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31 Days - Part 3

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Table of Contents: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre: angst, fluff

Word Count: 2.5k

Summary: You come to Korea to visit your family after you graduate from college. Soon, you find yourself falling for a guy you meet online. There’s only one problem—you’re only in the country for thirty-one days.

You hadn’t seen Tae in a few days. You probably could’ve hung out with you sooner, but he had spent a couple days with his family, out in the country. You wanted to see him. You enjoyed talking to him and really wanted to become close friends with him. But part of you wanted more than that. You wanted to go on a date with him. You wanted to date him officially. But you were leaving Korea in about three weeks. You shook the thought out of your head. It was unrealistic for you to date Tae.

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Two unrelated chapters

I. A friend of mine, who just had a baby, posted something to the effect of “Only get pregnant if you want to be judged by your weight 100 times a day.” This was interesting to me because she is/ has been a very skinny person (it’s just her build/ body type and has been as long as I’ve known her). It definitely made me sit up and think “Now that is just my nightmare.” On the other hand… I probably already get judged by my weight a lot of the time and don’t notice. We all do it to each other. Pregnancy just makes people more likely to say something about it because it is considered acceptable. NOT that it is. But people do it. 

II. Last weekend I went to a relative’s house for a barbecue. I decided to head straight out to the porch instead of lingering inside by the beer fridge trying to decide what I wanted (plus I was more hungry than thirsty anyway). Instantly when I came out empty-handed the hostess was asking if I was OK in the heat, if I needed some water… It dawned on me, and on no one else there, that she thought there was An Announcement coming. We hadn’t seen them since the wedding and I guess they thought – well, they want to get together – must be some news. I didn’t even really want a beer but of course then I had one. (Just turn this into a farce: our real reason for getting together was to see the hostess’s daughter who herself is pregnant, because we have to miss the baby shower next weekend. They thought we were going to upstage their baby, with our baby! But there was no baby! Except the actual baby!)

Reach and Flexibility Pt. 1

ME2: A conversation taking place post Normandy Crash Site mission. You know the one.

Shepard rocked on her heels in front of the main battery, savoring the delayed, dizzy sway that echoed in her inebriated head. The lights in the hall had been dimmed to help facilitate regular sleep cycles. Behind her, the mess was dark and deserted. She glanced back at the black windows of the medbay and wondered how Chakwas was sleeping.

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“It doesn’t fit me at all,” I told my uncle, coming out of the bathroom in the white tank top – the kids at school called those wifebeaters, I had no idea why – and the blue athletic shorts he asked me to try on.  I thought it was strange that he’d ask me to wear clothes that didn’t even fit me.

“I think it’ll fit you well,” uncle Jack answered, scratching his beard and looking at my curiously.  He had his big bare feet up on the coffee table, which was also weird.  Usually he left his boots on in the house.

“Hey boy (I hated when he called me that), come over here, I want you to try some of this beer I bought.  Local brew, not quite a moonshine.  Your daddy ever let you have a beer?

"No,” I said, knowing I couldn’t stand the kids in my class who drank.  I don’t know why anybody would when they say it causes brain damage and isn’t even healthy.

“I want you to take this beer and chug it, he said, picking up a frothy-looking mug and handing it across the table.  He had his arm extended to me, and I could see the dark, black hair that laid flat on his muscular forearm and on the back of his hand, as well as smell the cold foam and the strange taste of the beer.

"Uncle Jake, I’d rather not, can I change back into my own clothes now?”

“You can put ‘em back on if you want after you drink this,” he said, laughing and flashing his bright white teeth at me in a grin.

“Is it gross?” I said, still wondering if I could get out of this.

“Nah it’s not gross, boy, just chug it.  After your first one you learn to like it.  Trust me,” he smiled.

Ok, I thought, why not, one couldn’t hurt and at least I’d know.  I picked up the mug, cold to the touch, and put it to my lips.  It tasted bitter.  I shuddered a little.  I could probably chug it down, still.  I started sipping, trying not to choke on it, and pretty soon I was gulping it down.

“How was it?” uncle Jake asked me.

“It was pretty nasty,” I said, “but I don’t feel drunk.  I thought it was supposed to do that?”

“Just stand there a minute,” Jake said.

So I did, but I still wasn’t feeling anything.  After a couple of minutes, just feeling like an idiot waiting for something to happen, I felt my stomach rumble a little.  I reached down to feel it and surprised myself when it flipped over a little.  Suddenly I felt woozy.  "Excuse me,“ I started to say, but was getting dizzy and fell down on one knee.

"Stand up,” Jake said.  I thought I was maybe going to puke.

“Ok,” I groaned, feeling woozy for sure.  I stood up.  The room had definitely started to spin, it looked like.

“I want you to flex and say you love your muscles,” Jake said, looking at me intently.

“What - whu…” I said, thinking this was getting way too weird for me.

“Just say it, boy,” Jake said.  "Say it.“

Oh god.  Well, what did I have to lose?  I lifted my arms up and said, "I love my muscles.”  I don’t think I sounded convincing.  I felt groggy.

“Say it again.  Louder.”

I did as uncle Jake asked, surprisingly myself with how loud I said it, actually.  I felt strange, like I was swelling up, and as I talked about my muscles it was almost like my mind had loosened up somehow.

“What… what’s happening?” I said, realizing that I was swelling up.  I could see it on my arms, and noticed my legs were getting thicker too.  I looked athletic, even, and my voice sounded deeper.

I looked over at Jake.  Suddenly I was noticing the hair on his forearms and thinking maybe it wasn’t so gross after all, there was something intriguing about it.  I wondered absently what his chest looked like under that shirt.  I couldn’t believe I was thinking these things, but something about it all seemed very exciting to me.

And whatever was happening to me, weird as it was, was seeming exciting too, like I had more energy and like I was becoming unbound.  I wanted to flex.  "Yeah, what’s happening?“ I said, thinking that sounded stupid as I raised my arms and flexed again, hard as I could just to see how it felt.  As I did it felt like my arms swelled up even more, and like something just cut loose in my mind, snapped or something.  It felt weird.

"You’re really starting to fill out that tank, boy,” Uncle Jake said, grinning, a glint of something exciting in his eye.  It seemed kind of predatory to me but I made eye contact with him anyhow.  I wondered where this was headed.

“Yeah?” I just said, not knowing what to say.  My voice really did sound deeper.

“Yeah you are,” he said as I scratched my chin.  It felt rough all of a sudden, like I had a goatee growing in.  Whoa.

“This… the beer did this?” I said, hating how dumb I sounded to myself but I supposed I was drunk.  There was something exciting about sounding like this, too, like maybe I could just let loose and have some fun too.  My mind felt like it loosened up even more.  I really was loving how Jake was just kicking back, so casual, hair swirling out from his pants legs where his bare fucking feet were still up on the table.  I didn’t know why but that was exciting me too.  I felt my dick start to get hard under the silky fabric of my shorts.  I wondered if Jake would notice.  It was weird but like this was all supposed to be happening so I just went with it.

“Yeah it sure did,” Jake said, grinning, walking over to me and putting a hand on my bicep.  "Flex this,“ he said.

I complied, excited by the feel of this big bare hand on my muscle, and felt my dick get even harder.  I flexed it as hard as it could.  It seemed to get even more swole.

"You think maybe soon you’ll be ready for your second beer?” Jake said, looking me in the eye almost as if to dare me.  "Or you want to just ride this one out tonight?“

I realized I was drooling.  The beard on uncle Jake’s face looked so interesting all of a sudden, and he smelled so good.  I opened my mouth to answer and lifted a hand up to wipe the drool away.  Whoa, my arm had really gotten big.

"I…uh…” I was focused on Jake’s mouth, his warm breath, how deep and rich his voice sounded.  I just wanted him to move closer to me for some reason.

“I can get you another beer if you want, boy.  I don’t know if you’re ready for it though.”

“Yeah, get me another beer, man,” I said, not knowing what else to say, just knowing that my dick was pressing up against my stomach hard under my shorts and that I’d do whatever he said.  I was really curious what he’d look like without a shirt on for some reason, and though that was weird it was almost making my dick drool.  I hoped he’d stand right next to me while I drank the next one, or we could… well, I wasn’t sure, but I sure wanted to find out.



Hello cutie pies! Today, since Kiah was off, we went downtown with the twins where there was having this thing called “The Food Stands Invasion.” You guys know how much I love food lol. I literally wanted to try every food stand that was there.  We first got burgers and fries then we got ice cream and then Kiah and I got some beer. All the food was so good and I want to try them all over again. The twins had a blast too. They pretty much ate fries and ice cream and  just ran around lol. Hope you guys are having a great day<3


Title: Poison
Characters: Dean x Reader, some Sam
Request: “could you do an imagine where sam and dean are drinking at the bunker and the reader gets kinda disappointed and sad bc she doesn’t drink? (her dad was an alcoholic or something?) maybe some fluff if you want? thanks! ily” - anonymous
Word Count: 3,125
Warnings: profanity, alcoholism, 
POV: Readers, 1st person

There was something about the simplicity of how Dean brought the golden-brown liquid to his lips that made me cringe. A bright smile upon his face, laughing along his brother, as they talked fondly of old hunts, drinking more and more of the toxin with each story. This wasn’t an unusual case in the bunker. It happened quite often, really. I wouldn’t be stretching the truth if I said they cracked the bar open most nights a week.

Dean especially.

If the hunt went well, he’d drink to their success with a grin and rare hope for the future he grasped onto with every part of him. If the hunt went south, well, that would usually end with Dean lying on the couch, passed out, clinging to an empty bottle of bourbon.

Either way, each night always ended the same. Drinking himself away to preserve the scarce feeling of happiness or erase all memories from his mind.

It killed me and he had no idea.

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Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow Part 2

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Series Summary: With a broken leg, the reader’s parents decide to leave her in the trusting care of Bobby Singer. What happens when she meets the Winchester, in particular Dean Winchester. Will something blossom between the two of them, and if it does will it be a Summer fling or something deeper?

Part Summary: You tried to just go to your bedroom in peace, but Dean just won’t leave you alone. 

Characters: Teen! Dean Winchester X Teen! Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1862

Part 1

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Fight For Love 7

Here’s part seven, so enjoy :) x

I had intended to go with Shawn to the studio but just as we were ready to leave the apartment there was a familiar knock at the door. “I’ll get it!” I call to Shawn. I make my way from the bedroom and down the long hallway to the door whilst pulling a black jumper over my head.

The door is hardly open when Sammy barrels into me, enveloping me in a tight hug. He pulls back after a split second. Sam grips my face firmly in his hands; using his thumb and index finger to pull back my eyelid, allowing him a clear view of my eye.

Before I get the chance to slap his hands away, Shawn’s voice drifts over to us from somewhere behind me. “Don’t worry, she’s fine.” To my surprise he doesn’t sound angry or sharp, in fact he actually sounds as though he understands Sam’s invasive concern. I on the other hand don’t.

Sam looks up and over to Shawn before he nods and finally releases my face. “Ouch.” I groan as I rub my sore cheek to prove a point.

Sam just shrugs. Then his expression changes, his concern shifts into something else entirely.
 “Can I speak to you?” he asks in a deadly serious manner. His gaze flutters awkwardly between Shawn and myself.

I frown and wonder why Sam’s acting so strangely. His erratic behaviour has certainly peaked my interest but as selfish as it is I’m far more interested in meeting Jesabelle. “Actually, we were just heading out.” I splutter awkwardly and do my best to avoid Sammy’s pained gaze. It’s like kicking a puppy. Guilt and shame coil around and constrict me… I mean Sam was there for me when I needed a friend and refused to reach out. Now, here he is in need of a friend and he’s reaching out to me. Yet here I am. Pushing him away.  I’m a terrible person. I inwardly sigh and turn to face Shawn, who is magically behind me all of a sudden, his palm resting on the small of my back. However I don’t even have to ask, it’s as though he reads my mind, “Stay here, we can deal sort it out later.”

“Thank you” I say giving his hand a gentle squeeze.

Shawn plants a quick kiss on my lips before excusing himself. He’s down the first flight of stairs and  out of sight when  hear his voice bouncing of the chipped stone walls of the building, “I LOVE YOU!”

There’s a silly grin plastered on my face as I close the door, but it’s gone as soon as my gaze falls on Sam. He’s watching me with worry smudging across his unusually pale, but still handsome features. His voice is on the verge of cracking when he speaks to me, “Can we go into the living room?”

I’ve never seen him like this; in fact I’ve never seen anyone this serious before… actually, no. That’s a lie. It’s the same expression Shawn wore the night that he broke it of. Something’s troubling Sam, and not just a little, it’s eating away at him. If he doesn’t fix it it’ll destroy him. “Sure. Do you want a beer?” I ask, all the while I try to avoid staring at him to the point where the awkwardness will make him squirm.

He nods and walks into the living room as I turn to go to the fridge so that I can retrieve his beer. Ever since Shawn turned 21 there has been plenty of booze in the house… not that there wasn’t before. Just now it’s legal. I grab a beer for Sam and pop it open on the work top. I don’t feel like drinking, since I’m sure that what Sam’s going to tell me will need my full, un-intoxicated attention. So I just head to the living room.

Sam’s leaning back in the couch, the couch that an hour ago Shawn and I were happily cuddling on. We were so wrapped up in each other that we wouldn’t have noticed if the entire city had crumpled around us. However now Sam’s on the couch. As I look at my childhood friend and how grown up he is suddenly hits me like a rocket launcher.  His hazel/brown eyes are blood shot and underneath them hang heavy bags that have formed from the excessive partying, sleepless nights and busy days. His clothes look as though they could use a few rounds with the iron and I wonder if he’s even noticed that his tops on inside out. He’s discarded of his IPhone. It’s on the opposite side of the couch from him and off. Sam never turns his phone off; he loves it way too much. Concern is creasing my face as I lower myself down next to him. I hand Sam the beer, but once he takes it he just proceeds to stare at it with distaste so I stand up and take the beer away, placing it safely on a small coffee table near the window sill. I return to my stop besides Sam. Gingerly I take his hand and when he doesn’t yank it away like I’d expected him to a small sigh of relief escapes my lips.

“Sammy,” I say softly, “What happened?”

Sam doesn’t respond, he just stares at a spot on the wall, it’s like he can see through it and onto the street. I try again, gently trying to coax words out of him. “Sammy, you came here to tell me something, so speak up. Otherwise I can’t help you.”

His face turns beet red and his voice is barely audible as he says “She’s pregnant.”

Wait. What. Hold up. There are a million questions darting around my head right now, like who is she? Is she keeping it? Do I know her? But I have to force myself and push those aside. No matter how eager I am to know their answers. Right now I need to focus on Sam, who has buried his face in his hands and is sobbing softly to himself. My heart tears just a little bit for him. I want to both hug him and slap him. I decide to go with the former… for now. I slide my arm around his warm shoulders and bring his head to rest on my shoulders.

“Sammy…” I’m at a loss.  What do I say to him? It’s not like I can tell him everything will be okay, it most likely won’t be. Eventually I move my mouth and the words just stumble out. “Let just pause and talk. That’s what you came here to do, so that is exactly what we’ll do.”

He nods but I doubt he actually heard a word of what I just said. With an exasperated sigh I pinch his ear. “Ouch!” Sam yelps and leans away from me. He glares resentfully at me. “Why did you do that?” He demands.

“Pay attention!” I snap, equally as irritated. “Firstly who is ‘She’?” I ask.

His cheeks heat up as he mutters, “You won’t know her”. 

I sigh, but I don’t push it. He’ll open up when he’s ready. I’m just mad that he was stupid enough to get himself in this situation. The amount of self-restraint it takes for me not to lean over and bash his head against the wall repeatedly, leaves me deserving of a saint-hood.  “Sam-”

But he already knows where this is going. “Don’t.”

The warning not in his voice makes me drop it. Instead I ask “Is she going to keep it?”

Sam shrugs, “She’s acting like it’s a game Y/N, she keeps changing her mind. I don’t even know if i’m the dad!”

Then it dawned on me. The shock was like having a bucket of icy water thrown over me. “She’s only keeping the baby because of your money…” My blood boiled and my stomach twisted in revulsion. How could someone be so nasty, what kind of person has a baby as a means to earn money? I swear if she wasn’t pregnant I’d slap her.

“No, I don’t think so. Her family is rich. You know Liam and George right?” I nod, “Well they both think it could be theirs.”

“At least we’ll know instantly if it’s George’s.” I say trying to cheer him up a bit. I mean George is black so I figure this girl will have a hard time trying to pass off a mixed baby off as Sam’s. “And if it isn’t, you get a paternity test before you give her anything.”

He was crying softly again, and the fact that he couldn’t look at me, even after all these years of friendship, stung. “What if it is mine?” His tone is almost pleading. We both know what Sam wants to hear. But I can’t bring myself to lie to him.

I pause to inhale a calming breath and then slowly lean over and grasp his big hand in between my two smaller ones. “If this baby is yours, then you cope. You remember that this isn’t the baby’s fault and that it never asked to be brought up. You step up to the plate and be a dad… besides, I know you’ll do great. Me, Shawn, the rest of the guys will all help you.”

I pull Sam into a hug and I don’t say anything while h cries on my shoulder.

hope you liked it :)

140426 Sapporo Collection 2014 Special Interview -D&E

Q: What do you anticipate in Sapporo?

E: Speaking about Sapporo, it should be beer. I really want to try them. Even though we ate ramen everyday in Japan, but when I come to Sapporo I wanted to try miso ramen.

Q: say something on today’s performance.

D: because we cant see japanese fans all the time, so I am happy to meet everyone at Sapporo Collection

E: I hope our stage will be heated as if the hot spring!


Protective- requested

Throughout the whole evening Harry hadn­­­­­’t left my side. I’m not quite sure why, but I sure as hell won’t complain. We were with some friends at Louis’ house having a fun night. Though I didn’t actually know many of the people that were here I had fun. I was sitting on the floor between Harrys legs and he put his hands on my shoulders occasionally run his fingers through my hair giving me a small kiss on the head afterwards. He usually wasn’t this affectionate when we were with friends, but him being this cute never bothered me.
Harry was talking with Liam about some movie he saw few days ago and I was listening to Niall and Ed fight over some football stuff. Cody had gotten up from his seat and got on the floor next to me saying he had to show me something. While he was going through his phone to find whatever he wanted to show me, Harry made sure that his whole leg was between me and Cody. He showed me a picture of a cat sitting on top of a Labradors head.

“It reminded me of you since I know you like animals”
“Who doesn’t like animals?” I said looking at the cute photo
“You know Y/N, I was with Harry the other day and he just wouldn’t stop talking about you” Tim, Harrys close friend said
“Yeah… She didn’t have to know that Tim” Harry said blushing
“You’re a cupcake H” I said looking up and he stroke my cheek with his thumb smiling
“Well who could blame him? If you were mine I wouldn’t stop talking about you either”
“Yeah, but she’s mine, mate, so I get to talk about her.” Harry said with his serious face looking at Cody somehow pulling me even closer to him
“Who wants some more beer?” I asked getting up trying to break off the tension
“I’d like some, thanks” Niall said giving me a smile
“Yeah, me too” some guy I didn’t know said and then few more of them rose their arms
“Cool, 8 beers” I said turning on my heals “You want something, H?”
“No, thanks love…”
“I’ll help you Y/N” Cody said
“Um, no! That’s okay, I’ll give her a hand” Louis jumped up headed in my direction
“That’s nice of you, to offer me a hand, but I can manage carrying 8 beers Lou” I said to him when we got into the kitchen
“Oh, I know that, love”
“Then why’d come with?”
“So Cody wouldn’t, duuh”
“What are you talking about?”
“Harry has expressed his concern to me about having Cody tonight so I’m just being a good mate”
“Why would he be concerned about him?”
“It got to Harry’s attention that Cody has said some things about you whom Harry didn’t like”
“So that’s why he’s been like this”

When we got back I decided not to sit on the floor again next to Cody, but on the edge of the couch and lean on Harry. Not trying to make Cody jealous, but put Harry at peace. I was few years younger than Harry and I noticed that, because of that, he felt a bit more protective than he usually did with his girlfriends. And I know this for a fact coz we know each other for years now and I’ve noticed the way he gets worried whenever he’s not around me. He never gets jealous, just protective. Whenever I go out with my girlfriends he always wants to come and pick me up because he’s afraid that one of the girls might drink and could crash. He often defended me in interviews or with fans and he never did that before. He would always do cute things like this and I could never complain.
He put his hand on my leg looking at Cody and then looking at me. I put my arm around his shoulders and took a sip of my beer.

We were getting ready to leave and I was standing by the doors waiting for Harry to say bye to everyone.

“Are you sure you have to go? It’s just past midnight”
“Yeah, Harry has to wake up quite early so we better head home”
“You should stay anyway”
“No, I want to go home with my boyfriend”
“Well, just because he can’t stay, doesn’t mean you can’t”
“Any other night that would be true, but that’s not the case tonight” Harry came from behind and put his arm around me in a protective way
“And why’s that?” Cody asked
“Quite frankly, I don’t trust you one bit and no matter what, you wouldn’t let her have her peace if I wasn’t around”
“Is it really me you don’t trust?”
“You should really back off.” I tell him
“She’s got a point, mate” he said opening the doors
“Come and find me when you get tired of him, okay?”

As soon as he said that I looked up at Harry, he was frowning and fighting his urges to punch Cody in the face.

 “H, let’s go home, just ignore him”
“Fine” he said and walked out of the door

Just as we sat in the car he realised he had left his phone on the coffee table and had to go back. I was sitting in the passenger seat waiting for him and thinking about the whole night and how much I loved Harry for being the way he is.

“Got it” he said entering the car and sitting down
“Good, let’s go home then.” He turned the car on and I saw something on his right knuckle “What’s that?” I take his hand off the wheel “Is…Is this blood?”
“Um, no…” He pulled his hand out of mine and wiped it in his jeans
“Yes, princess?”
“What was it then?”
“It was mud”
“Mud?” I asked suspiciously “Harry it hadn’t rained for days”
“Didn’t it?”
“Nope… Did you go back and punched Cody?”
“Harry don’t lie to me”
“Fine, I did. But I didn’t tell you because I wanted to punch him even when you were there, but I know how you hate violence and that you once broke up with a boyfriend coz he hit some guy and I just didn’t want to scare you, but I couldn’t let him have it, not when it comes to you… I’m sorry”
“I love you Harry”
“You’re not mad?”
“No, just don’t make it a habit”
“I won’t, I promise… I love you, princess” 

He was just too cute.


Love Shot  -  We Got Married 233

Personal Imagine for Anna



Imagine: When the door opens, you almost gasp in shock. You hadn’t exactly expected him to look bright and cheery, but you hadn’t expected him to look this bad either. Harry’s eyes were sad and hollow, his lips in a straight permanent line, and judging by his tangled curls and wrinkled clothes, you’re guessing he just forced himself to get out of bed just to answer the door. “Hi.” Is all you can manage to say. Your friend nods in response. You clear your throat, feeling awkward and unwelcome. Stop it. You tell yourself. It’s just Harry. Besides, he’s your friend and he needs you. “Um, can I come in?” You force yourself to ask. Harry hesitates at first, but then steps aside to let you in. You walk inside and go to sit down on his couch. “I, uh, I heard about Alexis. I’m so sorry.”
Harry nods. “Who told you?” He asks. It’s the first thing he’s said to you since you arrived. You look down at your hands. “Um, I saw it in a magazine, actually.” You mumble. Harry closes his eyes, obviously pained by the humiliation of his heartbreak being plastered all over the media. You lean in, putting your hand on his knee. “You could’ve told me Harry.” You say quietly. Harry shakes his head. “How? In a text? Over the phone? It’s not exactly something I want to talk about, Anna.” He looks down again. “Besides, if you’d have actually shown up to the wedding you’d know.”
You flinch, his words causing you actual physical pain in your heart. You knew he was right. You had fully intended to go to Harry’s wedding. But when you put your dress on, you looked into the mirror and realized you couldn’t do it. You couldn’t watch the man you love marry another girl. It was was bad enough being around Harry and Alexis when they were just dating. Alexis was a sweet girl; really pretty and quiet. You wanted to hate her, but you couldn’t. But now you had a reason to. She left your best friend at the altar. Harry’s mother had to go up to the front of the church and whisper into Harry’s ear that his wife-to-be had changed her mind. She wasn’t ready for marriage, and she didn’t love Harry like she thought she did.
You skipped the wedding. You weren’t there for your own best friend’s wedding. Worst of all, you weren’t there for him when his heart was ripped into pieces. And now here you are, trying to be a good friend…three days late.
“Harry,” You say quietly. “I’m sorry I didn’t come. I..I didn’t…” You struggle to come up with a reason for missing the wedding, but you can’t. “I’m sorry.” You say again. Harry shakes his head. “It doesn’t matter. You didn’t miss anything.”
You look down, not sure what to say anymore. Desperate to come up with something else to talk about, you catch sight of two pieces of paper on the coffee table and you pick them up. “What are these?” You ask. Studying them, you realize that they’re plane tickets.
“Tickets to Los Cabos.” Harry responds, looking more miserable than ever as he stares at the paper in your hands. “We were going to go there for our honeymoon. I couldn’t get a refund on them.”
You look at the date on the tickets. “These are for tomorrow.” You say, looking up at him. “Why don’t you go? It might be good to get away from everything for a bit.”
Harry hesitates as though he’s considering it. But then he shakes his head. “I can’t. There are two tickets and I can’t just go by myself knowing that I’m supposed to be there with…” He trails off. You look from Harry to the tickets and then stand up. “You don’t have to go alone. I’ll go with you…if you want me to.”
He looks up at you. “Are you serious?”
“Sure!” You reach down and grab Harry’s hands, looking him in the eye. “Harry, I know I wasn’t there for you when you needed me to be. But I will be from now on. You’re my best friend. I’m gonna help you through this.”

Three days later, you’re in Mexico. Los Cabos is beautiful, and on any other occasion you’d kill to be in a private villa on the beach with Harry Styles. But instead, you’re just sad. Harry hardly leaves his room, and you have to beg him to get up and do something. You can only get him to get as far as the private beach, where he just sits and downs as many cocktails as he can before you cut him off. Tonight, you’re sitting with him, sipping a margarita and watching the waves crash against the shore. “I wish I knew how to help you.” You say softly. Harry takes a large drink of his beer. “You can’t. So stop trying.”
You look at him. “I want to try.”
“Well stop.” Harry says, not facing you. His words are slightly slurred, but he isn’t quite drunk yet. “You don’t have to do all of this just because you feel guilty about missing my wedding. I don’t care. I don’t care that you weren’t there and I don’t care that you’re here and…I just don’t care anymore.”
You look down at the sand, tears springing up in your eyes. “Okay. If that’s how you feel.” You say softly. You sit in silence for a second Harry sighs. “Look, Anna…”
You shake your head, interrupting him. “I’m not doing this because I feel guilty. I’m doing it because I care about you. Actually, everything I do…coming here, sitting around while you mope in your room, even missing your wedding, I did it because I care about you way too much.” You grab your stuff and stand up. You start to walk away, but then turn to Harry. “You know what? I’m not going to stop caring just because I’ve been hurt though. Ignoring emotions entirely isn’t going to make me feel better, or numb the pain. Getting drunk and pushing everyone away isn’t going do anything but make me - and everyone around me - absolutely miserable.”
You turn around and start to walk back to the villa, but then you stop. You can’t leave Harry alone and drunk on the beach. Just as you had said, you can’t stop caring just because you had been hurt. Sighing, you walk back to Harry’s dark form, which hasn’t moved an inch. You sit down wordlessly, grabbing Harry’s half empty beer bottle and dumping it out on the sand. He didn’t need anymore alcohol. Ten minutes pass as you sit in silence, staring at the large moon over the calm water. Finally, Harry says quietly, “I’m sorry.”
You look over at him, meeting his eyes. He looks sad, but in a different way. Before, his eyes were cold, and uninviting. Now, they look remorseful, like he was sorry for hurting you, rather than sorry for himself.

“I do care. I care that you came to Mexico with me, that you’re sitting here with me…I care about you.”
“I love you.” You blurted out. You expect to feel embarrassment, horror, or regret for finally saying it. But you don’t. Instead you feel…relief. It’s something you’ve wanted to say for so long, and now you have. “That’s why I missed your wedding. I couldn’t watch you marry someone else because…because I love you.”
Harry blinks at you in shock. “Wh–why didn’t you say something earlier?”
“Harry you were getting married. You were happy. It wasn’t fair for me to ruin everything like that.”
Harry shakes his head. “I wish you would’ve.” He mumbles.
Harry looks back into your eyes. “Because if I knew that…the wedding might’ve been called off way before I even made it to the altar.”
“You would’ve broken your engagement just for me?” You ask incredulously.
“Of course.” Harry responds. “I never knew you felt the same way. I just assumed you and I would never happen.”
“And yet, here we are…” You start.
“Here we are.” Harry agrees softly, before leaning in. Cupping your chin in his hand, he presses his lips gently to yours. You taste the sweet alcohol on his lips, running a hand through Harry’s soft hair as your other hand grips the sand beneath you. The sound of the crashing waves and Harry’s slightly elevated breathing are the only sounds as you press yourself further into him. When you finally pull away, Harry’s green eyes are different again. For the first time since before his wedding day, his eyes are sparkling again, just the way you’d always loved them.

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For hyung line who would you party with and give a lap dance to and why

whoever is asking these, you are giving me life… will you accept my hand in marriage bc ily KEEP EM COMING

Who I’d party with:

1. Jackson: I’m under the impression he and I would have the most fun when we’re drunk, but when we’re both sober, I might find him more annoying

2. Mark: He’s the one I want to be sippin on a beer with if I’m trying to simmer down at the end of the night. The one I involuntarily have a heart to heart about life with.

3 & 4. I feel like JB and Jr. aren’t keen on the party scene. JB would get tired of it easily, and Jr. would just not be into hard partying at all, he’s a stay-at-home and chill kind of guy.

Who I’d give a lapdance to:

1. JB: I’d love to tease the shit out of him. I feel like he’s someone who doesn’t like to be teased, so if you’re giving him a lapdance, he’d generally have a hard time containing himself AND I’D LOVE TO SEE HIM HOLD HIMSELF BACK.


3. Mark: It’d be fun to give Mark a lap dance because he’d literally be biting himself not to get too turned on and embarrass himself in front of his friends. Can you imagine just like grinding on him hella hard to turn him in and he’s just like squeezing his eyes shut and biting his lip to prevent from popping a boner too soon.

4. Jinyoung: Jinyoung would be the type to watch you in a way that almost makes you feel like he’s challenging you. Like “Is that all you’ve got?” he’d smirk. But he wouldn’t be shy about giving your body a full check out.

A blessing in disguise ~ chapter 19

Authors note: here you all go, enjoy (: feedback is welcome as are ideas xx

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A blessing in disguise ~ chapter 19

Niall looks at me and chuckles, he places a hand on my shoulder,
“oh lad thank the lord this day has finally come. Your ways are finally going to change and you will settle down with a girl.” Niall proudly smiles,
“I said nothing about changing, or settling down.”
“you don’t need to, it is already happening.”
“shut up no it isn’t.” I shake my head instantly, pouring the steaming water in the cup I have for Hayley. I drag my feet to my room and hand Hayley the tea. “You comfy?” I ask her, and she shakes her head, I sigh before just leaving her in my room to rest. Niall and I sit in the living room, my mum just doing her own thing, passing time.
“Have you checked on Hayley?” my mum distracts me from the TV. I nod my head before turning back to it.
I see Hayley walk out of the hallway,
“Where’s your mum?” she softly asks, and I shrug, “oh wait, she just left”
“oh” Hayley sighs,
“would you consider getting me something from the store.” she asks me, wrapping an arm around her stomach,
“what is it?”
“cramp meds?” she asks me, and I shake my head. I don’t want to be seen getting cramp meds, then 100 different stories will be written about me, and I will look weak buying cramp meds.
“Please?” Hayley pouts. Niall nudges me and gives me a look. Whenever he gives me that look I know I’m in the wrong. I groan and get up, “fine, I will” I sigh and Hayley randomly hugs me, I hug her back and give Niall a weird look, but he just nods. “give me 15, anything else you want?” I ask,
“A beer” Niall jokes, “that soothes everything” Niall smiles trying to brighten up the mood.
“No just that please. I have money at my house if you can go get it”
“no it’s fine, I will pay for it.” I shake my head.


I walk back into my house with a plastic bag, of what Hayley wanted. I place the bag on the kitchen table, and throw the box to Hayley, she catches it and opens it up.
“Thank you Harry” I look at her, awaiting a thank you speech.
“Thank you” she yawns, and Niall looks up from his phone.
“I’m off, I have some shopping to do. Bye Hayley. See ya lad, I’ll see you later.” Niall smiles getting up. I nod,
“bye Niall” I smile,
“Be nice to her” Niall whispers before walking away, he walks down the hall and out the door. I get Hayley a glass of water before I sit on the couch. Hayley rests her head on her hand, as her elbow is propped up on the arm rest.
“Why don’t you go to the doctor?” I ask her, my attention slowly turning away from the TV, and my empty thoughts.
“I have nobody to take me, and I don’t really want to.” she replies,
“I’ll take you” I blurt out,
“you have a problem just getting small things for me. It’s okay” she shakes her head. I feel bad that she won’t ask me to take her to the doctor, then again I don’t blame her. She doesn’t know how I will react or if I will take her. I sigh looking at the TV, unsure on what to do. I’m bored but I can’t do anything, Hayley is with me. I tilt my head on my shoulder, listening to the sound of the TV and the rain starting to fall. My eyes start to slowly close, the quietness and the sound of the rain putting me to sleep. I’m suddenly shaken and my eyes open. My mum is in front of me, wanting my attention. “Mmm?” I groan titling my head my other shoulder and crossing my arms to get comfortable.
“Go get Hayley a change of clothes.” she instructs,
“she’s fine in what she’s wearing”
“no she’s not, go” my mum firmly says and I force myself up. I walk to my room and get my phone, and the key to Hayleys house. As I slip on my shoes I hear Hayley in the bathroom, I sigh feeling even more sorry for her. My sympathy level rising. I walk out of the room and walk to the front door. I get my jacket and slide it up my long arms, before walking out of the house. I kick the snow with my shoes as I walk to Hayleys house, I see someone standing at her doorstep. He turns around and I notice he is the guy that was here the other night, I glare at him before I push the key in the lock.
“Where’s Hayley?” the guy asks,
“not here, and you are?” I ask,
“Lewis, when will Hayley be here?”
“well Lewis I’m not too sure, but maybe I can take a mental note and give it to her?” I fake smile,
“oh that would be great-” he smiles back taking me seriously, and I laugh.
“I was being sarcastic, I’m not giving her a mental note. So if you don’t mind, take your amiture little ways, and walk down that drive way and don’t come back.” I say twirling my finger and pointing down the icy footpath. He looks at me, but doesn’t move.
“Well I hate to be rude and blunt but you’re being a dickhead. I want to see Hayley.” he rolls his eyes at me, completely unaware of the fact I’m not in the mood to deal with an annoying guy who looks like he is 16 and still needing his mummy’s permission to leave the house.
“well I don’t care about being rude, blunt or even a dickhead, so I suggest you leave. I’m Hayleys boyfriend, I choose who sees her at this moment, and it isn’t you. Sorry about your luck pretty boy. Now scram” I reply shooing him away with my hands, he steps aside and I step inside.
“I just want too-” he starts to say but I slam the door in his face. I walk to Hayleys room and look in her wardrobe. All I see is clothes that are not suitable for wearing around the house. I doubt she wants to wear jeans. I scratch my head looking around the wardrobe, I move my hand and rub the back of my neck before opening a draw. I see underwear and and socks, I quickly close it before opening the draw next to it. Inside my eyes catch glare of a black lacy bra. I never would have thought she was the black lacy type, always thought she would be the boring plain no lace, and a boring colour like white. Clearly not. I close the draw and pull out another, I see short sleeve tops, I pick one out and it happens to be a red tank top. I shake my head and place it down before I move my eyes and spot a long sleeve top. I pull it out and throw it on the bed. I close the draw and open another and see her pants neatly folder. I pick out a random pair, they are a pair of sweats but they look like they are the tight fitting type. I shrug and close the draws and walk out of her wardrobe. I pick the clothes up before walking to the front door. I open the door and turn to lock it.
“Are you still here?” I groan noticing Lewis leaning against the brick railing of the few steps.
“I just want to talk to Hayley”
“look she’s not here as you can see, so you’re wasting your time telling me you want to see her. Come back another time, and pray I’m not here because I may or may not snap at you for showing up again. Now goodbye.” I instruct before making my way back over to my house. I walk into the warm house, and walk to my room. I open the door and walk in. I walk into the bathroom and see Hayley in her bra, “get out” she squeaks,
I quickly turn around closing my eyes,
“sorry I thought you were covered.” I awkwardly say,
“I have a top if you want it.”
“no I want to sit here cold without a top” she hisses,
“feisty” I chuckle before I look down at my hands and get her top. I turn around closing my eyes and hold the top out for her to take. She takes it from my hand,
“you can open your eyes Now” she sighs, and my eyes open. I much preferred her in her bra if I may say.
“Still sick?” I ask her, placing the pants I got on the sink.
“this is terrible” she softly says,
“want me to stay with you?” I offer, there’s no harm in trying to help her.
“if you want” she shrugs,
“what do I do?” I ask her sounding like a complete idiot.
“I don’t know, make me better?” she sniffles cutely, it is like I’m dealing with a sick child honestly. But I have to admit, Hayley is pretty cute.
“Hm how about a shower?” I ask, and she chuckles a little,
“what? Why? It always makes me better” I smile, but she doesn’t reply she closes her eyes and my hand finds its way to her lower back.
“I don’t know what to do. I’m not the kind of person who is helpful. That’s what everyone else is for” I whine churlishly, making Hayley laugh a little before she starts to get sick. I screw my nose up and look away from her.
“you can go” Hayley says,
“I’m sorry” I softly say standing up and walking out of the room. I sit on the bed waiting for her to exit. I can’t stand watching her, I can barely handle hearing it. Hayley finally exits and she looks at me.
“now what?” I ask, she shrugs, I think for a moment, before I move to the middle of the bed and Hayley joins me. She crosses her legs and stretches her back out. “Er, Hm, want to play with me?” I ask randomly,
“Harry I’m not sure if you realized but I’m a little sick, playing isn’t on my list of things.” Hayley finally smiles for the first time, and I feel my face light up. Seeing her smile makes me feel so warm and happy.
“sorry, Hm I don’t know what to do I’m bored” I groan pouting a little.
“How about we watch Tv?” Hayley asks, I nod and grab the remote and turn it on. I let Hayley choose something to watch, and I roll my eyes.
“A chick flick?” I groan,
“you can change it” she says handing me the remote, I take it from her, but I don’t change it. I decide to put up with the boring movie and and force myself to stay awake. I stretch my legs out and scoot back to rest my back against the headboard and pillows. Hayley moves and before I know it her head is resting in my lap. I look down at her, what is she doing? Why is she in my lap? I go to say something but I close my mouth. She’s my girlfriend she’s allowed to rest in my lap. I’m meant to let her? Aren’t I? Just like I’m meant to let her lean on my shoulder, and not shrug her away like I did last night. I place my arm around her, and notice her fast asleep. My mum walks in and smiles at me, a sense of her being proud fills up my eyes.
“How is she?” she whispers,
“just fell asleep, and stopped releasing her insides.” I reply, screwing my nose up yet again, just remembering how she was makes me all weird.
“When she wakes up, get her to have a few crackers, I’m glad you’re finally caring for her.”
“I will, and yeah yeah, let’s not make a big deal out of it.” I mutter,
“Maybe everyone was wrong, you do have a sweet side to you still.”
“I have no sweet side” I comment firmly, and she sighs.
“when you stop fighting it, you will realize you do”
“mum don’t get excited. I’m not changing to a mushy, weak son”
“stop forcing yourself to keep it all hidden. I know you well” she softly says before walking out. She’s right, she knows me well, but I still refuse to admit it. I don’t want to soften up yet, I don’t even want to be soft.

I don’t realize I fell asleep until I wake up to Hayley moving,
“hey” I whisper tiredly,
“sorry” she whispers, “go back to sleep” she shivers before laying back down on my bed.
“while you’re awake, you need to eat a few crackers” I say getting up, Hayley nods and follows me. I secretly find it cute that she just followed me. I grab a pack of crackers from the cupboard and hand them to her. I sit her up on the kitchen bench and hear her giggle lightly. She opens the crackers and slowly eats them.
“Want one?” she offers, I nod and she places one at my lips. I open and she feeds me the cracker. I can’t help but smile widely, she’s adorable, the smallest things she does is adorable, and not as annoying as I thought.
“Thank you Harry” Hayley softly smiles as she eats another cracker,
“what for?” I ask a little confused,
“trying to help, I know it is killing you being nice” she smiles, and I shrug, I need to be nice to her, after all, my mum is right. Hayley would look after me if I was sick. “you’re welcome Hayley” I smile kissing her cold cheek.
“Are you cold?”
“a bit” she nods, grabbing another cracker.

My p.o.v

I have seen a change in Harry in the past few hours, he’s gone from inconsiderate to considerate and some what caring. I don’t see why he hides his caring side so much, there’s nothing wrong with being caring, sensitive or even showing emotion. His ego gets in the way of everything and he needs to drop the ego. “Do your parents know?” Harry asks his mouthful,
“no I will tell them if it’s the same when they get back” I answer hanging Harry the rest of the crackers. He places them away before his hands rest at my knees, as he stands in front of me.
“Your mum wouldn’t tell my parents about us sleeping in the same bed? Would she?” I bite my lip, and he shrugs,
“why? Will they get mad?” he laughs and I nod my head, my parents are a bit strict on me, i don’t think they would appreciate it too much.
“You are sick, not like they expect you to sleep on the couch.” Harry comments rubbing his arm. I shrug, before hopping off the counter. “Do you want to go back to sleep?” Harry asks me and I shake my head, I’m not really tired, and I don’t want to sleep in all honestly.
“Uhm, hmm.” Harry sounds not sure what to do.
“I need to study” I sigh remembering I have exams to take.
“Study when you’re better”
“But I’m bored now”
“want to help me write a song?” Harry suggests randomly, “sure I guess” I nod, and he gets a pen and a note pad from the kitchen draw. We go sit on the couch, and I get comfortable.
“So how do you usually do this?”
“what do you mean?” Harry asks clicking the pen a few times.
“How do you start off writing?”
“I just do, I don’t really know.” Harry answers before he scribbles a few things down. I watch as his words form a few lyrics on paper. A hint of realization hits me, Harry is just a normal guy, who sits in his living room with his sick girlfriend, in his sweats writing lyrics. “Can I rest on you?” I ask like a needy girlfriend, he looks at me weirdly before nodding. He moves his arm, opening it for me, I gently lay in it, my head resting just on his collar bone area. I look down at his note pad as he continues throwing down lyrics. I close my eyes just resting, I feel his hand brush through my hair lightly. “You will never understand me or know things I can’t explain. But know you’re the one I wouldn’t like to see with someone else.” Harry whispers, I think he thinks I’m asleep. He starts to hum something and a small smile appears on my face. I wince a little pain in my abdomen area. “ouu” I whine and Harry puts his things down. “What’s wrong?”
“the pain is coming back” I whine sitting up from him. “alright Uhm. Let’s get you back in bed” Harry says standing up before offering his hand. I take it and he leads me to his room. I get in his bed without hesitating, and he kisses my cheek. “You’re really warm” he points out, I don’t reply I just close my eyes drifting myself off to sleep.

I wake up to aches in my back, I sit up and see Harry fast asleep next to me. I get out of bed and make my way to the kitchen, grabbing a glass of water.
“how you feeling Hayley?” his mum asks me sweetly as she walks in. “Uhm still like shit” I mutter, “oh sorry” I apologize for my language.
“Well do you want to go to a doctor?” she offers but I shake my head.
“I’ll wait for my mum I think it is just a bug or something, nothing too serious.” I softly say, trying to convince myself more than anything.
“okay well I am happy to take you.”
“thank you, it is okay.”
“Has Harry been looking after you?” she questions me and I nod.
“I think I am going to go to my house today. My parents will be home soon”
“okay sweetheart” his mum smiles getting a glass herself.

Harry’s p.o.v

I wake up and notice Hayley not by me. I stretch out a bit before getting up. I get myself changes before I walk into the quiet living room.
“hi mum” I greet,
“morning. Hayley went to her house, her parents will be there soon”
“alright I guess I will go over.” I shrug, and she looks at me weirdly,
“what?” I ask,
“you’re being caring.”
“don’t start” I groan walking down the hall and out the front door. I walk over to Hayleys house and knock on the door. After a few moments the door opens. I look at Hayley and she looks as white as a ghost. “hey” I greet stepping in and giving her a kiss on the cheek. “Hi” she whispers “how have you been?” I ask her, probably a stupid question,
“absolutely great” she mumbles,
“When do your parents get home?”
“I don’t know, hopefully soon” she says before stumbling a bit, I grab her gently and steady her out.
“you need to lay back down.” I instruct, guiding her to her room.
“I wish my parents would hurry up” she moans,
“so I can find out what’s wrong” she coughs, sitting on the bed.
“do you want me to take you?” I offer but she shakes her head,
“Don’t you have work?”
“no I’m on time off for a bit” I shake my head sitting next to her on the bed. She rests her head on my shoulder and I let her. I look around her room unsure of what to do.
“Can I go on your iPad?” I ask her, she nods and I get up. I grab the iPad off her desk and get back on the bed. “Code?” I ask, she goes to lift her hand to type the code but she drops her hand. “6231” she mumbles and I type in the code. I go on her iPad as she leans on me and whines a little. “ow” she whines wincing before applying pressure to her lower stomach. She’s very whiny, I don’t see why she doesn’t just take something that gets rid of the pain and puts her to sleep. That’s what I do when I have pain. Works every time for me. She starts to fall asleep and I go on the Internet, and come across an article about me. A picture of Hayley outside her house pops up. I read through the article an I feel my eyes burn with fury, annoyance, and disappointment,
“Hayley” I shake her and she sits up instantly. “Thankyou for dissing me to the media. Great girlfriend you are.” I snap, and she looks at me confused,
“oh what? Don’t you remember? Too sick to remember are we? Let me read it word for word.” I mutter,

“What’s he like?”
“He’s many many words”
“such as?” 
“one that comes to mind is a jerk, a jerk who is so care free. He doesn’t care.”
“Oh you’re not a fan of his?”
“No, no I’m not, we are nothing to each other. He means nothing to me, and vise verser. Mutual thing” I read out word for word and I see Hayleys eyes widen.
"Thanks Hayley, I appreciate it. To think I’ve been caring and trying to make you feel better and wasted my time caring for you. This is how I’m repaid.” I groan putting her iPad down.
“I don’t know what I’m more annoyed at, the fact that you said this, or that fact that I thought you weren’t the girl to say that shit about me to the media. Thank you very f*cken much Hayley.” I let out before getting up,
“Harry wait let me-”
“no I don’t want to hear it”
“no, I’m not going to sit here and listen to it. Feel better soon, while I get the knife out of my back.” I shake my head before walking out.
“Harry” Hayleys voice calls out in a bit of a choke, but I ignore it. I leave her house and walk over to mine. I walk to my room not caring about my sister wanting my attention. I close my door and sit on my bed. I thought Hayley was falling for me, and I didn’t think she would tell the media how I am. I thought she would be the one to help build a better reputation for myself, clearly not. I am such an idiot to think she would hold back and keep quiet. I can’t believe I thought she would be kind when the media started. I thought the media would leave her alone for a bit longer, so I had more time to make sure she doesn’t say those things. I huff as I lay down on the bed. I stare up at the ceiling my thoughts spinning round.

*** ***

I feel my body being shaken, and I groan. “Harry” my mums soft voice rings in my ears,
“Mmm” I moan burrying my head into the pillows.
“Hayleys at the hospital just letting you know” my mum informs me and I quickly sit up.
“Wait what?” I ask rubbing my eyes, I didn’t hear right I don’t think.
“Hayleys at the hospital” she repeats,
“I don’t know, her mum said they tried to call you but you didn’t answer, and I just got a call. Hayley kept asking for you when she was admitted but it wasn’t a good time to call” my mum informs me. I sigh before throwing the covers off of me. “I can’t believe this” I mutter getting a pair of jeans.
“Believe what?”
“that I’m getting up and going to a hospital for my girlfriend.”
“I didn’t expect you to get up honestly. I thought you would go back to sleep” my mum yawns,
“I’m amazed myself. Usually I would if it was anyone else… Oh don’t ever repeat that” I quickly say, and she nods.
“I will be down later see how she is. Give her my love” my mum smiles giving me a kiss on the cheek before walking out. I pull on my jeans and a top, I grab my jacket, and shoes before forcing my phone and wallet in my pockets. I quickly grab my keys before walking out of my room. I walk down the hall quietly before exiting the house. I unlock my car and turn it on letting the engine warm up. I hop out of the car and clear the snow off of my windshield. I get in my car and wait a few minutes to make sure the engine is warm enough to drive. I pull out onto the slick roads and carefully start to drive. My mind staying calm, concentrating on the icy roads that are dangerous. The roads are pretty clear, not many other motorists are on the roads. Then again it is 6am and still dark. The roads are terrible, the weather cold, the only people really on the roads are the ones returning or going to work. I call Hayleys mum and ask her what hospital before hanging up. I’m not much for the whole small talk over the phone on what’s going on. I arrive at the hospital and park my car. I walk to the entrance and see Hayleys dad walking out. “Oh hi” he tiredly greets. “hi” I reply looking at him struggling to get his keys from his pocket.
“Are you leaving?” I ask, and he nods,
“I have to go to work. I don’t suppose you have money on you do you?” he asks,
“I do, why?”
“I could use with a coffee and I don’t want to go all the way back upstairs to get money off Hayleys mum” he groans, I can see this man is clearly tired and won’t function without a coffee. “Let’s go get a coffee too. I feel I might need it” I yawn before we walk in and follow the signs to where they have their food venders. “order your coffee and I’ll pay” I instruct pulling out my wallet, he says what he wants before I order. I hand the woman the money before we stand.
“how’s Hayley?” I question, and he shrugs,
“haven’t been told anything, makes no sense to me.” he answers,
“is she still awake?”
“yes, they won’t let her sleep.”
“when did you get here?” I ask, grabbing my coffee from the bench as the woman looks at me.
“uh around 2:30. Hayley kept asking for you, but we figured you were sleeping and to wake you up at 2:30 wouldn’t have been nice.”
“Wow, been here 4 hours” I sigh before her dad gets his coffee.
“yeah 4 hours of watching her cry” he sighs taking a sip.
“Well I need to go. I’ll be back later on. Thank you for the coffee I’ll pay you back.” he yawns again, and I laugh.
“Don’t worry, you let me date your daughter, you don’t need to pay me back”
“I don’t let you Harry, I have no choice.”
“well that’s a bit blunt and harsh”
“I’m meant to be, I’m meant to scare you off aren’t I?”
“I guess, but all due respects, you’ve known me since I was born, I highly doubt you dislike me so much you don’t want me dating her.” I smile,
“Touché, but I’m meant to dislike any boy she is with.”
“well like she isn’t any girl, I’m not any boy. You better go before you’re late and get caught in the rush hour traffic” I change the subject and he nods. He tells me the way to Hayleys room before he leaves. I walk along the corridors of the hospital. I’ve never liked hospitals, they have this weird smell to them. A mix of old people, terrible food, and a sterile environment. I take the stairs to the level Hayley is on before I push open a door. I look both ways before looking confused. Two large corridors the reason for my confusion. I take a left before before finding the room Hayleys dad told me the number of. I knock on the door before walking into the private room, praying that it is Hayleys room. I see Hayley half sitting up in the bed, she looks over at me and I walk to her. Her arms have chords coming out of them, and she looks miserable. Her cheeks stained from her tears. “I’m sorry” she instantly mumbles but I shake my bead. I don’t care about why I was annoyed yesterday. It isn’t important. “it’s okay, Shh” I whisper leaning down and kissing her lips lightly. “where’s your mum?” I ask her noticing the room empty. “She went to get a coffee.” Hayley answers me, and I take a seat by her bed. “Feeling any better?”
“yeah heaps.” she sarcastically comments.
“This IV hurts” Hayley pouts looking down at her arm,
“not as bad as the shot they gave you” her mum interrupts.
“Hello Harry” she smiles sitting down.
“She cried a river after they gave her shots and put in the drips and all” her mum informs me.
“Way to go in making me look like a baby” Hayley mutters and I chuckle.
“don’t worry most of us would do the same.”
“would you cry?” Hayley softly asks me,
“no” I shake my head, I am not one for crying.
“Mum can I sleep?” Hayley asks,
“they want you awake”
“please?” Hayley sighs, before her mum gives in. Hayley closes her eyes and I rest back in my chair getting comfortable.
“Thanks for coming”
“mhm” I sound,
“I am sure Hayley appreciates it”
“I know, I wouldn’t do it for everyone else” I softly comment being aware of Hayley trying to sleep.
“they want to take her in for surgery.”
“wait what? I thought it was like a cold, a flu or something” I blurt out a little shocked and worried.
“They aren’t sure they are running tests they said it could be a few things, two of them needing a surgery.”
“that’s not good, she’ll be okay right?” I ask, and her mum looks at me.
“you care don’t you? You’re worried?”
“I guess”
“she should Be, the surgeries aren’t major, so that’s keeping me calm.” her mum informs me. I nod and lean on my arm. I go on my phone to save me the trouble of going insane from boredom and quietness. The white walls so boring, plain and dull, the room as the weird elderly/terrible hospital food scent to it, the room is bare Just a few chairs and a bed. The beeping of the machine rings through my ears starting to annoy me.
“So what happened to make you bring her at 2am?” I dare to ask her mum,
“She was complaining of stomach pain and just kept being sick, so I was up watching her. She went to sleep and I figured she was fine so I went to my room. The next thing I know she’s waking me in tears. So I got up and we were half way to her room before she collapsed.”
“oh shit, she was in pain too before you guys came and mum and I both offered to get her checked out but she reused.” I sigh, kind of wishing I was a lot nicer towards her and just made her go to a doctor before it got worse.
“I know, she told me and so did your mum. That’s why we came home early. I thought it was just cramps but as soon a she collapsed I didn’t want to take chances” her mum sighs looking down at her hands. I feel guilty for leaving her after getting annoyed with her, but there’s nothing I can do about it now.
I tilt my head onto my shoulder and close my eyes just passing the time.

“no stop it!” I suddenly wake up to Hayley whining,
“Hayley we need to connect this” a woman says and I open my eyes.
“no” Hayley starts to cry,
“Hayley you need this” the woman says trying to stop Hayleys crying.
“What’s going on?” I ask,
“I don’t want the needle” Hayley whines wiggling around a lot. I sigh getting up, I look down at Hayley and see the tears falling. “It’s okay, it will be over quickly” I assure her, before placing my hands on her shoulders, stopping her from moving as much, “shh, let her give it to you” I say leaning down and kissing her cheek. She looks at me and gulps before the nurse quickly gives her the needle. Her eyes water up more and she cries, seeing her cry breaks my heart. “It’s okay, it’s over” I whisper,
“it burns” she complains and I look to the nurse. “it’s going to burn for a little.” she nods before walking out. I wipe Hayleys tears away and she calms down, “See all better.”
“it still burns”
“it’s making you better, go back to sleep” I whisper before I sit back down in my seat. “Where’s mum?”
“I don’t know, she was here when I fell asleep.” I look at her, crossing my arms.

***the next night***

“I’m scared” Hayley sniffles,
“it’s okay Hayley it’s a small procedure. You won’t be in anymore pain”
“but things could go wrong” she sighs, and I look at her,
“you need to have the surgery it will make you better.”
“it might go wrong” she bites her lip.
“Okay, how about if anything goes wrong I promise to give you one of my organs. Better?” I smile, and she laughs a little. “ow it hurts to laugh” she whines,
“seriously though, things could go wrong.”
“it will be okay. You’re a pain in the arse, you’re going to be a pain in the arse on the operating table, you will be fine.”
“thanks Harry, makes it better.” she rolls her eyes,
“you will be fine, stop worrying.” I shake my head before kissing her cheek.
“promise me I’ll be okay?” Hayley whispers, “I don’t make promises” I shake my head an she looks down sadly. “It will be okay.”
“will you be here when I wake up? If I do.”
“If you want me too yes.” I nod,
“With flowers and balloons?”
“absolutely.. Not.” I shake my head and she pouts.
“Alright Hayley they are ready” Her mum comes in interrupting us.
“no I don’t want to do this” Hayley shakes her head, starting to panic a bit.
“Sweetie it will make you feel better. Me, Harry and your dad will be here waiting, I promise.”
“no mum” Hayley starts to cry,
“Hayley hey shh” I whisper kissing her cheek again.
“I don’t want too”
“if you do the surgery you get to leave tomorrow hopefully, and you wont be in pain.” I encourage but she doesn’t listen.
“Will you bring me a teddy?” she cutely asks, it really is like dealing with a kid, I groan. “Really Hayley? Really? A teddy bear?” I scoff, and she nods being serious.
“no way”
“please?” she begs,
“if you do the surgery I will” I give in, a small smile appears on her face and the nurses come in.
“I’ll wait for you” I assure her being nice, she sits up and holds her arms out wanting a hug. I bend down and hug her carefully.

They take Hayley away and I sit in the room with her mum. “She’s going to be fine? Right?” I ask a little worried,
“I hope so” her mum nods as I slide my jacket off me. A few minutes pass and I pace up and down the room, nervously waiting already. “Harry stop you’re making me nervous” her mum scolds and I groan. “I can’t believe I am doing this. I’ll be back” I mutter taking my jacket in my arm before walking out. I walk downstairs, making my way to the stupid hospital gift shop. It’s probably the only colorful thing in the place. Balloons float and colourful things fill the small shop. I walk in and see nothing but baby boy, baby girl things, balloons and flowers. I look over and see Teddy bears on the shelf and they are all for babies. “Looking for teddy bears sir?” a woman distracts me and I nod.
“Baby boy or girl?”
“oh no not for a baby” I shake my head,
“for your child?” she asks, and I laugh,
“oh no way, I don’t have kids. It’s for my girlfriend, her request was a teddy bear” I chuckle. Does it look like I would have kids?
“oh okay, well we have a few over here” she shows me, pointing to a small section.
“Uhm… Okay if you just had surgery what one would you want?” I ask looking at the teddy bears, unaware of which one to get. To be honest I don’t care for teddy bears and soft toys. I feel stupid standing here looking at teddy bears. “Is she a Girly girl?”
“Uhm no?”
“you don’t know do you?”
“she wouldn’t like a pink bear” I shake my head,
“phone about the one with the love heart?”
“would she like that?” I ask,
“I don’t know her personally, but most girls would”
“I’ll take that one then. If she doesn’t like it well at least I tried.” I mutter grabbing the teddy bear and going to the counter to pay for it.
“That will be £27.99”
“for a teddy bear?” my eyes widen, and she nods.
“Wow I hope the bear can talk” I mutter pulling out my wallet and handing her £30.00.
“There are cheaper ones if you want.”
“no it will be fine, the money isn’t the issue I just never expected a teddy bear to be £30.” I shake my head before taking the teddy bear in my hand. I push my wallet into my back pocket before walking out of the store. I walk back up to Hayleys room and sit down.
“You actually got her the teddy?” her mum laughs,
“don’t start, I feel like a little boy not a man for getting this.” I roll my eyes, setting the teddy bear in my lap. I bounce my leg a little trying to pass time, the hour seeming to go by so slowly. I throw the stupid bear up in the air a few times, stopping myself from going insane. “What’s taking so long?” I groan wanting throw the dumb bear at the wall, but I withhold myself. “It’s only been an hour 10 they will be here with her” her mum says, looking at me a little worried. I take a deep breath and look down trying to hide the own worry in my eyes.