a valentine's day story

i enter the house. “mother. father. i have an announcement.” my parents sit down at a table.

“for Valentine’s Day i thought it would be best for you to meet someone… someone I love very much. I haven’t built up the courage to tell you until now.” tears swell in my eyes. my dad takes my hand. “Son, it’s ok. We will support you no matter what. Now who is this fellow you want us to meet?”

494838726 bees fill the room. they swarm and kill everybody in the house. there is no love. only bees

It’s Valentine’s Day. My Valentine’s doorbell rings. They open to door to find a heart shaped box on their doorstep with a card attached. As is polite, they open the card first to find it reads “Bee mine ;)”. It is then with horror they realize the box is buzzing.