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The 11x23 car scene w/the possible disappointed Cas face seemed similar to the face he had in 11x10 when Dean agreed w/him to have him check for Amara. It's like an "I agree with what you're saying, but I expected more" reaction acting choice.

I just went and re-watched, and you may be right but Dean does almost nearly puke on Cas’s shoes moments before he says that, so that may also be a “pls don’t” look.

But yeah, no, sorry. :P *serious face* it’s another one of those moments where they’re splitting up possibly at great peril to Cas, and in a way they’re both treating it like a last time they might see each other (and it kind of IS because they have no time at the end of the episode with all the running around so it’s meant to be that in the grander scheme, the scene is obviously written to give them a Moment before it all goes to Hell, literally and figuratively) but that would be where Dean says something to Cas except he doesn’t really, just says he’ll go look for Sam some more, and that’s when Cas looks disappointed and turns to go, then there’s another one of those moments where Dean calls his attention again and it COULD be to say something personal that he didn’t the first time, but instead it’s just his advice of What To Do In Case Of Amara

Like… I can’t overstate how many chances Dean blows to say something touchy feely in that short stretch of dialogue. 

I giffed the face you’re hopefully thinking of :3

Cas: We don’t. The fallout doesn’t affect angels. I’ll go in alone.

Dean: Okay, ya, it’s probably better that way. I’ll take a drive and go check on Sam.

Cas: Right. Good. 

[that bit there as Cas talks it through and realises this is their goodbye and that’s all he’s getting]

Dean: [after letting him turn and nearly walk all the way away] Hey Cas? [long pause as Cas turns around again] If it did work and she is dead, bring her body out.

Cas: And if she’s not?

Dean: Run.


If you haven’t watched Beer Run yet…watch it

[The drivers] wouldn’t technically work for us — they would be independent contractors, very similar to Bulldawg Food. We wouldn’t pay them a wage, they work for tips essentially.
—  fuck this, fuck you, fuck startups, fuck alcohol, this is the dumbest ass shit I’ve ever heard, fucking independent contractor bullshit, who in their right mind will want to drive around town uh likely NOT getting reimbursed for gas if they’re not even getting any fn hourly wages for delivering beer to college kids, historically lousy tippers. ugh you piece of shit enablers sending this shit economy straight to the toilet ANYWAY, ATTN: PLEASE DO NOT WORK FOR FREE FOR ANYONE OR ANYTHING :( IT’S A TRAP!