Bana kalırsa ‘jazz’ içimizde; şişe diyorum, çok güzel değil mi?

Aslında bira rock'n roll'dur belki biraz lâkin bu sefer dibine kadar jazz!
(Klavyem, ben jazz yazmak isterken inadına 'haz’ yazıyor. Garip!)
Öyleyse haz da içimizde ve hattâ biz hazzın içinde…
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Look, Spanky,” I said to Sharkface. “I’m a little busy to be tussling with every random weirdo who is insecure about his junk. Otherwise I would just love to smash you with a beer bottle, kick you in the balls, throw you out the saloon doors, the whole bit. Why don’t you have your people contact my people, and we can do this maybe next week?”
“Next week is your self-deprecation awareness seminar,” Thomas said.
I snapped my fingers. “What about the week after?”
“Apartment hunting.”
“Bother,” I said. “Well, no one can say we didn’t try. See you later.
—  Harry Dresden and Thomas Raith (Cold Days by Jim Butcher)

Chrom swirled his drink, as he sat there bordely at his seat. Everyone was partying and drinking with friends, Gaius was having way more fun–he was chugging down bottles of beer with everyone chanting his name. This party was supposed to be celebrating Gaius’ engagement to his fiance, Sumia. But Sumia seemed to enjoy just sitting in the living chatting with friends and a drink in her hand, while her soon-to-be-husband partied hard. Once people set foot into the house, they were shown mostly alcohol and a couple trays worth of sweets-courtesy of Gaius-including some with food. The man went all out on inviting most of the people he knew–everyone plus Chrom’s longtime friend, Robin.

They both lost contact after graduating high school–Robin and him were accepted to big time colleges, so it was expected that they were drowned in work. Chrom couldn’t handle the fact of seeing his friend again after four years. And his crush on Robin hasn’t helped him at all. To make this more awkward, Chrom was the only person not talking to anyone or up and joining on the fun. He had tried talking to Henry, but he left as soon as he saw his boyfriend, Ricken, arrive. After many attempts of trying to talk to people, he decided to just sit down and be by himself. The party went on for a while, or more likely until everyone passed out. People left little by little and eventually only Chrom, Robin, and Cordelia were the only one left. Gathering his belongings, Chrom shrugged on his jacket and got his keys ready. Cordelia was staying back to help Sumia clean, also helping her out with drunk Gaius. Bidding good-bye, Chrom head towards the door but before even reaching the door he saw Robin putting on her jacket; he couldn’t help but blush. Robin’s beauty was radiating off her, it was like his breath was taken away. In Chrom’s head, his mind was racing, How did she get more beautiful within these years? was all he thought of.

Robin turned around to see Chrom standing there, his gaze focused on her. She raised a brow before coughing into her fist, snapping Chrom back into reality. Chrom’s eyes widened and he quickly looked away. Robin laughed, “Long time no see, Chrom. You haven’t changed a bit after all these years.” Chrom let out his own laugh before scratching the back of his neck.

“Same to you, Robin. How was college?”

“It was pretty great.” Chrom nodded, “Cool, cool.”

“Yeah…” Robin said as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

The two stood there for a good minute before Robin decided to break the silence. “Well, I should get going, Chrom. But it was really nice seeing you again.” She turned and opened the door. Before Robin stepped outside, Chrom called out for her. “R-robin, I…” Robin’s head turned, waiting for an response from Chrom. “You..?” Robin gestured her hands for Chrom to continue, “I..think we should head out, we both got work tomorrow, right?” “Um, yeah.”

Chrom pressed on the buttons of his keys, unlocking his car. He looked over to see Robin walk down the street opposite of him. “Your car is parked down there, Robin?” The said woman turned, “I’m walking back home.” “Isn’t it suppose to rain pretty soon?” She shrugged before patting her purse. “I’ve got an umbrella in here, don’t worry.” But Chrom kept insisting that he’d give her a ride back to her apartment, but being the stubborn woman she is, she kept declining.

Rain started to pour once he pulled out of the driveway, Chrom let out a frustrated sigh. He should’ve told her! He kept scolding himself internally. Now how was he going to tell Robin? He probably won’t see her for a while after this. Stopping at a red light, Chrom waited. He thought over ways of telling Robin about his crush on her.

Texting? No.

By friends? No.

Chrom’s mind filtered through the possibilities. As the light turned green, he drove forward before seeing a familiar figure walking. It was Robin, and she was soaking wet. Chrom quickly pulled over and rolled down his window. “Robin, what happened to the umbrella you said you had?” Robin shivered, “Once the rain started to pour, I tried looking for it, but it wasn’t in my purse! I must’ve forgotten it at home or something.”

Unlocking his car door, he invited Robin in. “Come in, i’ll drive you home.” She quickly obliged and entered the passenger seat. Robin was still shivering violently, Chrom took off his jacket and draped it over Robin’s form. She gave a small smile, “Thanks.” “No problem, just tell me where your place is.”


Stopping in front of Robin’s apartment complex, Chrom turned over to Robin and looked over at her.

“Here we are, your place.”

“Thank you, Chrom.” Robin got out of the car, and walked towards the building. She stopped and looked back, “Wait Chrom, your jacket!” Before she could walk back, Chrom raised his hand, “It’s alright, why don’t you give it back to me next time? Like on a date? Maybe…this Friday?” Robin’s cheeks grew red before letting out a giggle.

“It’s a date.”


Second Life: The Heineken WOBO Doubles as Beer Bottle and Brick

Fifty years ago, Heineken developed a revolutionary and sustainable design solution to give its beer bottles a second life: as an architectural brick. The concept arose after brewing magnate Alfred Heineken visited Curacao during a world tour of his factories in 1960. He was struck by the amount of beer bottles—many bearing his name—littering the beaches and the lack of affordable building materials for residents. In a stroke of genius (or madness), Heineken realized both problems could be solved if beer bottles could be reused as structural building components. Enlisting the help of Dutch architect N. John Habraken, Heineken created a new bottled design—dubbed the Heineken WOBO (World Bottle)—that doubled as a drinking vessel and a brick. As author and architecture critic Martin Pawley notes, the WOBO was “the first mass production container ever designed from the outset for secondary use as a building component.“ The new squared off bottle was both inter-locking and self-aligning, allowing it to nestle seamlessly and snugly into adjoining "bricks.” With Habraken’s design, a 10 by 10 foot hut could be constructed with 1,000 WOBO bottles. Though a test run of 100,000 bottles was produced in 1963, the marketing department’s worries about liabilities doomed the project. The WOBO was subsequently and unceremoniously retired. Though only two official WOBO buildings remain, both on the Heineken estate in Noordwijk near Amsterdam, the concept remains a powerful and inspiring one. Indeed, the experiment is a reminder of how a major corporation might seriously take on sustainability in an innovative way.