🐝Queen Bee Tarot Spread 🐝

An educational tarot spread about the Queen Bee.

1) ’ A queen bee can lay up to 2,000 eggs in a day.’

What new things should I look out for?

2) ’ Royal jelly is produced by worker bees which is high in protein. It’s almost like a super food for bees. Queen bees eat royal jelly for their entire lives. ’

What old things should I keep with me?

3) ’ Queen bees can live up to 5 years which is quite a long time for a bee.’

What will make me stronger?

These fun facts were found on Scishow’s YouTube video titled “ How a Bee Becomes Queen ”.

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Bee Fact #477

Bees reproduce in an exceptionally unusual way. Most bees (if they are lucky) will choose a mate near the end of their life. The bees will start working and sleeping very closely together, and if their bond grows their bodies will start to merge into one super, combined bee (also known as a ‘bumblebee’, because their co-ordination is slightly clumsy at first). When the bumblebee is ready to end their life, they build a safe space in the hive and drift off into a coma together. The mucus they secrete forms a protective chrysalis, and this lasts for around 7-10 days. During this time the bumblebee’s body breaks down and splits off in to a collection of baby bees. Bees have no social construct of family, because they never meet their parents, and the babies are all raised collectively by the hive, overseen by a democratically elected Queen Bee.

anonymous asked:

Hello! Could I request a scenario where Kagami goes over to his beekeeper s/o's house one day to help them harvest honey from their hives, and even though he's super nervous being around so many bees at once he tries his best not to freak out or swat any of them because he knows how much his s/o loves them? Thank you so much in advance!

As someone who is scared of bees, I can relate. I hope this is to your liking!

Why did he agree to this in the first place?

You knew he was scared of bees, didn’t like being near them, thought they were annoying and very dangerous despite not attacking unless provoked or threatened. But you still took a chance, asking your very kind, handsome and awkward boyfriend if he could keep you busy, while you harvested the honey.

He swallowed, fingers digging into the fabric of his pants as he tried very hard to remain still..

A couple of them flew near his ear, one even dared to land on his neck, causing him to stiffen greatly. There were two reasons he didn’t try to harm any of these pesky bugs.

One, you were a HUGE bee lover.. The second reason? Refer back to the first one he gave. Every time you went near the hive, collecting some of the honey, there was a smile on your lips, eyes glowing with radiance despite being swarmed by a colony of bees.

And that’s what made him stay right where he was. The bee, realizing he wasn’t a flower, finally went away from him, flying to a flower it could harvest pollen from. 

He swore he would endure the rest of this, even find the courage to actually help you with collecting the honey. But after several mini panic attacks, and your laughter about him not having to help, he just chose to sit down instead. 

In the end, he helped by not only keeping you company, but carrying huge jar of honey back to your home. He thought the worst was over…

Until he knocked the pot off the counter, shattering the pot and helping you clean it up. It was then he realized he had to endure YET another day with you because of his stupidity.

But that smile was definitely worth it.