beer tub

It's my humble opinion that guys really need to get behind this whole bath thing

Okay look I get it, the idea of sitting in your own grime can be a bit off putting but sometimes you need the ultimate relaxer.
Most fellas I know don’t really have baths because it’s always seen as girly or whatever, I dunno shit makes no sense to me but I’m high as a fucking kite right now so let’s move on.

I present to you

The Dude Bath

What you’ll need:

-A 6 pack of your favourite brew
-A good strand of indica weed
-Your favourite movie
-Bath spice? I dunno, the tickly stuff you put in the water


1) Put your laptop on your toilet seat because it sits about eye level with the bath. Load the movie.
2) Draw a hot bath
3) Add your bath spice stuff
4) Rip a decent sized bowl
5) Open a beer
6) Play the movie. Watch till the end.


A) You must finish the whole 6 pack
B) You must finish your beer before you can refill the tub with hot water.

Guys we have to chill out more. If you try this and like it then share it with your friends.

*WARNING: Suicide Squad spoilers*

What was with Ayer cutting off the “greatest desires” visions after Diablo’s? I mean come on. I was so excited to see Boomer’s, which would most likely be him drinking his cheap ass beer in a tub of money in the Australian outback with Pinky and diamonds all over the place.

And Katana could have been with her husband and we could have seen a totally different side to her/gotten a glimpse into her backstory.

My new *old* beer tub!!  I got this great party tub at an antique festival today! My Grandpap Scott worked at Wheeling Steele his whole life, as did my great-grandpap!  I was thrilled to find this double laundry tub and got a great buy on it (I hope) - but regardless, it means a lot to me to have it - and it’s going to make a great drink cooler for our big fling-dings!!!

Stories from psychcation

My attending a few weeks back told us a story of a gentleman that tried to cut back on his drinking and went from 6 cases of beer to 4 cases of beer A DAY and went into delirium tremens.
All I could think was how does he even drink that much? How could anyone’s bladder handle it?? So I asked. My attending then said he literally sat on the toilet all day so he could continue peeing. He’d put the beer in the tub and fill it with ice!!!!

People are crazy. I guess that’s the whole point of psych though.

Things to do to mend your heart

1. Buy a plant. Buy two plants. Buy as many plants as you want because they will turn the stale love plagued air of your apartment into fresh air once again.

2. Take bubble baths and drink beer in the tub. Stretch your legs out as far as the porcelain ocean will let you. Hold your breath under the water until your eyes get fuzzy. Come up for air. You are whole, you are clean, and you are probably a little bit drunk.

3. Sleep on his side of the bed. Realize that his side of the bed has a great view of the entire apartment. Sleep in the middle of the bed. Sleep on your side of the bed. The entire bed is your side now.

4. Take your dog on walks. She’s been there to lick your tears off your face and cuddle with you whenever you call her name. Take her out. Walk circles around the neighborhood. It’ll make her happy and it’ll probably make you happy too.

5. Take two times the recommended dose of melatonin every night to help you escape your sleeplessness. It’s okay, you won’t need it forever. You need your sleep right now though, so take it.

6. Sleep with the light above the stove on. Realize you’ve only spent two nights in the apartment alone over the past year and leave a light on because things get scary when you’re alone.

7. Go to the thrift store and buy $3.99 pictures. Hang them in your apartment. Make the apartment yours once and for all. 

8. Fill your time with your friends. Go out with them when they invite you and you don’t really want to. Laugh, drink, curse your ex even though you still love him.

9. But also have time to yourself. Cook yourself dinner and eat it in front of the tv watching your current netflix binge. Spend time alone and be okay with it.

10. Cry. This isn’t a fun one but it’s going to happen. Cry until your makeup runs down your face like the god damn Mississippi River. Wipe it off and feel new again.