edenroxthatsme  asked:

So, you mentioned what to do with a bee that's crawling on the ground, but how do you help a wet bee? Often times at the local pool bees will fall in the water, I try to get them out when I can, but after that I don't know how to help them. Know how to help them I'm this situation?

It’s often best to put them in a sunny and dry place where they can cool off. They often clean themselves after and will fly away when they can :)

Possibly give them a sugary drink to aid with their recovery, too.

Hey so it’s almost springtime, which is swarming season for our bee friends!

Swarming is totally normal for a colony of bees so if you see something like this, don’t spray pesticides or harm the bees! It’s not dangerous at all and they happen to very calm like this because they are not protecting a hive or a queen. If they are swarming near your house and need to be removed, call a beekeeper and let a professional take care of them.

Even if you’re scared or allergic to bees (like me), there’s no reason to harm these creatures when they’re naturally preparing for spring.
Make sure you spread this information around to protect the bees!

theplungetakers  asked:

hi! quick question, do young queen bees have nuptial flights? because once, a very large bee landed on my shoulder, but it was much too large to be a simple bumblebee, and so i think it may have been a queen bee on her nuptial flight, or perhaps on her way back to her hive

I’m not actually sure! It would make sense, but I’m not a beekeeper so I don’t know the definite answer- possibly someone on here does :)