Self Made

I had no clue on how to make one so I had to look it up. So if you have done it and I didn’t do it correctly. SORRY!

Hope everyone enjoys!

Yours and Y/N anniversary was coming up so you wanted to do something for her, but didnt know what to get her. So you went to the guys.
“I need some gift ideas for Y/N for our anniversary”. Happy said taking a swig of his beer.
“How long you been together”. Jax asked
“Going on five years, longest relationship I’ve ever been in”.
“Then you should go all out, make her a dildo of you dick”. Tig said
“What the hell are you talking about”? Asked Juice.
“You know, you take plaster and put your dick in it and let it sit and then when its done you pour silcone or latex in the mode and wait then you have a self made dildo”.
“You know way to much about how to make one”. Juice said shaking his head
“I give them out for christmas presents to the ladies”. Tig winked
“That might be a good gift”. Happy thought about it.
“Your really not going to take advice from Trager are ya”?
“Yeah, maybe”. “Y/N’s always saying she misses my dick when I’m away, so it will be like having me home when I’m not”. Happy said getting up
“If you need any help, I’m your man”. Tig said raising his beer
Happy just looked at him and walked off. “Really”? Juice asked
“He might need some help, I was just trying to be nice”. Tig rolled his eyes.
Happy went to a sex shop that was recommended by Tig. He bought the kit and drove to the clubhouse. He couldnt let Y/N know what he was doing.
“Trager, get in here”. Happy yelled down the hall
“What’s up brother”?
“I read the instructions but I’m not getting it”. Happy let out a huff.
“You mix this with water and mold it to you”. “Then you let it set and pour the silcone and wala you have two of the same dicks”. Tig laughed.
“Okay thanks”. “Now get out”. Happy nodded to the door
Tig closed the door. Happy done what Tig told him to door. It felt like hours for the mold to get hard. He had to keep his erection at his best, so he thought of Y/N. He pictured her on her knees and how she looked squirming at his touch. Finally it was finished. Happy was so proud of himself.
Two  Days Later.
You walked in seeing Happy on the couch with a box with ribbons.
“Hey sexy Daddy”. You kissed his rough lips.
“Damn little Girl, you get more gorgeous every time I see you”. Happy pulled you into his lap
“You pantie dropper you”. You said laughing “So whatcha got in the box”?
“Its for you”. “I was going to give it to you on our anniversary but I’m going to be on a run”. He looked down at his feet.
“What, why does Jax always have to miss shit up”. You got up crossing your arms
“You know the club comes first”.
“Yeah I know that but I thought maybe one time I could come first”. You walked away
Happy followed with the box in hand.
“I’m sorry, we can still celebrate when I get back”. “Here”. He gave you the box.
“I know this is not going to make up for it but its a start”.
You open the box pulling  back the tissue paper, you pulled out the dilido
“What in the world have you done”?
“I made it”.
“You made me this, from what”? You eyed him
“From my dick, you always begging me to come home and fuck you when I’m on a run so I thought you could use this”.
“Umm who helped you”?
“Trager helped with the instructions, no one else is seeing my dick”. “Its your and only yours”.
“Thank god”. You grabbed his shirt and kissed him roughly.
“So you going to try it out”? Happy asked excitedly
“Maybe, only if you watch then come join”. A devilish grin came across yous and Happys face.
Happy couldnt stand him self as he saw you pleasing yourself. He lasted about five mintues and then jumped you. It was a very satisfying part one of your anniversary