beer snake

At home with the symbiote

I sat in my living room sofa with a big thud. Today was a long day. Being a supervillain was tiring. I was covered head to toe with my other’s sticky alien substance. It was my battle uniform, if you will. Black slime smoothly hugged my bulging muscles, giving me a feral, dangerous look. Ever since Venom and I bonded, my muscles have grown bigger and bigger each day, and I love it. I love the feeling of power running through my veins, almost as much as I love the feeling of the black slime hugging my powerful frame, feeding me with its power.

But now I was tired, and I commanded the slime to recede, which it did. It peeled away from my face, revealing my handsome features. A quick glance in the mirror next to the TV revealed my unshaven chin, which hadn’t seen a razor for a week. Have I really been that busy as Venom? I decided that I liked the look though. It’s important to look beautiful underneath the alien skin as well! I watched as the alien substance withdrew from my head, revealing perfectly unkempt hair. It also receded from my feet and lower legs as I threw them on the coffee table in front of me. I made sure I watched the mirror as my muscular chest was shown. It’s not that I couldn’t admire my pecs with my suit on, I just loved seeing my second skin melt away at my whim to show the raw power beneath.

I decided I was satisfied when the symbiote had uncovered about half of my body. When I was just relaxing, I liked to have Venom’s tendrils wrapped around my naked body. These tendrils were at the moment clawed onto my six pack abs, touching and feeling the grooves between them. The symbiote was also still covering my hands and arms. I had ordered it to caress my biceps.

Suitably positioned, with my symbiote’s tendrils touching me just the way I liked, I extended my hands, and commanded a tendril to go and grab me a beer. Fast as a snake, the black tentacle flew from my hand, round the corner into the kitchen and wrapped around one of the beers I had left on the counter. Without moving an inch I had brought it into my hand. I cracked it open and guzzled it down. I could binge drink or eat as much as I wanted, and the alien would remove all the negative effects for me. Having the symbiote was so awesome. I could do whatever I wanted and always have this hot muscular body, without any effort at all.

I also sent a tendril from my front to the TV remote lying on the table, held it in the air, and flicked through some channels. Other tentacles deftly closed the door, turned on the lamp and picked up a fallen pizza box, all at my command. I marveled at my tentacles. They were very powerful these days. Just this morning I was picking up and throwing police officers several metres in the air with them as if it were nothing. It felt great exercising my immense power through my tentacles because they were so free and fluid, and alien. They looked so unnatural and inspired so much fear; I really got off on it. Nobody within 50 metres of me is safe.

Just thinking of my powerful influence, even in my little living room with black tentacles moving around the room, following my will, started to arouse me. My alien other immediately started to respond. It knew the routine. The black slime that covered my midsection produced even more tentacles, which slithered and poked at my body. Little tiny black claws raked down the grooves between my chest and stomach muscles. They wrapped around my back and over my left shoulder, moving slowly over my pec and bicep. I couldn’t help but flex my muscles. It felt so good, a hundred tiny hands exploring my powerful muscles. I gave them a show. I bounced my pecs, marvelling at the control I had over the immense globes. The symbiote was also excited. The oily tentacles trembled as they tugged and pulled. I held my arms up in a biceps pose, and was greeted with more tendrils jumping from my sides to feel them. These huge mounds of power had lifted an entire building out of its foundations yesterday, and it was all thanks to this alien I was lucky enough to bond with.

My face erupted into a huge grin, and I couldn’t help but notice how fucking hot I was. I’m definitely keeping this beard, I thought. I look like a fucking movie star. Thinking about my newly grown scruff on my face clearly got my oily friend interested, as a few tentacles jumped up to my face to explore. Some might have said that the image of the man covered in this tar like substance that I saw in the mirror was grotesque, but I couldn’t help getting a hard-on looking at myself. My flexed muscles were clearly visible between the writhing mass of tentacles that I had under my control.

The black mass underneath my six pack abs made way for my rising fuckpole, which was growing bigger along with my muscles and power. It emerged from the symbiote like a proud totem, growing and growing with every second. God, it was so big now. It must be 10 inches or so now. 10 inches of male domination. My smile only grew wider as my symbiote hungrily wrapped its tentacles around it, sending shivers of pleasure through my body. I groaned. I loved this bit.

Still flexing my muscles, I watched the symbiote climb and grope at my cock, moving slowly up and down the shaft and squeezing my balls. Hands-free wanking was the way to go – I can’t remember the last time I jerked with my hand. All I needed now is the sweet touch of the black alien wrapped around me. I arched my back in ecstasy as the tentacles squeezed and rubbed. More tendrils flew out of me into the room all around me, responding to my passion. The symbiote was pulling at my hair, slithering over my muscles, and even playing with my tongue. It was a huge body length orgasm that hit me. The cum flew in a high arc, and was caught by my symbiote and immediately absorbed.

I breathed heavily, smiling at myself in the mirror. I was so fucking hot. My symbiote was still writhing over my muscled body, and tentacles were still trembling in the air around me. I looked like a monster. A fucking powerful monster.

I lay back in the sofa and actually watched some TV. It was so hard to stay focused when your alien other just felt up you like it was doing now. I had finished, but I was still riding high on the wave of the orgasm, and the black sludge was still moving over my body erratically, although it was starting to recede a bit again. With just a thought, my beer was in my hand again and I could waste away some time in peace. That is, if I can resist doing that again, I thought to myself, smiling.