Vive el Momento (Smut)


Requested: No, but @illuminateshawn and I live for drunk, festival Mendes in that red shirt from Amsterdam.

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“Can I have three large beers, thanks” I smiled, handing the girl in front of me my money. The sun was burning into my back, heating up my entire body slowly.

“I just love this weather” my friend Julia said. She closed her eyes, tilting her head back to fully enjoy the warm rays of sun burning in her face.

“Me too” I agreed, looking around the festival filled with drunk people having fun everywhere.

To me, this was what summer was all about; heat, friends, music and beers. Actually, going to festivals was my happy place, I loved the whole idea of just letting go and enjoy yourself as much as possible; meeting new people and staying up until the early hours when the sun rose again.

“Girl, don’t look now but that guy… he’s looking again” Julia laughed, taking of her black sunglasses.

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Ok so no.1: that fight was surprisingly good and McGregor did really well. no.2: I went with mama to a beer festival in town this afternoon and right when we got there we very quickly learned my dress was basically see thru in the direct sunlight. So I had to emergency run back out but I found a dress and it was this one and it was cheap but really cute and vintagey looking. When life gives you lemons or something like that.


As I’m gearing up to film a few new food videos over the next couple weeks, I needed a little practice narrating in front of the camera, so shot a few quick takes at the Beernanza beer festival here in Shanghai. (Formerly the Shanghai International Beer Festival) In this “spot”, where I missed my cue and started a few seconds early, I wanted to spotlight the Reverse Tap in action. I’d previously only seen this filling system at a few beers gardens in Japan, and used with large plastic mugs, not smaller cups like these. But here, as part of the promotion for the device, they had the deal of the day… for 50rmb, which is about $7.00 US, it was “all you can drink all day”, from 11am to 10pm!! However, as good as the price was, the bigger benefit of this Reverse Tap promotion was that you were able to quickly refill your cup yourself each time, which lead to NO LINES to wait for beer!

Eight reasons to visit Colorado

Colorado is the home of the Rocky Mountains, the gateway to the West, filled with pioneer history, real life cowboys, hip towns, hot springs and some of the best hiking, biking, camping and climbing you’re ever likely to find – all only one direct flight away, with British Airways flying to Denver seven times per week.

Winter here is rightly famous, but the adventure lasts all year. In summer, wildflowers carpet the mountain slopes; in autumn, golden hues race through the forests. There are 300 days of sunshine a year, more 14ers (mountain summits over 14,000-feet) than any other state and a festival scene that doesn’t quit - from the spectacular Snowmass Hot Air Balloon Festival where hundreds of balloons fill the sky with colour, to the slightly mad Iron Horse Bicycle Classic (fancy chasing a steam train up a mountain anyone?), Colorado’s got you covered.

Powder dreams

Photo by Dolly1224 on Pixabay

European ski resorts might get all the airtime, but for true winter junkies a Rocky Mountain trip is a must. Powder here is drier, lighter and perfect for carving, plus the runs are empty and enormous. The amount of choice is superb too, from the wide-open bowls of Vail and Breckenridge to the fast lines of Aspen and Snowmass, as well as more than a dozen other world-class winter resorts within a short drive of each other.

Elevated adventure

Photo by Unknown on Pixabay

Colorado is home to 12 national parks and monuments, offering everything from backpacking and horseback riding to rafting, rock climbing and even, in Great Sand Dunes National Park, sand boarding among North America’s highest dunes. Most ski resorts stay open year-round, switching from pistes to downhill mountain biking trails and keeping the lifts running for high-elevation hiking and easy-to-reach panoramic views. The town of Grand Junction makes an excellent adventure base-camp, with some of the best outdoor activities in the state right in its back yard.

Some like it hot

Photo by on kahern Pixabay

Combining the spectacular scenery of the Rockies with five of the hippest hot spring towns in the country, the 720-mile Historic Hot Springs Loop is the best way to soak up Colorado’s healing waters. With 30 natural thermal pools open year-round, highlights include the largest mineral hot springs pool in the world at Glenwood Springs, the soothing natural vapour caves of Ouray and the bubbling delights of Steamboat.

National Parks

Photo by Niagara66 on Wiki Commons 

Rocky Mountain National Park is legendary: a 415-square-mile wilderness of jagged peaks and high alpine lakes home to coyote, black bear and moose. The fun mountain town of Estes Park, a great base from which to explore it, is just 1.5 hours from Denver. There are lesser known national parks too such as Black Canyon of the Gunnison, a spectacular 2,000-foot gorge that rivals the Grand Canyon but draws a fraction of the crowds, and the cliff-dwellings of Mesa Verde, one of the best preserved examples of Native American culture in the country.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre


If you’re after something a little less strenuous, try Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre – by day it’s a free city park just 30 minutes west of Denver with hiking trials and giant rock formations, by night, an outdoor music venue that has hosted everyone from The Beatles to local jazz, rock and bluegrass artists.

The Wild West


From ghost towns and vintage trains to working cowboy ranches and the largest rodeo in the world, Denver’s annual National Western Stock Show and Rodeo (as well as the first: the Deer Trail Rodeo which started in 1869) – the Wild West is alive and kicking in Colorado. 

Saddle up or join a cattle drive, and you’ll feel the spirit of that old frontier still; footprints of dinosaurs embedded in stone, petroglyphs carved into cliffs, rivers where you can pan for gold. 

Want to look the part? Head to Rockmount Ranch Wear in downtown Denver, where Western icon, Jack A. Weil, invented the first cowboy shirt with poppers instead of buttons and popularised Western wear into popular culture.

Hop Heaven 


With more craft breweries per capita than any other state, Colorado is heaven for hop heads. Denver’s Great American Beer Festival is the largest craft beer event in the country while the Telluride Blues & Brews Festival is set in a spectacular valley. But, it’s the little-known gems that really catch the eye: The Grimm Brothers, serving fable-inspired brews in Loveland, and the mountain views from Avery’s enormous outdoor patio in Boulder, are two local favourites. 

Get the true lowdown on a self-guided tour along the Denver Beer Trail and sample everything from stouts to lagers.

Sports Mad

Photo by colour line on Wiki Commons 

Denver is Bronco’s country. When Colorado’s American Football team plays, the whole city dresses in orange to support. Catch games live at the Blake Street Tavern in the heart of downtown. But with seven premier sports teams in all, don’t stop there. On a warm summer night, hot dog in one hand, cold beer in the other, there’s no better place to be than Coors Field, home of The Rockies baseball team.

On the Rails

Photo by Carol M. Highsmith on Wiki Commons 

The steam-powered Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railway, built in 1882, cuts spectacularly through the canyons and remote mountains of the San Juan National Forest – a journey taken by Colorado’s first pioneers more than a century ago.  While vintage train lovers will adore Pikes Peak Cog Railway, near Colorado Springs. The highest cog railway on the planet, it climbs to the 14,114-foot summit of Pike’s Peak, the view from here inspired the song America the Beautiful

Plan your Colorado holiday with British Airways

Words by Aaron Millar

Header Photo by VISIT DENVER

  • Elderly Veronica: I remember when I first met JD. It was on the village green during the annual buck beer festival, where every beer costs a buck! I was an innocent young lamb and he was a dirty old goat! We were made for each other. He came up to me and suddenly took out his paraphernalia----
  • JD's Grandson: Oh god!
  • Elderly Veronica: ----and shouted "Let's play croquet!"
  • JD's Grandson: Oh.
  • Elderly Veronica: So we made our way to the field. JD carried his hoops and mallets, and I carried his BALLS!
  • JD's Grandson: Ugh....
  • Elderly Veronica: What a festival! Archery, badminton, potato sack. JD won the three legged race, all by himself.
  • JD's Grandson:

i was walking my pup through the streets of our neighborhood this morning and i started thinking about you and all of the false ‘you’s i’ve met in my life.

there have been the men who throw those three little words out to me within the first two weeks of dating. the men who rest their hand on my thigh, look me in the eye, and accelerate much too fast for the tight streets we’re driving on. the men who literally let go of me and walk away when they find that i’m not looking for a temporary placeholder. the men who have brought me rock climbing in the morning, beer festivals in the afternoon, and an art fair in the evening. the men who find the corner tables of a lowly lit bar and let their intense eye contact speak louder than their weak words. the men who have spewed lies since day one. the men who plan a morning of church and breakfast with me while we chat about all of the dogs we’d like to adopt. the men who have taken advantage of me at age sixteen, nineteen, and a few other times throughout my twenties. the men who have put their hand on the small of my back to gently guide me through a door and walk me to my car without pushing boundaries. the men who have intrigued me and the men who have bored me. the men who have met my brothers and fear how protective they are of me. the men who push through crowds and dull conversations with strangers to get to me. the men who lock eyes and ask questions in order to better know me. the men who tell me to get ready and that they’ll be at my house in twenty minutes to pick me up for a spontaneous date. the men who have brought me flowers, and the men who have not. the men who have shared their music and their thoughts. the men who have prayed for me and over me. the men who wait years to say anything and the men who waste no time at all. the men with false identities. the men who’s hearts have changed my own for the better.

and i am thankful for each one of them. for each one of them have taught me about masculinity, my own femininity, the heart and all that comes with it, my own racing pulse, and the lines i sometimes need to draw.

i feel you so deep in my heart, yet i am just as terrified to meet you and know you. you will see my past hurts; the way i sometimes tense up when you touch me, how i struggle looking someone in the eye when they compliment me, and how much it takes for me to commit. i hope you choose me despite these things, despite my past, and despite my being consumed by fear from time to time. i desire so much to see your hurts, your past, your humanness - and to love you, to choose you, to be with you because of and through those things.

wish you were here. xo