I Am Waiting: The New Primetime

I Am Waiting: The New Primetime

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I believe it was late Saturday night when I came across a writer’s postabout her wish for Beyoncé’s new 7/11 video to “break the Internet.” Amidst the litany of frustrations making Beyoncé’s lighthearted and seemingly unscripted offering so welcome, including her teething baby and the offense of seeing a white woman’s behind glorified on a magazine cover, was a sentence about an unarmed black man…

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First lap men’s field at Cross Vegas from the infamous Giro VIP area. Not much more to be said about this. It was hard to tell what was going on from there, but as you can tell from the shouting and my frog voiced “it’s all gone wrong” it was clear to us that beer was sprayed. But at 10-15 people away from the main miscreants, it was not clear how bad it was. I walked around after the first lap, hard race to spectate, too damn fast. Did not find out the extent of #beergate until the next day. #crossvegas #interbike14 #cyclocross

Scott Walker supplying beer from a Colorado-based company at the Wisconsin Governor's Mansion

Scott Walker supplying beer from a Colorado-based company at the Wisconsin Governor’s Mansion

Scott Walker is, once again, insulting the people of the State of Wisconsin.

This time, an unnamed individual sent this photo of a Coors beer trailer parked on the grounds of the Wisconsin Governor’s Mansion to the progressive group One Wisconsin Now.

The Coors Brewing Company is based in Colorado (which also happens to be Walker’s state of birth), and, given that Wisconsinites have a crazy pride…

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