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Oooh the “hands off!” One for luke?

I have midterms and a wicked sinus headache so it’s a miracle this got written at all… but this is the last of the protective 5sos blurbs! You can find the list i used here but if you send in a request just know i might put it on the backburner for a while. anyways enjoy!

Y/N didn’t know why she was at this stupid frat party. Well, she did kind of know why. Mikey had threatened to fireman’s-carry her out of the library if she didn’t take a break, let loose for a little while, and oh, what a coincidence, his frat was having a party that night and they needed girls. He’d invited her before, but never so instantly. Anyway, at least he had helped her skip the line for the keg, and he’d danced with her for a little while. And that was all well and good, but she had been watching him play beer pong for the last half hour and if another idiot spilled his beer on her she was gonna get violent.

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I noticed college parties were brought up? They're not as fun as they're hyped up to be. When I was 18 I went to my first one and it was a mess of beer pong, questionable decisions, and a crying drunk stranger sitting on me. It was also Halloween and I was greeted by a guy running naked with a captain America mask over his junk and a red white and blue speedo on his head... A wild ride from start to finish, but nothing fun about it. 😂

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1) The fact that he took time out his busy day to actually write thoughtful short notes that he knew was going to make Lara Jean smile. Boys nowadays will just send you a text or won’t even bother.

2) He took Lara Jean to a party and made her feel pretty and good about herself. BONUS: He knew he was driving them both home so he was responsible enough to drink a nonalcoholic beverage. And he probably knew that Lara Jean doesn’t usually drink so he chose to stay sober to look after her just in case. Boys nowadays will get drunk, and just tell you to get an Uber and they certainly won’t make time for you because they’ll be too busy playing beer pong with their guy friends.

3) Once he saw that Lara Jean was upset, he acted right away and defended her on the spot in front of the whole school. Boys nowadays don’t have the balls. They’ll tell you to just ignore it, and that it’ll eventually go away.

4) He formed a really close bond with her younger sister, Kitty. He stayed home and watched movies with them when he could’ve been out partying with his friends. Boys nowadays won’t even give your siblings a second glance.

5) He went out of his way so that he could pick them up in the mornings and give them a ride to school. Boys nowadays would rather sleep an extra 5 minutes than waste their gas to drive you to school every morning.

6) He drove all the way across town to get her FAVORITE drink. He packed snacks, and prepared a bunch of stuff all because he wanted her to sit next to him on the bus. Boys nowadays will tell you to pack all his favorite snacks.

7) When he received the letter, instead of being weirded out and attacking Lara Jean for writing it, he tried letting her down gently and in the nicest way possible. Boys nowadays would’ve shown that letter to all his friends so they all had something to laugh about.

Peter Kavinsky didn’t raise the bar for boys just because he’s cute. He raised the bar put the bar back where it’s supposed to be because unlike boys nowadays, he’s thoughtful and sweet and genuinely kind and actually goes out of his way to show you he cares about you.