you’ve heard of eat the spaghetti to forgetti your regretti.... now get ready for....


The only Tragic thing about her is her love life (Remus Lupin x Reader)

Fandom: Harry Potter, Marauders Era

Pairing: Reader x Remus Lupin

Warnings: none just fluff (might do a part two with smut but I don’t know yet, let me know what you think) 

Part Two

Word Count: 850

It was the middle of the year at Hogwarts and you were being forced to move dorms, to be fair your old dorm was just you and one other girl you didn’t know very well, and when she moved to Ivermory they weren’t going to leave you in that room alone.

There was an empty bed in another dorm and you had been transferred there about a week ago and you already loved it so much better. You got along with your new roommates so great. The one you got alone best with was named Lily, you started hanging out with her all the time you two became almost inseparable, that is of course when she wasn’t busy with James.

Like tonight she had plans to go to Hogsmead with James , he was coming to your room to pick her up , you heard a knock on the door and assumed it was James and since lily was still getting ready you opened it to let him in
You went to say hello but before you could you noticed there were four faces at the door instead of one 
“uh hi Y/n I’m here to pick up lily , for our date”
You stood awkwardly and asked “James, not that I’ve ever been on a date but I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to bring along three friends”
You had met James a couple times so you knew him fairly well , and you had seen his friends with him in the hallways but you never spoke to them.
“Y/n this is Sirius, Remus and Peter”
You smiled and waved awkwardly 
There was a brief pause until you invited them in by stepping out of the door way. They all piled into the room.
A few minutes later Lily came out of the bathroom and stopped mid step.
“James , any reasons why my room is filled with marauders … and y/n ”
James picked her up and hugged her , not letting her down while he spoke
“they realllly wanted to come to Hogsmead and if I didn’t say yes they would have come anyways, it’s easier this way, and now y/n can come too !”
Lily was laughing from being held in the air and she was lightly hitting James back “if I say okay will you put me down?” James laughed and placed Lily on the ground. Lily spoke “okay guys lets go” she turned to you “ that means you to Y/N” you were excited to be included in these group pans you grabbed your money shoved it in your pocket, grabbed your wand and placed that at your waist.

When you got to Hogsmead you sat down in a large booth beside Remus and Peter. Lily James and Sirius sat on the opposite side of you. James and Lily were deep in conversation, Sirius turned o you, having never spoken to you before “So Y/N tell us about yourself? Tragic back story? Any dark secrets?” before you could even answer Sirius question Lily interrupted “the only thing tragic about Y/N is her love life”.

You couldn’t even argue with her your cheeks burned a dark shade of red “oh Lily shut up” the whole table was trying to suppress their laughter, James chimed in “earlier you did admit that you’ve never been on a date Y/N” In just a short week you had told Lily everything, including that you had a crush on Remus for a very long time, you hoped she would reveal this now too.

“She has never even kissed anyone before” Lily spoke, you were quick to defend yourself “my parents are really strict that’s not my fault” you ducked your head and looked at your feet. Sirius patted your shoulder from across the table “it’s okay Y/N , Remus here is in the same place as you, but he doesn’t have strict parents to blame it on” you looked up at Sirius and then to Remus who was already looking at you and your eyes locked for a second. Remus turned to Sirius “leave me alone Padfoot, I’d rather wait and kiss the right girl than kiss every girl that breaths in my direction. Sirius put his hands up in defense “okay okay let’s change the topic.”

By the end of the night everyone had drank one too many butter beers. You had started talking to everyone a bit more and you walked back to the castle alongside Remus, by the time you got to the castle it was pretty late and James and Lily had gone off, probably to find a broom closet somewhere to be honest. “Y/N do you want me to walk you back to your dorm” you smiled “Sure Remus that would be lovely since Lily is a bit pre occupied” you both laughed.

When you got back to your room Remus stood for a minute and finally spoke “Y/N I was going to kiss you goodnight but I’ve had far too many butter beers and I fear I would mess it up somehow” you blushed at his drunken confession and pulled him close to kiss him on the cheek “goodnight Remus”.


Last night I told you I loved you, woke up, blamed it on the vodka.I genuinely thought I was dying and I could see that smile you were hiding.Last night I told you I need you, that’s the last time I drink tequila.Super-Lemon and his sidekick Salt-Kid, I start crying and verbally assaulting.Last night I asked you to marry me, that’s when I remembered the brandy.I wake up and claim I didn’t say it, screwed if I ever wake up in Vegas.

Wish I could stop and I’m not joking. Drinking too much and socially smoking. Wish I could stop, and start to behave and then wake up in the morning and never miss a day again.

Lucy Spraggan - Last Night

Your best friend

A/n: requested by @skyl0rd5117 for the dialogue prompts.
#12: “Just get out, get out, get out!” With Jason
WARNING: This story contains mentions of abuse and a couple violent scenes. If this makes you uncomfortable don’t read the story. Sorry, but it’s the only idea I could come up with.

Jason was your best friend. You knew that if you ever needed anything, he’d be there for you. He still was here for you, despite your boyfriend’s attempts to make him leave you alone.

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I'm not sure If anyone writes you poems but you deserve one

I can still taste
you with my finger
tips when I put my
after sitting on one
hand so it feels like
I’m touching someone

how we met the semester
before we fell in love
seeing something in the other
but too afraid of each other
to let those initial feelings
rise above

I remember the art building
3AM, caramel macchiato
my triple shot americano
unventilated room
and permanent marker
highs tracing on the light table
we giggled about our head
aches and that mistake
we made

antique tea sets
trees and especially

tree houses
with rope swings

that princess cut diamond
ring you wanted
but never got

every vanilla coke
every figure drawing
every bottle of Jack Daniels
following you in the dark
Death Cab for Cutie

anytime I see an old beautiful
house that should be a landmark

like that house we drove by
you want to buy
you showed me those
places that made you
who you were

cigarettes on second story stairs
that night we fell on the kitchen
floor after dancing, how we just
laid there, how we fell into love

that night in February when
we went to your cousin’s
we watched the puppet
funny man and then
we went back and we
discovered how much
in love we were

you stayed
in your room
three days after
I waited in your
dorm courtyard
like a star crossed lover
underneath an empty

I remember a rooftop we snuck
up one night so we could drink
and see Abilene like we never did

we peed in the corner together
because of the beer
we had no fear or disgust
for each other

we laid on a blanket after drinking
and watched the stars fade away
doing other things

we learned all the Beatles songs
driving around the loop
we bought a dog named
Jude who stayed
with you

we slept in cars in parks
we showed up together
closed down bars
opened uncountable bottles
whataburger, red lobster

your nerdy short outburts
of laughter and my nerdy
neverending jokes no one
laughed at

taco bell drive throughs
and all those other places
we went to

the night I broke the key
to your heart when I ripped
it from my key ring and threw
it past you into the bathroom

cops, apologies, live shows
and our anthologies I wrote
you illustrated pictures on my
heart no one has matched since

that time on my birthday the cops
the year before when I was alone
and wrinked leopard print left
on the floor

the night I showed up
drunk to get the rest of my stuff
you tried to protect me
demanded I stayed with you
we took each other
to the ground and wrestled for glasses
and keys, never knowing the whole
time that you still loved me

I did too that’s why I was drinking

I went home that night and lined
up on the side of highway I-20
and felt the eighteen wheeler wind
blow by me as I debated being
an Olympic gold medalist about
to lose a race

the look on your face in my bedroom
that summer afternoon when I tried
to kill us and you tried

how quickly regret can turn hearts
from Juliet and Romeo
to Joker and Harley Quinn

how we sped down that alleyway
slamming gears and watched the
wall approach with no fear

I was with you and I was fine
with whatever

all these billion pieces
of evaportaing molecules
that build homes in my heart
and commute to my brain
on a soul highway

how they show themselves
with simple phrases we trade
and our somewhat awkward hands

as we reach out with text messages
touching fingertips.



Title: Intoxicant

Paring: Reader x Peter Parker

RequestI saw you wrote a fic with peter based on a song and I was wondering if you could do that but with the song “last night” by Lucy Spraggan??

Song: Last night (beer fear) by Lucy Spraggan

Word count: 1,329

A/N:  [ PETER IS 22 IN THIS OR HOWEVER OLDER YOU WANT HIM TO BE (please at least over 21) BECAUSE HE IS OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL IN THIS AND HAS A JOB ] I really enjoyed this song and recommend listening to it while reading this, also thinking I might make this into a series, not sure yet though. 

Warnings: Alcohol, mild swearing

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You didn’t know what you had gotten yourself into until you took your 4th shot of vodka. You stared at your co-worker Peter Parker who earlier in the night invited you along with a few others out to a small club to celebrate the end of the physical quarter.

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#234 - For ‘anonymous’

Filling the prompt “have you ever heard the song ‘last night (beer fear)’ by lucy spraggan? i thought it could be a cool fic idea maybe (not like a full on song fic) just more sort of the reader saying loads of things to van when she’s drunk that she then says she didn’t mean when sober? and then at the end then actually getting together or something? or even the part where she gets arrested?” from a not-so-anonymous anon

Bonus mini-request of Van and Reader rapping to Eminem while drunk.

The leg you were scratching twitched away from your hand. Confused, you sat up. Oh. Not your leg. Not your bed. Not really your friends. What the fuck… Where the fuck… How the…

You awkwardly crawled out of the bed and looked at your surroundings. Rosie was in the mess of human bodies. Five people? Maybe six; you couldn’t determine if the lump under the blanket was another person or just linen.

“Hey, Rosie,” you tried in a painful whisper. “Rosie?”

She was as dead to the world as you were a minute before. Sitting on the foreign bedroom floor, you curled up and just waited for the previous night’s impact to crush you.

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How many?

lie in wait within

there’s the fella said hello

to the postman

not the same as said hi

to the neighbor

or the one

hanging out with the writers

poets, bikers, beekeepers

teachers, lecturers, crammers, tutors

jam makers, gardeners

counselors, therapists, the rapists

cyclists, drivers, fathers

bank robbers, kite flyers, lean over men

brothers, uncles, nephews

second storey men, grifters, flim flam’ers

sons, grandsons

droppers, floppers, copiers, dips

archers, canoeists, walkers

tweakers, freakers, acid heads, 420’s

hikers, climbers, sit downers

stoners, tokers, boners, late night groaners

drinkers, imbibers, drunks, tramps

criers into beer, no fear speed freaks

thieves, disabled, abled, other

surfers, beach bums, café ghosts

gays, bisexuals, trysexuals

transvestites, hermaphrodites

potters, sculptors, builders

transgender, agenders, zhe others

flaneurs, loafers, laters’, chronic masturbators

alt left, alt right, fence sitters

pole sitters, shitters on all/anything

libtards, fucktards, pepe freaks

meme lords, shit post lords

whovians, trekkies, starians

browncoats, clankies,


& the steam goes out on this

how many lie within?

the only answer

must always be

as ever

how much time do you have

& how well do you spend it?

neil benbow

anonymous asked:

What do you think iwachan's like when he's had too much to drink?

Iwaizumi is a total nightmare. Nothing good happens comes about when he drinks. EVER. (; ಠ_ಠ)

The following stages of Drunken Iwa (ft. Seijou third years) come as follow:

Calm before the Storm
It always starts off with a few harmless drinks, nothing too bad. It’s easy for the third year group to tell how many Iwaizumi has had based on his mood. He becomes more talkative, affectionate and likes to joke around alot. When he starts laughing (like, genuinely laughing) at Makki and Mattsun’s lame puns, it’s usually the telltale sign that they should cut him from the drinks. But it’s so cute to see him so giddy and smiling from ear to ear so they let him be.

It’s a subtle change, but sure enough Iwaizumi’s voice gets increasingly louder and he begins to lose his mouth filter. He’ll start throwing whatever comment crosses his mind and they’re always absolutely hilarious. Makki, Mattsun and Oikawa keep egging him on and soon they’re all yelling and laughing loudly, much so that the nearby tables complain.

King of Dance and Song
They’re all having a great time when the bar plays that song. Iwaizumi knows this song. He loves this song. He jumps up on his chair and starts singing (or at least attempting to) the lyrics, taking another sip whenever he forgets the words. Everyone is trying to control him but he retorts with “shut up, let me sing. I can sing. I’m a great singer. I can also dance too, here watch this,” which then proceeds to him staggering around while spilling drinks on everyone within arm’s reach.

Beer Goggles
Under normal circumstances, Iwaizumi is a rather shy kind of guy. But under drunk circumstances, he’s the most charismatic person in the room. 
And which better victim than his charming, talented, athletic, freakin’ gorgeous best friend, Oikawa Tooru. (“holy shit, Oikawa you’re beautiful. Have I ever told you that? Jesus, look at those eyes. Huh? No, that wasn’t meant to be a pick up line. But if it’s working then, hell. Your eyes are the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.”)

Were you Just Checking out my Best Friend’s Ass?
It all turns upside down when Iwaizumi spots someone sneaking a glance at HIS best friend. Suddenly, Iwaizumi goes from love-sick sap to full-blown fighting machine because “back the hell up, did you just do what I think you just did? That’s it, Mattsun, hold my beer.” He has no fear, going up and confronting the huge burly guy three times his size and it results in a crazy brawl with half the bar trying to pry the two off each other and Oikawa screaming somewhere in the background (Mattsun and Makki are too busy filming this from a safe distance to intervene)

It’s no surprise the seijou gang are kicked out the bar
The four are left staggering around in the streets; Mattsun and Makki in absolute hysterics because this is literally the sixth time this has happened holy shit, and Oikawa screeching at them for not helping out earlier as he struggles to drag a stumbling Iwa-chan with him. Iwaizumi then proceeds to chug his guts up all over the pavement, some of which spraying on Oikawa’s shoes
(the M-duo are already filming the disastrous situation).

Aftermath: The next morning
Iwaizumi looks and feels terrible. He’s got huge bags under his eyes, a sickly complexion and he’s permanently hunched over, nursing his churning stomach. The look on his face is priceless when Makki and Mattsun show him all of the footage they captured from last night.

Iwaizumi swears never to drink again and the group agree it’s for the best

… But that doesn’t stop them from doing it again the next week