🐝Ways to help Bees🐝

Bees are in danger, and they’re very important to our environment. Here’s some easy ways to help!

  1. Shove bees up your ass to protect them from pollutants
  2. Plant Bee-friendly flowers
  3. Buy local honey
  4. Avoid pesticides
  5. Donate to pollinator.org
  6. Get a Mason Bee house
  7. Take a bee-keeping class
  8. Don’t weed your garden too much, bees love wildflowers
  9. Spread the word!
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Friendly reminder that capitalism kills bees

Since U.S. beekeeper Nephi Miller first began moving his hives to different areas of the country for the winter of 1908, migratory beekeeping has become widespread in America. U.S. beekeepers collectively earn much more from renting their bees out for pollination than they do from honey production.

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Most of the focus on colony collapse disorder has been toward environmental factors. CCD is a condition recognised for greatest impact in regions of ‘industrial’ or agricultural use of commercially bred bee colonies. Natural breeding and colony reproduction of wild bees is a complex and highly selective process, leading to a diverse genetic makeup in large populations of bees, both within and between colonies. Genetic diversity through sexual reproduction is a significant evolutionary factor in resistance to parasites and infectious diseases. Many artificially bred species, especially domestic and agricultural species, suffer from lack of genetic variation. resulting in increased risk of hereditable diseases, loss of vitality or vigour, and heightened uniform susceptibility to infectious diseases

Trucking colonies around the country to pollinate crops, where they intermingle with other bees from all over, helps spread viruses and mites among colonies. Additionally, such continuous movement and re-settlement is a strain and disruption for the entire hive, rendering it less resistant to all sorts of systemic disorder.

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When placing individual bees in ur bhole do you need to put the queen in first? What's the etiquette?

It depends.

If your asshole is serving as a Bee-Hotel, you do not need to house the queen. Your asshole simply serves is a place for bees to avoid pollutant while they relax and catch their breath.

If your asshole is a permanent home for bees, you cannot put the queen in first. The queen needs to be assured that your asshole is a suitable place by other bees first. Once the other bees let her know through BeeSynergy messaging system, she will inject herself into your asshole, and invite her BoC, Bees of Choice.


Buzzing about 5 Artists whose work deals with honeybees.  (via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLXWMD23910)