GUYS THIS IS MIKE. He’s pretty great both on the internet and irl. He’s my dog’s uncle and he influences my sushi choices and he’s handsome and also he’s really, really funny. And we talk about tumblr all day long at work and hand turkey each other and stuff.

He posts things like funny shit and sexy shit and sometimes puppies and stuff. And stuff about music! If you go to his tumblr it will play loud music at you, but it will be good music.

And he’s got strong opinions on things, which sometimes is scary and angering, but I respect it. Because he just believes in what he believes in and doesn’t sugar coat it.

Also he says stuff about sports sometimes, but I don’t understand those posts.

beertim3 asked:

Metsatoll, the guy playing the folk instruments has THE DEEPEST voice I ever heard. Saw them open for Tyr(opening for Korpiklaani in New York)

(okay really sorry I waited ages to answer this message)

That sounds like a great line up! Metsatöll is awesome. their music/ vocals always sound really special, must be great to see/hear live. Also goes for the others. I have yet to see Metsatöll and Týr myself.


HEY YOU LOVELY LADIES AND GENTS! I don’t know if you noticed, but sometimes I post some things that are pretty funny on this here page.

Most of these funnies are reblogged from a guy named Mike.

He thinks he should be Tumblrfamous, and you know what? So do I.

If you would follow him, I think it would be great! I know he would love it.

beertim3 asked:

Same, I saw Rammstein twice for just as much, but I have to pay $26 for the train into New York, and I'm going to a show in the city the week before :/

That comes out to quite a bit of change, yeah. :\

I need to look it up to see if they’ll be playing Boston (which I am near), first of all; but I’m guessing they are, since last time they had two sold out shows here.  The bigger problem is that all my money, by then, may have been spent on running this thing.

On the other hand…  It’s Brendon Small.  On stage, with a guitar.