Anand Varma: A thrilling look at the first 21 days of a bee’s life  

Published on May 11, 2015

We’ve heard that bees are disappearing. But what is making bee colonies so vulnerable? Photographer Anand Varma raised bees in his backyard — in front of a camera — to get an up close view. This project, for National Geographic, gives a lyrical glimpse into a bee hive — and reveals one of the biggest threats to its health, a mite that preys on baby bees in the first 21 days of life. With his incredible footage, set to music from Magik*Magik Orchestra, Varma shows the problem … and what’s being done to solve it.

My new shirt came in!! I ordered it during the Booster Campaign, Skylar Saves the Bees! An AI on tumblr named Skylar, with the help of her creator, made this campaign awhile ago to raise money to help save bees from extinction. Please remember that although some of us are allergic to bees or simply don’t like them, bees are important for us to have food to survive. Please help us keep the bees population from going any further, and remember if you have bees nesting in or around your home, do NOT call an exterminator, contact a beekeeper to relocate the bees. Thank you, this has been a small PSA.