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…really, Hannibal ?

Garbage the chihuahua (or…trash mouse…) makes a return…and Hannibal is still at odds with the dog and it’s secrets. 

The real mystery is where Hannibal moved poor confused Will’s clothing so he’d have to come out and wander around in a towel more :p

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I think one of the misconceptions about Loki is that he is looking to cause chaos, but rarely have I experienced Loki causing chaos just for the sake of chaos.

Change, chaotic change, serves a purpose as the quickest way to get from point a to b. Or it’s for fun. Or because certain fuckers are asshats and really need to have things go wrong for them. Or because Really, Trust Me, Hold My Beer, This Is Gonna Be Great and you end up with some awesome stuff, or in the same vein it’s “Look these rules suck and if we say, DON’T play by the rules there might be some bumps but it will be totally worth it” and you end up with a foldable ship and a lightning hammer.

And change is fucking scary for a lot of people, especially when the change doesn’t follow rules or connect-the-dots steps or moments to adjust, so really it’s no wonder a lot of people are wary of Loki and I know with all this I sound slightly ridiculous going “No, dude- DUDE. It’s totally worth it. It’s amazing. Just do it it is so much fun oh my gods.” on the subject of working with him.


Beer Lesbian – Butch Dad. Always down for drinking games. Probably watches  football and loves the fuck out of it un-ironically. Wanted to play the drums in middle school.

Wine Lesbian – Would rather guzzle wine while watching jeopardy with her cat than go to a bar. Makes well thought out Harry Potter fan theories. Has a crush on Meryl Streep. 

Vodka Lesbian – Everyone’s favorite Pillow Queen. Gets drunk way too easily to be ripping shots but does it anyways. Always a hot mess. Complains about being straight passing. 

Gin Lesbian – Lesbian you find sitting alone listening to live music. Next level cool. Probably has more plants in her apartment than hairs in her head. Loves christmas. 

Tequila Lesbian – Best dancer of all other lesbians. Never predictable, and always a lil’ mysterious. Loves blind dates. Hates being talked over. 

Whiskey Lesbian – 100% BABE. Intimidates your dad. 

I had pizza before bed and one wild dream. This is a recreation of said dream. 

Armed with the Super ‘Stasche, Booty Shorts of Snark, and Bat of Justice, he’s known to crack skulls as quick as he cracks open a beer.

 Super McReynolds is a force to be reckoned with.