Identity for Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing by Perky Bros

“The identity brings to life the stories of sideshow oddities, historic events and darker side of the boardwalk’s past, while filtering it through a quirky, yet restrained visual lens. The packaging’s design and minimal palette creates a clear and inviting presence on the typically cluttered retail shelf. The brand mascot, inspired by the feral cats living underneath the boardwalk, narrates our pretty true “tails” as well as serves as a consistent visual thread from logo to the beer taps.”

Established in 1883 and 2009, Perky Bros now exists to help brands gain clarity, value and distinction through design. They create visual identities, websites, packaging, print materials and any odd or end necessary to create an authentic experience. Working with startups to more established brands, they like to keep their approach flexible. Regardless of what they’re tackling, they strive to offer solutions built on plain-spoken, ambitious ideas - always grounded in research and meticulously crafted in their execution.

By Hook or By Crook - A Logo Study

I thought Colin and Sean’s name for their new beer was so clever, I started sketching a logo idea for fun. I’m an artist and designer so thought I’d do a logo study to show the progress. Enjoy!

Just your usual notebook doodle daydreaming about OUAT. Just me?

Tried it in black ink, which is what I usually illustrate with…getting there but not my best and didn’t particularly like some of the lettering, and the banner was too big. Do over! 

Much better! Added Established by date, time to digitize it

Finished! fine tuned the illustration digitally, cleaned up the lines, added small details, coloring, shading, the crest and background.

Some lovely Tumblr followers tweeted it to Sean, success! By the way, I do love the logo they have on their bottles, this is just my creative spin :)  Cheers!


Fjellheim Brewery by Erik Berger Vaage /

Fjellheim is a Norwegian micro brewery that believes in bridging the ancient with the modern and the earthy with the refined, while staying true to the unique characteristics of the Nordic culture and landscape. The identity and packaging is based on the simple, unblemished honesty of Norwegian nature, while at the same time paying tribute to the Scandinavian qualities of authenticity of materials, painstaking craftsmanship and calm yet emotional design.


Fort Point Beer Company

As San Francisco’s fastest growing craft brewery, Fort Point creates balanced, thoughtful beers that reference traditional styles, but are by no means bound to them.

The brewery resides in a historic Presidio building that was formerly used as an Army motor pool. Their iconic location—close to both the Golden Gate Bridge and the Fort Point National Historic Site—provided inspiration for a modular, illustrative brand identity. In packaging, the illustration incorporates elements of city landmarks and Bay Area culture to create a unique and authentic sense of place.

The result is a brand that locals can identify with and, as Fort Point grows and becomes available throughout the nation, can be regarded as the new San Francisco craft beer.

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The Hop Factory

Pennant worked closely with the owners of the bar to develop an identity which reflected the unique and ever changing range of craft beers featured at The Hop Factory. Playing with the double meaning of the word ‘Hop’ we chose the Jackalope (an elusive mythical creature of North America) as the bar’s mascot, creating a symbol that embodied the qualities of craft beer in an unexpected way.

Branding by Pennant


Raasted by The – Pony /

I have designed the visual identity and label for Raasted Bryghus, which is an award winning Danish microbrewery founded in 2005. The logo-typeface is inspired by the curves of Raasteds bottle, giving it a modern characteristic and distinguished look. The idea behind the design is to create a dynamic and easy recognizable label, which creates awareness and a simplicity to the wide range of the beer flavours that Raasted produces.