may jeopardize the colony’s survival, but at least the bees still have a fighting chance!

My boyfriend (left) works for a tree removal company who came out to remove the tree with this hive. Anthony found the man called “Bee-Ber”, and they safely transported these bees from Clinton township to Ferndale, Michigan to Bee-Ber’s beekeeping backyard. From here Beeber will oversee the bees and assist them with rebuilding their hive.

Five to ten thousand honey bees were saved in Michigan from someone who was going to carelessly burn them. No wonder why we’re having such bee issues.