Guinness Draught

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Brewer: Guinness Storehouse

Type: Irish Dry Stout

ABV: 4.2

Color: Dark Leather (SRM 50.51) 

Review: One of the big boys. Guinness. Everyone has heard of it… I think its what children are breastfed in Ireland. You read that right. Go ahead and read it again just to make sure and…yup you got it right the first time. Guinness’ head is fantastic when you pull of the perfect pour. If you haven’t heard of the perfect pour… this guy explains it with quite some passion. When we tried Guinness together there were a lot of comparisons to iced coffee, especially when we realized the dry-bitter after taste after its initial carmel-malty start. As fantastic as this classic is you unfortunately can’t drink it all night. After one or two you feel like you just ate a filling meal. Still starting the night off with one of these is a great call. If you can’t handle such a filling dark beer we’d recommend mixing it with a Smithwicks or a Harp to make a delicious black and tan. It will be a bit easier for your stomach to handle more of and you’ll look pretty boss.



The ABC Beer Review Score

I always found the Beer Advocate score convoluted.


It might as well be 4.71598723

They also try to explain the score in more detail:

Good, kind of good, sort of good.

What makes you try a beer, good or very good? or both? or none?

The standard deviation is easier to understand.

For my Belgian Beer Reviews I use the ABC scale.

A » I love it

B » Not great not bad

C » I don’t like it

It’s easier.

An extreme scale would be only 2 points. A and B.

A I like it. B I don’t like it.

It’s possible that B’s grow on you. Give them a chance.

Use the ABC scale!

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

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Brewer: Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Type: Pale Ale

ABV: 5.6

Color: Fool’s Gold

Review: The flagship of the Sierra Nevada brewing company. Fun fact, Sierra Nevada is Spanish for “Snow-Covering Mountain Range.” See? We know things about stuff (wikipedia told us.) It was so refreshing the smell a beer that didn’t make us light candle afterwards. It had a pine and caramel smell to it. A small white head is the precursor to its smooth mouth feel. 

This “Snow-Covering Mountain Range” Pale Ale might be classical prepared, but it tastes like an IPA. There are hints of fruity citrus but it isn’t overly powerful. It reminds us of gummy bears… I swear we are over 21. You might not taste all of that but you will taste its bitter dry after taste. The after taste makes this beer one you should relax with and enjoy. Perhaps with friends…or a steak…. or a friendly steak.