@who-is-page made this after a conversation about my love of honey. I hauled my scaly ass out of bed Saturday morning to go to the farmer’s market solely to visit the booth of my favorite apiary. I got a bottle of tupelo honey, a bottle of blueberry honey, and a bar of lavender soap made with goat’s milk and honey.

Every morning I have breakfast tea with cream and honey. Rather… every morning I have cream and honey. There is often (but not always) some tea in it.

how to help sick bee!!

is bee on ground? is bee not moving much?? is bee tired??? help sick bee!!!

  • use paper to pick up bee!
    slide slowly under little bumbly legs and little bumbly body until bee is fully on paper

  • bring bee inside to open window or open door!!!
    when bee is better, bee will fly out!

  • make sugar water for bee!
    mix two (2) to three (3) tablespoons of sugar (can be normal sugar or organic sugar! no artificial, no diet sweetener, no sweetener, just sugar!!!!! no honey either!!!!!!) with one (1) tablespoon of water! stir until sugar dissolves!!!!

  • put sugar water on plate or spoon for bee!
    give to bee! put bee on clean parts of plate or hold spoon near bee! if bee gets stuck in sugar water, use paper to help them get unstuck!

  • let bee drink and rest!!!!!

  • can put a bowl / plate / container of sugar water outside for other bees!!!!! use same two to one (2:1) or three to one (3:1) ratio for mix!!!!!