beers and bears

4. Date // Nurseydex

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a/n: in which dex is uncultured and nursey has no manners, and they’re both perfect for each other. enjoy!

“Uh. Hey, Nursey?” Dex said, scanning over the menu. “What’s prosciutto? Is that, like, a cheese?”

“You don’t know what prosciutto is?” Nursey asked skeptically.

“Not all of us were born with silver spoons up out asses, Nurse,” Dex replied.

“But it’s prosciutto. You can buy it at, like, Costco—”


“Fine, fine. Prosciutto is uncooked Italian ham. It’s good—you’d like it.”

“O…kay,” Dex said. “I gotta say, uncooked ham doesn’t sound that appealing.”

Nursey shrugged, licking salt off the rim of whatever drink he’d ordered. “Your loss.”

They fell quiet, the hushed murmur of restaurant conversations around them making Dex a little uncomfortable. He felt weird talking in anything louder than a whisper. And was that smooth jazz? He fiddled with the napkin on his lap, which he was going to feel guilty about using later because it was so fucking white. How the hell did they get stains out of it? Did they just have new napkins every meal? Didn’t that sort of defeat the point of reusable napkins?

Trying to interpret the menu felt like reading a foreign language. He didn’t understand what half the words were. “What’s Roquefort?” he asked Nursey after a suitably long silence.

“Oh, it’s a blue cheese.”

“And chanterelles?”

“A kind of mushroom.”

“What about beer, bear—nope, I can’t even pronounce that.”

Nursey scooted forward. “Here, give me the menu and point to it.” Dex did. “Oh, you mean béarnaise?” he said, pronouncing the word with an obnoxious French accent.

“Gesundheit,” Dex said.

“I think it’s a sauce, maybe?” said Nursey. “I don’t really know that one.”

“Well aren’t you a big help.”

“Hey, I don’t know everything, man,” Nursey said as he tipped back on his chair a little, balancing on the back two legs. “This place is like, mad bougie.”

“No shit,” Dex said. He rolled his eyes. “Also, dude, stop leaning back like that. You’re gonna fucking fall.”

“‘M not.”

“You wanna bet on that?”

Nursey sighed and dropped the front legs of his chair back onto the ground. “You’re no fun,” he pouted.

I’m no fun? You’re the one who dragged us to this fancy-ass restaurant. This place is stuffy as hell.”

“I know, I know. But my moms are paying for it, so I figure we should probably at least try to go on a legit date.”

“I guess,” Dex conceded.

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Sun Kissed Citra (Jersey Girl)

Brewery : Jersey Girl
Beer : Sun Kissed Citra
Style : IPA / India Pale Ale
Variance : None

9 / 10

God damn! I wasn’t crazy about the first can I had from Jersey Girl but this release is absolutely killer. I honestly feel like a Care Bear driving around on one of those flying cloud cars because of how pillowy soft this beer is but the only difference is instead of helping people and showing them I cared, I’d be shitting out my cloud window like a fucking pigeon dropping steamy loafs from the heavens right onto your windshield. Just try turning on your wipers to clean that off ya’ sucka! I still haven’t had the opportunity to visit Jersey Girl yet and originally that didn’t really bother me but now I feel like a Muslim making my pilgrimage to Mecca except I’m not religious at all and my holy land happens to have a shit load of beer there. Oh, and also half of the country doesn’t falsely stereotype me and cry when they seem get on a plane. Anyways, this has a super smooth orange and tangerine flavor to start with a nice sweetness before some floral hops mix in with even more of that citrus flavor and only a light bitterness before ending with some mild pine and resin with more of that candied orange which makes this dangerously sessionable but lucky for me, danger is my middle name. Oh wait, it’s actually Edward. Nevermind. If you live in NJ and haven’t tasted this yet I should smack you with a piece of porkroll (not taylor ham) because this should definitely be in your fridge or sliding down your throat as we speak. Regardless of your level of experience in the world of IPAs, pick this up and enjoy it because I will almost guarantee that you will. It’s true, it’s damn true. Thanks for that ending Kurt Angle.

Written by: Steve B.

Zoo animals - vocabulary (English-Dutch)

🔹Tiger - de tijger
🔹Lion - de leeuw
🔹Jaguar - de jaguar
🔹Cheetah - de cheeta
🔹Panther - de panter
🔹Elephant - de olifant
🔹Giraffe - de giraffe
🔹Okapi - de okapi
🔹Warthog - het wrattenzwijn
🔹Buffalo - de buffel
🔹Antelope - de antilope
🔹Bongo - de bongo
🔹Monkey - de aap
🔹Orangutan - de orangoetan
🔹Chimpanzee - de chimpansee
🔹Gorilla - de gorilla
🔹Meerkat - het stokstaartje
🔹Otter - de otter
🔹Mongoose - de mangoest
🔹Rhino - de neushoorn
🔹Zebra - de zebra
🔹Bear - de beer
🔹Polar bear - de ijsbeer
🔹Aardvark - het aardvarken
🔹Sloth - de luiaard
🔹Panda - de panda
🔹Red panda - de rode panda
🔹Capybara - de capibara
🔹Anteater - de miereneter
🔹Crocodile - de krokodil
🔹Snake - de slang
🔹Lizard - de hagedis
🔹Chameleon - de kameleon
🔹Turtle - de schildpad
🔹Tortoise - de landschildpad
🔹Penguin - de pinguïn
🔹Flamingo - de flamingo
🔹Donkey - de ezel
🔹Moose - de eland
🔹Deer - het hert
🔹Seal - de zeehond
🔹Wallaby - de kangoeroe
🔹Wolf - de wolf
🔹Ostrich - de struisvogel
🔹Hippo(potamus) - het nijlpaard
🔹Dolphin - de dolfijn
🔹Sea lion - de zeeleeuw
🔹Shark - de haai
🔹Ray - de rog
🔹Manatee - de zeekoe
🔹Bat - de vleermuis
🔹Flying fox - de vleerhond
🔹Fox - de vos

Things I Associate With the Hogwarts Houses:

Gryffindor: the colours red, gold, orange and brown, bandaged hands, coffee, bruised Knuckles, red lipstick, leather boots, volcanoes, fist fights, being sent to the principal, golden chandeliers, fall, mahogany wood, demonstrations and protests, retro vintage, travel, ‘Oh shit’, loud laughter, drinking games, stopping a bully, forests, eyes glowing from excitement, yellowed paper, bonfires, ginger hair, golden jewelry, cozy sweaters, heated arguments, road trips, bold changes, bluntness, detentions, adventures, whiskey, spontaneous actions, beer pong, frat parties, lions, bears, wolves, dragons, swearing, angry tears, fireplaces, dares, christmas, partners in crime, pranks, wide grins, ‘I have an idea’, fast food, chimney smoke, martyrs, roller coasters, fireworks, young delinquents, soldiers, chaos, flares, speaking up, war, rebels, taking risks, adrenaline, stubbornness, breaking rules, band-aids, drunk laughter, truth or dare, alarms, hangovers, energy, leadership, fighting sports, running, snowball fights, neon lights, cinnamon, riots, razzias, messy hair, swords, explosions, bluelight, anonymous masks, arm wrestling

Slytherin: emeralds, the colours green, black and grey, poison, foxes, snakes, silver, platinum blonde hair, hissed threats, vodka, blood drops, amulets, black leather jackets, money games, casinos, hired assassins, curses, motel rooms, grey skies, abandoned places, cheating on something, blue veins, frowns, vengeance, fake smiles, oppressiveness, strict parents, subways, quiet tears, dark lipstick, matches, tattoos, highways, smoke, tired eyes, ravens, short haircuts, snarls, coats, empty hallways, dyed hair, poker, roses, thunderstorms, ocean’s, black nail polish, soot, B/W, fancy cars, matt black, bones, smirks, wine, medusas, old mansions, haunted houses, perfectionism, winks, sexual tension, sweet torture, cemeteries, the moon, sleepless nights, the sound of a knife snapping open, latin, black eyeliner, secrets, traps, fog, pestilence, viruses, sass, extravagance, ‘devil’s advocate’, having status, ambition, persistence, character development, elegance, headphones, lockers, mints, cigarettes, hardwood floors, busses, chameleons, wild flowers, sins, cracked glass, broken mirrors, quiet nights, railroads, black tea, secrecy, dark humor, mystery, predators, hidden emotions, held grudges, dust, horror movies, ripped jeans, velvet, lipstick stain, magic sigils, icy anger, cold mornings, empty hallways, ear piercings, champagne, incense, skeletons in the closet, chills running down your spine, collarbones, solitude, baths, nettles, silver eyeshadow,  expensive evening dresses, ice, lightning, blurred pictures

Hufflepuff: vibrant colours, sunflowers, marketplaces, fruit, colorful candy, pastel, strawberry blonde hair, ponytails, blue skies, summer, kids laughter, ladybugs, random acts of kindness, voluntary work, freckles, hippies, hummed songs, meditations, flower patterns, brightly lit rooms, smiling at strangers, orange lipstick, laughter lines, hugs, pancakes, summer drinks, spring break, open air festivals, sprinkles, slush ice, walking barefoot through grass, frozen yoghurt, the 70′s, dresses, easter, cotton candy, world peace, glitter, candy wrappers, giggles, holding out a helping hand, happy dreams, daydreaming, umbrellas, floral wreaths, sharing a meal, dances, butterflies, second chances, bees, wide open fields, happy tears, gifts, beach cruisers, soft kisses, blushing, milkshakes, confectioneries, cupcakes, beaches, attack hugs, parades, dandelions, donations, clumsiness, rainbows, animated films, relaxation, comfort food, first love, imagination, playfulness, nostalgia, positive mantras, harmony, romance, picnics, one of a kind, holding hands, childhood memories, newborn babies, warm blankets, freshly baked cookies, braided hair, fairy tales, bubble baths, watercolour paints, fuzzy socks, homemade pie, fluffy things, crystals, light shining through trees, bells, big beds with lots of blankets and pillows, lace, popsicles, tooth gaps

Ravenclaw: asymmetry, the colours: blue, white, silver and beige, glass marbles, tidiness, neat handwriting, ballett, ‘best in class’, certificates, museums, photography, art, hair buns, glasses, bookstacks, journals, libraries and bookstores, perfectly done nails, clean mirrors, desks, foreign languages, cafés, poetry, white bedsheets, macbooks, water bottles, sketches, polaroid, coffee shops, hastiness, deadlines, white clouds, astronomy, snow covered trees, feminism, 50′s, patent leather shoes, typewriters, tidy rooms, science, history, ikea furniture, raised eyebrows, sarcasm, lists, modern offices, mac cosmetics, the smell of new books, ties, rolling eyes, sitting at your homework until past midnight, jeans, vogue magazines, feng shui, yoga, classical novels, calligraphy, greek, owls, newspapers, research, documentaries, winning a debate, competitions, solving problems, riddles, curiousity, multi-tasking, historical figures, hackers, classical music, the new york times, fancy pens, caffeine, salads, cold waves, smartasses, ink stained hands, live theatre, hot espresso, impatience, responsibility, dry humor, knowledge, early mornings, changing schools, dark chocolate, alone-time, numbers, fresh scents, deep thinking, concepts, quills, technology, finals, formulas, sealing wax, falling asleep on your desk, sculptures