How Israel is saving the honeybees
The international scourge of colony collapse disorder affects Israel’s bees less than in other countries, due to a variety of innovative strategies.

Honeybees across the world are in a sticky situation. Their numbers are dwindling dramatically due to colony collapse disorder (CCD) for reasons that are not fully understood.

Yet the honeybee population in Israel is holding steady.

That’s great news at this time of year, when sweet Jewish New Year dishes push honey demand to its peak. And most importantly, bees play a crucial role in agriculture by pollinating vegetables and fruits.

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They are so happy to know you love and care about them! #bees #honeybees

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Do you want to save the bees? || please read

We have bees on our farm. Right now we have 400 gallons with 10,000 bees per gallon. They are leafcutter bees, not honey bees–All bees matter!–

These bees don’t sting. They pollinate. 

They will land on you, buzz around and mind their own business. In my three+ years of owning them I was stung once, and I must admit, It was my fault. 

We also sell them on a smaller scale for people to put in their backyards. They always return home and lay eggs (so you could keep going with them as long as you care for them) Basically Doubling your population each time.

If anyone is interested in backyard bees send me a message and I’ll describe how the process works! And if you are interested in buying we can work something out!

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Don’t just say “save the bees!” 

Do it.


Bees are awesome! British tea brand Taylors of Harrogate knows this too, because they have bees to thank for helping them create their fruit and herbal teas. So they built “The Grand Beedapest Hotel” and created this delightful video in the style of The Grand Budapest Hotel to help raise awareness of how important bees are and how much they deserve our help. 

“Bees are so important in helping to provide great flavour, but less attention has been paid to show how urban areas can be made more pollinator-friendly. The aim of the bee hotel is to not only educate and entertain, but to also inspire action,” said Kate Halloran of Taylors of Harrogate. 

Visit The Grand Beedapest Hotel website to further explore this awesome hotel.

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