beers lambert

Making standard solutions to make a calibration curve. 

This is a common analytical technique used to determine the concentration of an unknown solution. In this case I was using UV-vis however you can make these for flame atomic spectroscopy and other techniques too. You plot a graph of your absorption readings against your known concentrations, get a linear line of best fit. Measure the absorbance of your unknown and read off the graph to determine your concentration. 

Further analysis would be the application of the Beer-Lambert law: Absorbance= concentration x path length x molar absorptivity

Blake’s been filming in L.A. and I have been running around crazy and getting ready for the [Redemption Ranch animal] shelter to open November 22. And I opened a Bed & Breakfast, the Ladysmith, and now this stuff with CMA week. So I’m looking forward to just being together at home. We go back to normal when we go back to Oklahoma. There’s none of the glitz and glam. We get to share these moments together, but at the end of the day we’re just going to be on our porch drinking a beer.
—  Miranda Lambert (Rolling Stone)