beer swap

Got my package from ironchefmiyagi13 this afternoon. Soo pumped for these. Got a bottle of Southern Tier’s Pumpking to help round out my pumpkin ale horizontal tasting I’m putting together, Founders' Breakfast Stout, Alchemist’s Heady Topper and Cigar City’s Jai Alai.

Aside from the Pumpking, all of these were surprises, which I was surprised. I haven’t had any of these beers and they’ve been on my radar. Couldn’t have asked for a better mix.

Oh ironchefmiyagi13, you know me well. Thanks for the care package. It was well received.

Included was…

  • Westbrook’s Gose, something I’ve been wanting to try for a while now
  • 2 bottles of Founders’ KBS, something I’ve equally been wanting to try
  • Founders’ Curmudgeon
  • Jack’s Abby’s Hoponius Union
  • Bell’s Oberon
  • Crooked Stave’s Vieille
  • and Central Water’s Brewer’s Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stout

Sole, Preston, Deacon, MacCready, Danse, and Cait throwing darts. They’re the darts group. The others aren’t too into it, but these guys can’t wait until the end of the day when they all gather in Sole’s house to get their drink on and throw some darts.

Preston reprimands everyone else for throwing the darts too hard. He isn’t as competitive as the others, but there’s always a cocky little grin on his face when he gets a bulls-eye. Mostly, though, he’s just in it for the company and the alcohol. He’s nicer to Danse than the others.

It’s the first thing Danse was invited to do in the group and he loves it. He always starts off strong, but he gets drunker quicker than everyone else because Mac swaps his beers until Danse ends up passing out sitting straight up on the couch.

Cait isn’t bad, but she never hits the bulls-eye and is just a long stream of curses because she gets soooo close! But she never makes it! Surprisingly, she doesn’t drink that much because she’s just too agitated and focused on her goal of getting at least one damned bulls-eye.

Deacon is just…terrible. The absolute worst. So bad at darts. It’s the one area where he’s the butt of the joke and he takes it gracefully, often making humorously weak excuses like, “I didn’t eat my Wheaties this morning.” or “Whaaat? It’s the wind! I’m being robbed by Mother Nature over here!”

And MacCready, to the surprise of no one, is so good at darts. Way too good. So good, in fact, that Deacon and Preston make him do trick shots to level the playing field. Do it while jumping, stand at the end of the hall, balance this pen on your upper lip, etc. He still makes the center of the board every time.


A work friend of mine through a beer swap party before Christmas.  The premise is every one participating in the swap brings some amount of beer: 1 bottle, 4 pack, 6 pack, case, etc.  Then you take as much beer as you brought.  I brought a case with some Yeungling Premium I had lying around, 6 Lagunitas Sucks, and 4 New England Brewing Elm City Pilsner (I drank two of them the night before).  We put all our beer out and spent the first hour or so perusing the choices and eating.  There was a lot of good beer.

After everyone got there, the host explained what to do and there was a mad dash for brews.  I’d seen a single bottle of Otter Creek Kind Ryed and knew I had to get that first and worry about everything else later.  I snagged the Kind Ryed and got stuck at the end of the table because of a narrow hallway.  I eventually worked back “upstream” to snag two Boulevard brews (Wheat and Westside Rye).  Some other standouts were: Saranac and Shipyard Black IPAs as I didn’t know either brewery made that style of beer; Jack’s Abby Smoke & Dagger; Two Roads White IPA out of CT; Anchor Brewing Our Special Ale 2013.  I snagged a Clown Shoes Galactica which I traded at the end for a Founders Breakfast Stout.  I did end up taking back 4 of my Yuengling Premiums.

This was a great event and one I’ll have to do with my more craft inclined friends.


Got my care package from @ironchefmiyahi13! Let’s see what’s inside!

Just garbage. jk. The contents were carefully wrapped in garbage bags. I’m pumped to try all of these. Got me some:


  • Resin IPA
  • 3Beans Baltic Porter

Ithaca Beer Company

  • Flower Power IPA (x2)

Southampton Publick House

  • Saison Deluxe
  • Imperial Russian Stout


  • Doom Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial IPA

He was also kind enough to surprise me with a Greenport Harbor Brewing Company pint glass for my collection. I think tonight I’ll crack open one of them Flower Power IPAs

One of my online buddies I’m doing a beer swap with tweeted me this. Soo jelly of all the DFH. I reeeeeeeeeally want another bottle of Sah’tea (between My Antonia and Noble Rot). Also wouldn’t mind trying Theobroma (far left DFH on top) or Great Divide’s Yeti. Can’t figure out which Mikkeller that is on the top between Mikkeller’s Hoppy Lovin’ Christmas and Lagunita’s Hop Stoopid. I see those three Avery bottles up there, too. Czar Imperial Stout from their Dictator Series would be great to try. I also wouldn’t mind trying Maharaja from the same series (not pictured). Hog Heaven dry-hopped barley wine from their Holy Trinity of Ales might be interesting. The duganA double IPA would be interesting as well.

I’m interested to see what she got me. She said she’s just about done filling her budget, which may include Dogfish Head’s 120-Minute IPA as she mentioned she was going to try and get a few bottles. I need to get cracking on her package. I’ve only managed to get her a bottle of High Water’s Campfire Stout. Hopefully Kiel will be going to Beltane on Wednesday and I can bum a ride so we can hit up the BevMo! in Novato or BeerCraft in Rohnert Park.