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Happy Valentine’s

Iwaoi- Hip Hop AU (Oneshot) |for more information read my tags|

Lyrics in blue box taken from “They Lied” - Atmosphere feat Spawn

Thank you @t0bio-kageyama for all those great ideas and headcanons. It really inspired me. I also got inspired by @happytoorus wonderful Art (late working together)


So, firstly, Happy Valentines Day my loves! ♥ I hope everyone gets sooo much chocolate today, even if it’s from yourself. Secondly, since today IS Valentines Day and episode 6x666 airs tonight (fuck you, they’ve been on dates), I thought I would kick week six of #TheMickeyProject off with some more fic recommendations!! These fics just make me feel good; all warm and gooey inside. There’s some series thrown in here, some Valentines Day sappiness and just straight up smut…lots of smut, OOPS. Read about these happy boys all day. HERE WE GO!

From Head To Toe (series)
-one of my favorite series, lots of Mickey love. I recommend “torso” and “ass”

Domestic Bliss (series)
-wonderful series about these boys living happily ever after. I recommend “Study Buddies and Date Nights” for some actual date night action

Fucking Happy

Your Heart Is The Only Place That I Call Home
-5x01 gap filler.

Beer and Candy
-surprise Valentines date!

Total Frat Move
-college AU. Valentines Day fluff in here as well.

Memorize Me, Mesmerize Me
-3x06 was definitely a fucking date.

Confessions of a Drunk
-Mickey has a crush. FLUFF!

I think that’s enough to keep you entertained and happy today. ♥
If that’s not good enough for ya, check out my fic rec tag. Working on updating with some fic recomendations every week.