A small thank you to my followers

So, this is my first follow forever to thank you all for following me. I’ve been here for only 4 months and I can’t even believe I have over 600 followers. And It’s not about the number, It’s about the perfect people that are behind those blogs, there are people who reblog every single post of me and reblog every edit I’ve made. And I’ve been a wanted fan since 2010 but I started a Tumblr blog last year and you all welcome me so warm and I found so many friends here. And I don’t want that it becomes too emotional so here is my follow forever. Some people don’t even follow me that are on these list so I hope It won’t be too weird but you are all amazing people:

Special skittles:

Arajeane, Thaisa, Tina, Nina, Klara


a - h : badassmcguiness, beerforjay, blowingjaycurlymcbird,

d-d-d-drink-if-you-candeblinathewanteddrunkguiness, fuckmegoodtw


i - l : jamesmcfostersjaybirdsladybirdjayholicjaysbiirdjaysjumbojaythan–mcsykesjumbojaybirdletsfuckthewantedlettersfromjayliestome

m - o : mcgaynessmcguinsess, nathan-fly-sykesnareeshasnathansveins


p - s : parkersparrotsperpetualjayfeelsqueenkeegansexytimewithjaythan


t - u : tastingparkerthewantedgetnakedpleaseticklishjay, tomsbeaniestwarefittwjaybirdtwlads,

v - z :  warzoners, warzoneswetfornayfwantedvacancywhyjaymeswhy,

+ thewantedblog

I’m Sorry if I forgot someone, you are all amazing and speical to me and this is why I will also put my:

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so I made this follow forever christmas edition just to give a shout out to the lovely TW blogs I follow. Sorry if I’ve forgotten you but I just made a list from people I reblog or see on my dash regularly. Thank you for being such awesome people. And I apologise for my terrible edit and any spelling errors haha! Merry Christmas! :) x


anothercancellation; aus-thewanted; awsparker; beerforjay; beneaththemistletoe; christmaxballs


darlingsykes; dearnath; dearparker; doitnicely; dreamingofkaneswaran; drunkjay; fly-sykes; foreverchasing-thewanted


gladyoucamebrazil; hardwicks; hohohogeorge; hypnotized-bytw; itschristmaxtime


jaymcfreakingguiness; jaysbigass; jayscandycane; jaythansivatomax; jinglejays; jinglejaysballs; kelseybelles; letsfuckthewanted; lifeofsykes; lightningsykes; lovemelikethatsongontheradio


madefornath; maxthefloppyfish; mcgayness; nareeshas; nathanaddicted; nathanclaus; nathfrost; nayfansykes; nethansykes; nodoyjay; ohseev; perfectpparker; pervsykes


rawrmcguiness; ridingjaydolph; seducedbysykes; sivajaytomaxnathan; snowyparker; surgeofelectricc


thewantedb1og; thewantedblog; tomtantrum; twthings; viva-siva


wantedvacancy; wanturds

adorejay . luzjuice . gladtheycame . queenkeegan . th0masanthonyparker . notthelemons . nathansnicely . tomparkersexgod . maxcausepenis  . fuckyeahjaymcguinessbeerforjay slutparker . ignoranceisyournewbestfrienddd . daggerinmyheart . sykerauhl . sykestynine . sykesblog

Probably missed someone out but these blogs are actually A* quality. I fangirl over your blogs and posts. Thank you for being so perf. Love you all, never delete.