Alcoholic Drinks

Aries - Vodka

Taurus - Champagne

Gemini - Margarita

Cancer - Cosmopolitan

Leo - Tequila

Virgo - White Wine

Libra - Martini

Scorpio - Beer

Sagittarius - Whiskey

Capricorn - Gin

Aquarius - Rum

Pisces - Red Wine


This post is multifunctional: in fanfic with college aged characters, many of y’all are in highschool and have never been drunk, so you inadvertently make some choices that make anyone who has ever been drunk laugh.

BUT ALSO: i had never been drunk until summer after senior year. I didn’t know what to expect, but I got to test my limits around people I trusted, and that’s not always the case. It’s a new school year, and I don’t want you freshies accidentally drinking way more than you should and getting in trouble, getting alcohol poisoning, or even just puking on your dorm floor, because that shit is nasty. SO STAY SAFE AND RESPONSIBLE, BUT USE THIS INFO TO HELP.

(disclaimer: i am a 5′5 under 150lbs 19 year old girl with low to med alcohol tolerance. If you/your character is, say, a 6′2, male 200lb frat guy who drinks vodka like water, scale up accordingly)

this got long so it’s under the cut:


1-2 shots: feeling nothing

3 shots: maybe feeling something? maybe just a placebo

4 shots: I’m fi–oh wait, i just stood and the ground moved. ok, maybe i’m almost tipsy. Starting to feel loose.

5 shots: definitely in the tipsy zone. feeling good. stumbling but not falling. whatever Kind of Drunk you are, here is when it starts to appear

6+ shots: I have not definitively documented these, because I am good at knowing my limits. Some people are not. Basically just looser and looser, easier to laugh, more outgoing, etc. But from what I hear, tipsy is the feel-good zone, and then you want to feel even more good so you drink more and then you hit Too Drunk and it’s a downhill slide into FeelingLikeShitville


jungle juice/tub juice: this varies based on recipe, but i would say it is USUALLY one shot per drink. Sometimes they amp it up to two, but guys. Alcohol tastes like shit. If you want it to taste okay, you’ll need way more parts kool-aid/hawaiian punch/orange juice than alcohol. So please, for the love of god, do not have your adult male college student take one sip of a “mysterious concoction” and start making poor choices immediately. He’ll need, like, 3 cups min before the bad choices start rolling in.

wine/beer: what you see as the usual serving size is typically equivalent to one shot, but it’s more liquid, so takes longer to drink and therefore longer to get drunk.


CHASERS: when you’re taking a shot of vodka, tequila, fireball, whatever, it can be hard going down. So you’ll have people using “chasers” like lemonade, sweet tea, sprite, etc. You’ll either drink it right after the shot or right before and then after the shot.

DIFF ALCOHOL TYPES: different types of alc affect you differently. For example, tequila and beer make me nauseous, so I avoid those. My friend says when she’s “wine drunk” it’s different from being regular drunk. Mixing alcohol types as well (like beer and liquor, etc) can make some people sick. Quick list of some types/brands of alc: tequila*, vodka*, wine*, beer*, champagne, cocktails(margharitas, mimosas, etc), whiskey* (usually, especially for college students, this means fireball, which tastes like those shitty cinnamon candies your grandma always had out and feels like an actual warmth in your chest). There are more but I’m a gross college student and * are most common for me

HANGOVERS: i have never had a hangover bc even while drunk im an overthinker, and after every drink i have a drink of water, and this has staved off every hangover. Also, it makes you pee a lot, and peeing at a house party is An Experience


there are “types” of drunk, and they often mix together including but not limited to: Chatty Drunk, (me. i cant shut the fuck up. every thought i have exits my mouth. this is less embarrassing and more tedious, since most of my thoughts are inane and boring) Sleepy Drunk (my best friend. It is important to know if your friend is sleeping or passed out: one is an effect of alcohol, one means they are literally dying and should be taken to a hospital) Annoying/Loud Drunk (this is obvious) and Horny Drunk (my other friend is notorious for pointing to a guy and being like “I am going to fuck him” and then I have to physically drag her away and call an uber, despite also being drunk)

Another friend will, without fail, Every Single Time put on “Break Your Heart” by Taio Cruz, and proceed to play her 2010 playlist. Drunk people have reliable quirks and do weird shit. idk man, but usually people will know exactly what kind of drunk their friends are, and prepare.

I’m sure I’m missing stuff and I don’t actually drink a whole lot so if anyone has anything to add, PLEASE DO. Also, if y’all want a part two I can talk about house parties or other college shit

if you’ve been bothered by this kind of stuff or made these mistakes in fic or if you just wish you’d had this knowledge PLEASE REBLOG: i never really saw accessible info like this because the only info about alc i ever saw was like “ONLY EVER DRINK TEENY SIPS ONCE YOU ARE 21 BC ALCOHOL IS BAD” and that’s just not helpful

Black Lodge (for TP: FWWM)

1 pint coffee porter or coffee stout*

Coffee or other similarly flavored ice cream

Scoop ice cream into a pint glass, filling the glass about two-thirds full, but not packing the ice cream in too tightly.  Pour stout or porter over it.  The ice cream tends to make the beer very frothy, so be careful to pour slowly and smoothly, taking breaks to allow the foam to settle a bit every now and then.

*Note: the coffee base for the beer must be damn fine, else wise Dale Cooper would never approve.

Fifteen Hundred Miles (Burr x Reader)

Words: 2700+

Warnings: A small bit of cursing

A/N: I have decided that there aren’t enough burr imagines out there, so i made one! i am proud of this, so enjoy!

You’ve checked your wrist hundreds of times, seeing if your soulmate would get any closer to you. But since you were born, your wrist read 1500 miles, 1500 miles away from the one you were meant to be with, 1500 miles away from seeing their face.

It was strange, sometimes you thought that your clock was broken. It hasn’t changed in miles, so either you haven’t gone anywhere in ages, or the person didn’t move out of their one-mile radius.

Most of your friends found their soulmates, they were lucky enough to live within a hundred-mile radius of one another. But you, you weren’t so fortunate. You had states to travel, hundreds of dollars to spend to see them. You wondered whether it was worth it. But you saw the happiness on Elizabeth’s face when she met Alexander and their immediate connection that you continued to think otherwise.

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My 63 year old mum wrote a letter to her doctor after a recent physical that she asked if I would be willing to share online. It is regarding the experience of being overweight and how doctors, and the world at large, treat you when you are. It’s a bit lengthy, but please give it a read if you have the time!

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ENTJ vs INTJ: Compare/Contrast

Study sample: my partner (ENTJ 5w4) and myself (INTJ 8w9).


ENTJ: cross-country.
INTJ: weight training.
ENTJ: forgets to eat.
INTJ: dibs.
ENTJ: beer.
INTJ: cocktails.
ENTJ: tea > coffee.
INTJ: coffee > tea.
ENTJ: is an “energy vampire” - energized through interaction with other people. INTJ: literally looks and acts like a vampire.


ENTJ: low maintenance, emphasis on quality.
INTJ: higher maintenance, likes to experiment.
ENTJ: much of wardrobe still remaining from senior year of high school.
INTJ: has ruined or outgrown wardrobe from just five years ago.
ENTJ: displays offbeat/geeky interests discreetly, like wearing a pin or a watch.
INTJ: has a closet full of nerdy t-shirts and wears them often.


ENTJ: band.
INTJ: solo piano.
ENTJ: plays D&D.
INTJ: reads D&D novels.
ENTJ: sci-fi > fantasy.
INTJ: fantasy > sci-fi.


ENTJ: outwardly affable and energetic; inwardly serious and intense.
INTJ: outwardly serious and reserved; inwardly soft and goofy.
ENTJ: is proud of their accomplishments, makes a point to not brag about them.
INTJ: has somehow managed to forget every major accomplishment in their life up to this point.
ENTJ: has gradually learned how to be less confrontational.
INTJ: has gradually learned how to not give a shit.


Day 16 (07/10/2017): this was easily my favourite day in Japan and will remain my favourite day here because I went to meet my friend Rena :D in Hiroshima. We’ve been chatting online for almost 2 years and meeting her in person getting to talk, hang out and have fun was amazing :D plus I also got to hang out with her super cool friend Fuka :D

I got to try so many new things and the day started with a trip from Tokyo to Hiroshima on the Shinkansen bullet train (high speed train) which was so cool! Then when I got to Hiroshima Rena and Fuka were waiting for me at the station! We went and ate Okonomiyaki together at this restaurant Fuka recommended. I have been dreaming of trying Hiroshima Okonomiyazaki for about 3 years since I saw it on tv! And when I tried it the taste blew away my expectations! It was soooo delicious!!!!! I got a teriyaki one with egg cheese and pork and other things! I can not express how delicious it was! And afterwards I could have died from being so full! After lunch we exchanged gifts, Rena got me lots of amazing delicious Japanese foods and treats :D :D :D and I got her a black totoro plushie from the ghibli museum :D

We then headed to see the A Bomb dome and after took a walk through the park to the peace museum, it was such a beautiful day outside but seeing the destruction and history of the nuclear bomb dropped on a city that killed 140 thousand people was understandably deeply unsettling and sobering. I felt it was better not to think too long on the horror of the bomb and its aftermath but to contemplate what the dome and the peace museum are there for; to hope for a future with peace, no nuclear weapons and remember the dead.

The museum was soooo busy and packed that it was very hard to see things but the things I did get to see were possessions and clothes of the dead in shreds and tatters from the bomb blast, pictures of survivors who would not live many hours or days afterwards. It was strange to experience such happy and poignant emotions in one day.

It was such a hot sunny day so we went to a cafe near the river and had ice cream, Rena had matcha, Fuka had chocolate and I had Mango sorbet which I was loving until near the end when this huge bug the size of a penny landed it in hahaha then crawled away on its happy way having gotten a refreshing bath in mango ice cream!

Next we went to a photo both thing in an arcade to get some pictures taken it was so much fun! I was so good at the poses it being my first time and all ;) And I think you’ll agree the results are awesome and I of course look super Kawaiiiiiiiii!!!!! I had seen so many pictures of Rena before we met but she is an insanely beautiful young lady in person. Of course me and Fuka are pretty Kawaii too! After we each customised our own photos (see above) after we got a big selection of food with beers and cocktails then hired a karaoke room for what must have been a couple of hours, I had wanted to do karaoke in Japan for so long!! Last time I did karaoke was over 10 years ago in Northern Ireland and of course with it being Japan i had to kick off with a couple of classics “should I stay or should I go” and “rock the casbah” by the clash which I am awesome at! Rena and Fuka have amazing voices and we’re so good! I then did Sanpo from Totoro in a duet with Rena as it’s the only song I know all in Japanese and we did great :D Rena and Fuka then did a few ghibli songs for me like the main theme from princess mononoke and the closing song from Kiki’s delivery service which were so cool!!! Then Rena sang a beautiful and sweet version of one of the songs from poppy hill “in the days of our first love” :D. I love Karaoke so much even though I can’t sing very well and managed to do my best bill Murray impersonation by taking on Roxy Music’s “more than this” which was so much fun even though it’s a tough song to sing and kept switching between Bill Murray and Brian Ferry style hahaha :D I did dean Martin that’s a'more and my best Neil diamond impersonation for “Sweet Caroline” and my best Boss impersonation for “dancin in the dark” which is too tough for me to sing. They also had a tambourine in our room and we got drinks too so it was super super super amazing fun and il never forget it!

Finally meeting Rena was the best experience of my time in Japan and I have memories that il never forget, Rena and Fuka have excellent English language skills which made the day so easy and had so many laughs along the way,. Rena told me she wants to improve her English even more for the next time we meet (which I hope is soon) but I think they did pretty incredible to understand me as I have a northern Irish accent & often get accused of mumbling as I’m too lazy to move my lips some times! I think it’s my responsibility to improve my Japanese skills too, I will have to search for a Japanese tutor in Northern Ireland again when I get home. Rena is such a sweet girl and I felt emotional at all the kind things she said to me especially one phrase she said to me in Japanese. I greatly appreciate my special friendship with her.

VLD season 3 drinking game!

Alright nerds gather around! Finally, here’s the drinking game I came up with to play with my friends as we binge watch season 3 of Voltron: Legendary FUCKING Defender.

Before we get started, be sure to always drink responsibly! If you’re new to drinking and don’t know your limits, always make sure you’re with people you trust with your life, ok? Some of the rules of this game incorporate snacks & water, it’s important to stay hydrated so you don’t hate yourself the day after. Please, for the love of god, try to avoiding mixing your liquors as much as possible. I advise taking shots of the same liquor used in your cocktail of choice (ex: vodka shots with vodka-based cocktails).


For this game, there’s 3 different levels/types of action: Drink, chug and shots. If a rule says “take a drink”, you’re meant to take at least a sip of whatever cocktail or beer you’re drinking (I personally take a big ol’ gulp in the spirit of the game lol). Chug is…what it sounds like. You chug your drink as the instructions indicate (i.e. chug through an entire scene). Lastly, there’s shots, which is also self-explanatory lol. If you don’t have shot glasses, you can measure them out in solo cups (the bottom most fill-line/ridge in a solo cup is just about a shot).

Another note: these rules were written without any spoilers/before SDCC, so some may be more relevant than others (i.e. I don’t know when Keith will pilot the black lion or for how long, or how soon they’ll show us Lotor, etc.)

The Rules:

  • Take a drink every time someone pilots a lion for which they’re not the “real paladin” of
  • Take 2 drinks every time Lance makes a flirty joke/attempts to flirt. 1 drink for any joke not intentionally flirty.
  • Take a drink every time Pidge talks “too smart” for others to keep up
  • Take a drink for every new Altean phrase Coran uses
  • Take 3 drinks if you cry when Keith pilots Black the first time (if you don’t cry, then just take 1 drink)
  • Take a drink for every new female character introduced
  • Chug your entire fucking drink if we get a female Galra finally (this is optional, I just know that’s what I’ll do instinctually bc I’m gay; you can just take a drink instead)
  • Chug during every Voltron transformation sequence (y’all best pray they shortened that sequence this season lmao)
  • Take a shot every time someone makes a Motivational Speech™️
  • To celebrate the new villain, take a shot for the first Lotor scene in each episode (aka 1 Lotor shot per episode)
  • If anyone cries….take a fucking shot, you’re gonna need it

Special Shiro rules!

  • This is sort of like a version of King’s Cup; it’s alright if you’re unfamiliar with that game, just know you’re gonna need a large cup to serve as the King’s Cup
  • Every time Shiro is mentioned and/or shown in an episode, everyone must pour a bit of their drink into the King’s Cup
  • At the end of each episode, play paper rock scissors (or any game of choice) to decide who has to chug whatever is in the King’s Cup

Pro Tip: highly recommended that all participants have complimenting cocktails of some sort. I played this once and had to chug a mixture of White Russian, wine, tequila sour and beer and….it was Not a good time lol

Special rules for self care:

  • Take a sip of water after every two shots (or whenever Allura is especially beautiful, which is always)
  • Eat a snack/take a bite of food every time Hunk mentions food (yeah ok food jokes are overdone but hey it’s good to keep something in your stomach)
  • Stand up and walk around between each episode to make sure you’re ok (sometimes alcohol hits you hard if you’ve been sitting & drinking and then finally stand up)

As always, please be safe. I will be playing the game As Is with my friends because I have a high alcohol tolerance and I very much trust the people I’m with. Please don’t hesitate to modify the rules to better suit your drinking habits (changing “Shots” to “sips” or eliminating “chugs”). This is intended for fun! So if you find yourself NOT enjoying it/getting overwhelmed, please don’t push yourself. 

As the wise (fratboy) Shiro once said, “Go, be great.”

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Love Me Like You Love Chicken Nuggets

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader
Rating: Teen 
Genre: some angst, some fluff & some humour.
Word count: 4,213

A/N: For @dontcallmemarge​! I hope you enjoy it! And blame @wangcrusher​ for the title which is kind of the best 💕

Jungkook does not look delicious. Jungkook does not look delicious. Jungkook does-

Ah shit, who were you kidding? Jungkook most definitely does look delicious dressed in a pair of light wash jeans - more than a little distressed - and a loose white tee. He completed his outfit with his cherished Timberlands and ran a hand through his hair, messing with the blonde locks to give him the fresh-out-of-bed-but-still-sexy look that had your heart feeling weak. Curse him and his good looks.

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The Appaloosa is a great drink to welcome autumn. You’ll want to find a Belgian blond abbey ale, like Affligem or Leffe, the fruity notes of which are accentuated by the apple and ginger flavors. Use real apple cider for this, not apple juice or hard cider.


  • Ice cubes
  • 1 ounce Snap ginger liqueur
  • 1 ounce Aperol
  • 1 ½ ounces apple cider
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 4 ounces blond abbey ale 2 ounces seltzer 1 apple wheel, for garnish


  1. 1. Fill a cocktail shaker halfway full with ice cubes. Combine the ginger liqueur, Aperol, cider, and lemon juice in the shaker and shake to combine.
  2. 2. Strain into a 12-ounce pilsner glass. Top with the ale and seltzer. Cut a notch in the apple wheel, place it on the rim of the glass, and serve.

Number of servings : 1

 Recipe © 2013 by Howard and Ashley Stelzer and used with permission by The Harvard Common Press.