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College Party Head Canons - Haikyuu!! Version

AN: Since I responded to the first anon about drinking and being sad about Ushijima, I thought about hcs of what some of the older characters would be like at a party LOL THIS ISN’T THE EVENT I WANTED TO PLAN, THO, SO NO WORRIES, this is just something fun and small

for some reason I only did HQ characters I’m sorry but if you want KnB characters, too, lemme know LOL

WARNING: Alcohol mention!

pls drink responsibly


  1. Was dragged along against his will because Bokuto really wanted to go
  2. Has never drank alcohol before, let alone go to a party
  3. Stumbled upon punch and had at least 5 cups and on his way to the 6th he was like, “Bokuto-san, I think there’s something wrong with this drink….”
  4. And Bokuto’s like, “Akaashi! How many cups of jungle juice have you had!?”
  5. And Akaashi’s like, “This juice is from the jungle?”
  6. Looooves kissing, so he’ll be giving kisses left and right.
  7. He can surprisingly handle himself well, so despite being his first time, he’s well off, but Bokuto has to help him walk a little bit.
  8. He’s more talkative when drunk, but otherwise more or less same. Smiles a bit more, if anything.


  1. The one that hogs the beer pong table and remains “king of the court”
  2. He’s the overly friendly “host-of-the-house-but-not-really” guy that tilts your head back and puts the bottle to your mouth to drink.
  3. Fully believes in liquid courage to talk to people he finds attractive.
  4. Drinks more when he gets rejected LOL
  5. Very cuddly to everyone! It’s very cute, actually. Everyone at the party enjoys Bokuto’s hugs and little kisses.
  6. Is the tank out of the whole group; he can outdrink everyone and still be literate, aside from Ushihima (it takes Ushijima a loootttt to feel anything)
  7. Bokuto’s just a wildcard and the type of drunk he is really depends on his mood. If he had a good day, he’ll be very affectionate and still just as loud, but if he’s not feeling well, he’ll spend a lot of the time in the bathroom crying with Akaashi and Kuroo waiting outside the door.


  1. He’s very sensitive to hard liquor, but a tank with beer. Two shots and he’s done, but he needs like ten beers to feel something.
  2. A bit of a wallflower when it comes to parties, mostly because he doesn’t care for dancing or hooking up.
  3. Stumbles around to find the best partner skills-wise to play beer pong with.
  4. Even when drunk, he gets nervous going into the closet to make out with someone for 7 minutes, but he never regrets going in. He got a blow job once.
  5. Thinks drunk sex is the best sex he’s ever had. Because of that, if he finds someone he likes, he’ll be whispering dirty things in their ear as they talk and tries to take people home.
  6. At one party, the house owners owned a cat, and he stayed with the cat the whole night while Kuroo fetched his alcohol for him.
  7. He’s the “acting tough” drunk, trying to convince everyone that he’s all right. Most likely to be carried out by Bokuto and Kuroo while Oikawa opens the door to a Lyft LOL


  1. Definitely making out with someone within minutes of everyone coming in.
  2. If he’s not making out with someone, he’ll be facillitating or playing a game of 7 Minutes in Heaven, Truth or Dare, or Spin the Bottle.
  3. Does beer bongs for fun because he’s weird like that.
  4. Likes to throw out compliments to everyone he sees; “You look great in that dress~”, “Your hair looks so good today~”, “You’re so cute and pink from the alcohol~!” He likes to whisper them veeerryy closely in your ear.
  5. Eats all the snacks.
  6. Wears a bro tank because he knows the house is gonna be warm with all the body heat, but he doesn’t mind.
  7. He’s also the affectionate drunk, but the nsfw affectionate LOL but he can’t help it! Because he likes hugging everyone, his actions look like he’s a wobbly drunk.


  1. The eye candy of the party; everyone wants to be taken home by this man heh.
  2. The socialite; he likes to say his hellos to everyone before grabbing a drink.
  3. Spends most of his time on the dance floor grinding and dancing with everyone.
  4. The lightweight LOL he can only handle a few drinks at a time.
  5. After those few drinks, he likes to give everyone kisses on the cheek because he’s so happy!
  6. Takes lots of pictures and snapchats of the party to show everyone what they’re missing out.
  7. Uses beer pong as a scheme to get close to someone he thinks is cute.
  8. He’ll kiss/make out with people at the party, but refuses to “take someone home” unless they’re a friend.
  9. He’s very giggly and cute when he’s drunk. His words slur a little, but his smile is so big and bright!


  1. Oh, man, is this guy the life of the party or what.
  2. He likes to be the dj at parties because he likes being the center of attention.
  3. Isn’t really into hard liquor, so he’ll take a beer. Loves shotgunning beers.
  4. Participates in 7 Mins/T or D/Spin the Bottle, also. Personally, he prefers 7 Mins in Heaven because he can do a lot more in 7 minutes.
  5. He’s the one in everyone’s snapchat stories because he’s super cool and everyone knows who he is.
  6. The one that knows all the cool dance moves so he kills it and hypes it up on the dance floor
  7. Terushima knows what he wants, so when he sees someone he likes, he has tunnel vision and sets his eyes on them and stays with them the entire night until he can crack them with his charm.
  8. To be honest, even when drunk, he’s almost exactly the same. Sometimes people can’t tell if he’s drunk or not because he doesn’t change.


  1. This little shit is a tank in its truest form. It takes so much to get him to feel anything. Sometimes he leaves the party that way and he gets pouty and disappointed.
  2. More interested in the drinking games because of his naturally competitive nature.
  3. Doesn’t like beer and doesn’t like mixed drinks because they’re not strong enough and he always has to pee, so he prefers hard liquor.
  4. Outdrinks anyone and everyone. No one dares to challenge him because they enjoy their life.
  5. When he does feel something, he gets louder and more talkative. His form of affection is slinging his arm around someone’s shoulder and leaning on them a little bit for support.
  6. If he sees someone he likes at a party, he kabedons them because he doesn’t know social skills LOL
  7. His wildest story was taking over the 7 Mins in Heaven closet and spending waaay more than 7 mins with someone in there ~
  8. Always makes Goshiki the designated driver
  9. As a drunk, he whines a lot for some reason? He, too, is a nsfw affectionate drunk.

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  • a story:
  • matt and nicky went to a frat party.
  • they played beer pong and KILLED these frat guys because matt and nicky are the BEST at beer pong (the only people they’ve lost to are dan and allison and the twins, but that’s only if they’re in those duos, which isn’t often for the twins. not even kevin can beat them. it’s his biggest goal now.)
  • and then they did like 2 beer bongs each
  • and kegstands
  • and played flip cup
  • and never have i ever with a bunch of sorority girls
  • nicky took some cracker dust
  • basically they got really messed up. really messed up.
  • and now they’ve managed to stumble into the elevator in fox tower, laughing and leaning on each other
  • “mmmmmatt”
  • “what na-na-na-nicky”
  • “i love u, bro”
  • “i love u too, dude.”
  • cue drunken giggling as the elevator stops and the doors slide open
  • they both stumble out, gripping each other’s arms for balance, which doesn’t work because they’re both swaying a little
  • they go crashing to the floor and start laughing again
  • somehow they get to their feet again and stumble down to their door
  • it’s like 4 am, okay? and they’re still drunk
  • they start banging on their dorm door, nicky spamming aaron with
  • because guess whaT??????
  • they lost their keys at the frat house
  • nicky starts telling matt “sshhhh if we wake andrew he’ll murder us”
  • matt, the big puppy, gets all scared and nods and takes out his phone to start texting aaron too
  • eventually standing gets to be too much and they both sit down, matt against the door, nicky against his side, pounding head on his shoulder
  • “matt i think i’m ‘onna be sick”
  • “no ur not”
  • “ur right i’m not”
  • nicky says it as he passes out on matt’s shoulder
  • matt passes out not long later, having texted aaron too many times to count
  • when they wake up it’s because matt’s leg was kicked and he jerked awake
  • neil is looking down at them, amused
  • nicky winces away from the light and groans, burying his face deeper in matt’s neck
  • matt has his arms around nicky and is grimacing and groaning against his hair
  • “neil?”
  • “what are you doing out here?”
  • “something…. keys? our keys?”
  • “aaron’s at katelyn’s. he left last night after you guys. are you okay?”
  • “hungover.”
  • “need inside.”
  • “i’ll be right back, then. stay there.”
  • “like we could move anyway.”
  • nicky sits a good two agonizing minutes with matt’s sweat sticky and stinky arms around him and his face buried in his equally sticky and stinky neck to avoid the light
  • his stomach is rolling over in the grave he dug his liver last night
  • neil comes back with two long, thing, silver things and leans over both of them to pick the lock
  • matt and nicky are both too hungover to be able to appreciate the fact that neil’s crotch is literally right there
  • while neil is distracted nicky takes matt’s phone and takes a picture of the view (don’t worry. matt will delete it later, after they admire it.)
  • the door opens and they both fall into the room, since they’d been leaning against the door
  • nicky has never moved so fast in his life
  • “thank you neil” he hears from matt as he heads to the bathroom to vomit all his internal organs up
  • they buy neil a bunch of fruit later that day, after sleeping off the worst hangover ever, just to thank him for letting them into their room before they puked all over the hall or died from choking on their own vomit
  • they both begged aaron to never let them leave without extra keys again. it happened next time. aaron pins a key to the door, next to the hinges, next time they go to a party and he leaves

I was determined to write a little Christmas fic this year. I started and stopped three different stories before finally completing this one. I guess fourth time’s a charm? Title taken from “Christmas Wrapping” by The Waitresses.

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Have a wonderful, joyful, delicious holiday!

Couldn’t Miss This One This Year

“Okay, so we’ll start with While You Were Sleeping,” Peeta said, setting the blu-ray onto the kitchen counter. “That’ll ease us into the Christmas spirit.”

“Followed by Die Hard,” Katniss said, lining the movie up next to the first.

“Nothing says Christmas like Bruce Willis kicking Severus Snape’s ass.”

Katniss bowed her head. “May he rest in peace.”

“Then, we’ll have a brief interlude with the Muppets.”

Katniss clapped her hands as Peeta produced The Muppets Family Christmas from the reusable shopping bag he had slung over his arm. That bag had proven to be full of more wonderful surprises than Santa’s bag of toys. He had already pulled out a plate of freshly baked Peanut Butter Blossoms, and Katniss was pretty sure there were cheese buns for the morning as well.

While neither one had mentioned Peeta staying the night, it wouldn’t be the first time he slept on the couch.

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X-men Halloween

Peter is down for all of the fun of halloween. He’ll dress up in the most shitest costume he can find or something really nerdy he really likes, like Ghostbusters or Adam ant. The place is decorated almost as if it’s christmas, orange tinsel, little paper skeletons hanging everywhere, at least 3 craved pumpkins. It also gives peter the excuse to eat more candy than he usually would eat “but it’s halloween”. Will not stop saying spooky and shoving as many marshmallows in his face.

Alex isn’t huge huge on halloween. He likes the atmosphere and party more than he actually cares about halloween. Gives him a chance to be a bit of a dick. He’ll come in a costume he could put together really easy unless someone makes him. Probably standing on the sidelines drinking beer until someone challenges him to beer pong. He’ll be more open the more beer he drinks.

- Scott uses it to try flirt with people but just ends up getting drunk and passing out in the pool patito. Will wake up with pen all over his face, not remembering a single thing while regretting it all at once.

- Jean actually tries really hard to have a decent costume. She the one who’s busy dancing to every song having a really good time. Probably has eaten all the candy corns and candy apples before you can look left. Want to still dance even when everyone’s passed out.

- Warren comes in cover in fake blood claiming to be lucifer with 12 bottles of vodka under both his arms like ‘well it’s a party right?’ Will switch the music over to heavy metal and everyone will shout at him. Him and jubilee are the ones drawing on the people who are passed out. Get annoyed when he loses beer pong and drinks it in defeat to annoy Alex.

- JUBILEE SO EXCITED ABOUT HALLOWEEN. Will punch you if you say you don’t care (alex has been punched a lot) Has been playing this for months, has had decorations up since june, has had her costume sorted and bought way before, craved at least 20 different pumpkins, painted the people’s faces and has planned at least 6 spooky games. Tries her best at beer pong but sucks.

- Storm has been lowkey excited about this. Has a really good outfit and is planning on winning every single games against everyone but mainly Warren. Doesn’t have a hangover the next day and is proud of it.

- Kurt is reallly excited about halloween. Hes got a cute costume that the other picked out for him. He just wants to try everything and be involved in everything. Eats too much candy and spends the next day trying not to throw up.

- Hank likes to join in the fun, he’ll come up with a really smart cute pumpkin that he’ll leave in the lab. It takes him a lil bit to join in because he’s a little nervous but once Alex spirits have raised he’ll drag him into and he’ll be just fine. Put his head in the apple bobbing bin and fell into it.

- Charles wants to join in the fun because he’s a giant child but doesn’t stay for long as he knows it’s a night for the kids.

- Erik just wants to go to bed, couldn’t care less.

Mate. (It’s okay, I couldn’t sleep anyway, JIMIN.)

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Mate. (Cutest things- It’s okay, I couldn’t sleep anyway.)

/for @chai-lattae :3 I’m so sorry for the long wait, dear, I hope you enjoy this one! ♥/


His friends would laugh at him if they knew what he was doing. But there was nothing else he could do.

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Playing the Game

Prompt: “Shit that’s my old ex, quick pretend we’re dating. I’ll pay you later” AU
Word Count: 1339
Warnings: Cussing
A/N: I’m really sorry that this is so shitty but I hope you like it anyways cuz I had fun writing it xD

Dan literally did not understand why he decided to go to a stupid party filled with drunken sluts and obnoxious teenagers who had nothing better to do than to get smashed on a friday night. He never really was one for parties ever since he drank way too much and passed out cold in his parents’ room the same night, so seeing him at a party was a rare sight indeed. But that’s what peer pressure does to a person, he supposes surveying the crowd with narrowed eyes, and besides, literally no one could say no to PJ’s natural charm and manipulation. 

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No okay but I was thinking about it and college/university!5sos is a dream

-Luke is a freshman who’s taking all advanced classes bc he’s so fucking smart and he parties all the time and rarely shows up to class but still aces all the tests
-Sophomores Calum and Michael are high school friends
-Calum got there on a football (soccer???) scholarship and he’s really popular with everybody like the team and the cheerleaders and everybody likes him also he’s fucking good at football and he has a chance to get into the big leagues
-Michael hated high school and he only hates college a little bit less because no parents and more alcohol but he really wants to be a musician and go to LA and shit but his parents won’t pay for it until he graduates and he’s shit at schoolwork so he’s having a hard time with that
-And Ashton is like the student/teacher type professor’s assistant bc he’s a senior but he’s an art major who sells his art to pay his way through school
-And they meet up kinda like the breakfast club??? Like there’s this crazy party and the cops get called and Michael and Calum get busted for vandalizing/distraction of school property and Luke gets busted for under aged drinking and Ashton is the one put in charge of “”“detention”“” even though I’m pretty sure there isn’t detention in college but it’s something like that
-And Michael brings pot to “detention” bc Calum is gonna be there and they’re bff hooligans so they all get high and talk about life and they find out that Ashton had a shit home life and he wants to make art and sell it to pay back his mom for everything she did for him and his siblings and michael’s a rich only child but he feels smothered by his parents and that’s part of the reason he wants to leave but he’s currently failing math and he’s so so soooo worried that he’s gonna flunk out and not be able to go to LA to make music (but then Luke agrees to tutor him in exchange for weed or whatever) and Calum talks about how football is fun and all but he really just wants to be a writer and he’s currently undecided on his major but he thinks he wants it to be English/literature and Luke is just really lonely like he parties all the time and drinks and smokes and he gets good grades but he’s highkey lonely bc all of his friends are shitty and only good for getting fucked up with
-And by the time “"detention”“ is over they decide to head back to Ashton’s little apartment and hang out and play video games and drink and stuff bc ash is the only one who can legally buy alcohol
-And through the course of the next semester they all become really good friends and Luke is tutoring Michael but he does it for free now because one night after Michael got a B+ on an exam that he would have failed without Luke, they got high and sat on the roof of one of the buildings and Michael played Luke one of his songs and it was really really good and luke decides that he deserves the chance to chase his dream
-And all the boys go to the last football game of the season to support Calum and they make signs and Michael paints his chest and of course the team wins and Calum scores the winning goal and everybody rushes the field and the three of them lift Calum up but it’s really hard and they end up falling into a giggling heap on the ground and then the team goes to the championship and they win and a scout from Manchester or whatever is there and talks to Calum about training with their team that summer but Calum declines it since he’s finally decided his major and that night he cries about it in he and Michael’s dorm room and so Michael forces him to pull himself together and they go out drinking with Luke and Ashton to try to cheer him up and it works and now that he’s not playing football or training during the off season calum starts going to writer’s workshops and starts writing short stories and spends a lot of time in the library
-And Ashton has this small art show type thing and begs the guys to come even though he knows it isn’t their cup of tea and it’s on a Friday fucking night but they go obviously even though Michael is dying of boredom but Calum actually enjoys it and he’s scribbling down things in the little journal he always carries around bc the art is giving him inspiration and Luke tries his best to appreciate it but he and Michael just end up getting high in the alley behind the building and coming back inside and laughing at all the art and "obviously that’s not a dick Michael I think it’s supposed to be a tree” “but if you turn your head this way and squint your eyes….” And Ashton is accepting donations so he can rent a studio downtown and he doesn’t get a lot of money that night, only about a third of what he needs but the next morning when he goes to check his mail he finds a blank envelope with a check inside for exactly the amount he needs to cover the rest and there’s no note or anything so he grabs his bike and races to Michael and calum’ dorm where Luke crashed that night and he bangs on the door and it’s like 9am on a Saturday and He bangs on the door and after a few moments of shuffling noises and angry groans about who’s going to get up and get the door it finally opens and calum’ standing there and his hair looks like a poodle but Ashton is shaking his shoulders yelling “someone gave me a check! I have enough to rent out a studio for at least a month!!!!” And Calum smiles sleepily and bro hugs him but Ashton is squeezing him tightly and cal just mumbles “congrats buddy m'so happy for ya” and while Ashton is going on about the studio and Calum is trying to keep his eyes open, inside the room Luke’s like “holy shit that was a lot of money. I can’t believe someone did that.” And Michael just shrugs and is like “it wasn’t /that/ much” all nonchalant and Luke looks at him with wide eyes and he’s like “you???? What???” And Michael swears him to secrecy bc he doesn’t want his punk rock image being destroyed but when it comes down to it he’d do anything for his friends and maybe he told his parents it was for textbooks but they’ll never find out so its whatever
-And at the end of the year Michael passes all of his classes with flying colors, Luke is less of a party animal and is pretty laid back now and Michael is teaching him how to play guitar, one of cal’s short stories is getting published, and Ashton is making so much art he has to move into a bigger studio and he can now because people are actually buying it
-And so Ashton graduates and moves out of his little apartment and into a bigger apartment, one with a studio built in upstairs and enough room for the other 3 boys to move in And it’s a great apartment and they have parties all the time thanks to Luke who is a seasoned expert on which cups work best for beer pong and you should always expect twice as many people as you invite to show up
-And so an unlikely group of boys become brothers over the course of a few months and once Luke graduates they all fly over to LA because Michael just got signed to a record label and Calum is helping him write songs and he promised Ashton he could design the album artwork and Luke feels irrelevant sometimes but Michael never fails to remind him that he would have never made it this far without him


Word count: 705

Another day, another class finished. You picked up your books and headed to your locker. “So are you joining us at the bar tonight?” Shownu appeared behind you. “I don’t know. I have a lot of coursework to do.” You shrugged. “Come on, Wonho is going to be there.” He winked before walking off. “So what?” You rolled your eyes but inside you were screaming. 

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Property of Lydia Martin

Fic Request:

  • stiles and lydia already being together but then girls start to notice stiles and lydia gets jealous. She proudly puts them in their place. 
  • Lydia sees stiles getting hit on by other girls at a party and decide that he is hers and drag him away to show him a good time ;) 

Rating: M

Genre: Romance, Jealous!Lydia

Author: stydia-xo

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In Too Deep | Swimmer!Luke (Part Two)

a/n: theres literally no swimming in this bit. anyway, hopefully some things make a little more sense and im fully prepared to be yelled at. you’re supposed to be a bit confused :-) feedback is also cool if you’re so inclined :)
words: 1450 | masterlist | part one

“You’re drunk,” You observed, letting Luke’s hands intertwine with both of yours and fall behind your back, pulling you into his chest. He dropped his forehead to yours, lips curving into a childish grin. You’d only been at his friend Ashton’s for a couple of hours and already your very easily persuaded boyfriend had found himself the loser of several rounds of beer pong while you were talking to a few people you recognised from a couple of classes.

“Maybe a little bit,” His breath was warm from the alcohol and once the words were out of his mouth he grinned even wider. “A lot bit – yes – many drinks. I’m not great at beer pong, ya know?”

You pouted at him with a shake of your head, trying to be the responsible one, but the smile on his face was distracting, “Luuuuke,” you whined and he stretched both your arms out at your sides, fingers still locked tightly. “Baby, you’re not supposed to be drinking. What was the compromise?”

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(479): Did I really make a PSA to that garage party that you wanted to bang him?

(1-479): You gave a whole fucking speech. It was inspiring.

      Stiles liked to think that he could hold his alcohol pretty well. Sometimes he got a little bit dizzy, sometimes he threw up a bit, but it wasn’t like he couldn’t control himself.

Scott, on the other hand?

Total lightweight.

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Jimmy Fallon be thirsting for Harry Styles

Jimmy Fallon be thirsting for One Direction since the beginning. I bet he has a folder just full of all the games he wants to play and all the questions he wants to ask.

Improvise comedic situations with Louis. Doing skits with Louis. Imagine Louis and Jimmy Fallon having a standoff?

Puppies with Harry. Dancing with Harry. Doing the history of Dance with Harry. Telling the worst jokes in the world with Harry. Impersonating Harry. Murdered by Louis.

Beer pong with Niall. Eating contest with Niall. Best/Worst celebrity stories with Niall.

Throwing things with Liam. Who can do the most push-ups with Liam. Obstacle course with Liam.

Painting with Zayn. Staring at Zayn. Trivial pursuit with Zayn.

Lip syncing contest: all of them. All of them hanging out. All of them. 5/5+Jimmy. 6 members of 1d.


Totally made up superlatives that each type would win.

Disclaimer: do I have to keep writing that I’m joking? Nah, it’s kinda obvious. (Also, stereotypes)

ISFP: Biggest Hipster

ESFP: Best Beer-Pong Player

ISTP: Most Likely To Have A Sudden Breakdown

ESTP: Most Likely To Buy An Illegal (and faster) Engine For Their Motorcycle

ISTJ: Most Likely To Become Grumpy When Old

ESTJ: Best Eyebrows

ISFJ: Most Likely To Forgive A Criminal

ESFJ: Most Likely To Become A Soccer Mom

INFJ: Most Likely To Rule An Utopic Country

ENFJ: Most Likely To Actually Wrap Someone Around Blankets

INTJ: Best Eye-rolling

ENTJ: Most Likely To Join The Illuminati

INTP: Best Conspiracy Theorist

ENTP: Pun-Master

INFP: School’s Cinnamon Roll

ENFP: Most Likely To Go On A Journey And Never Be Seen Again


Mini Beer Pong

Almost any lover of drinking games has heard of or tried Beer Pong and they can tell you all about just how fun it is. However, there’s a new way to play it: Scienz has recently introduced Mini Beer Pong, a smaller and spill-safer version of the classic game which will certainly liven up any party.

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the kind of mixtape he makes for you ^-^

Hi Danielle! *waves*


It would be a spacey mix. The songs would have electronic backdrops and carrying vocals. The lyrics wouldn’t sink in until the third time you listened and then you have to kind of lay back and think about them, and then you’d put them on replay again and again. It would be the kind of music you listen to under the stars while laying on the hood of your car. See here.


It would be upbeat and unusual sounds. It would be filled with songs that make you want to dance in some way and make you think big thoughts. It would encourage new ideas and movements from you. There would be a lot of folk rock and indie music and covers. It would be the stuff you listen to while roadtripping after just getting off work. See here.


This one would have the music you listen to to get yourself moving in the morning. It’s the soundtrack to an early 2000′s movie almost, where the main character has to get up and take on the day and beat out all the odds. It’s what you would listen to to keep yourself up and going through your busy day. Things to do people to see! See here.


High energy and pop punk would fill this tape. It would have loud songs and hard rifts, drum solos and fuzzy sounding guitars with just a hint of electronic sound. It would be the kind of music you listen to while you dance around your house in your underwear with your best friends and go on midnight adventures for the world’s best mozzarella sticks and smoothies. It’s like all your favorite movies wrapped in one. See here.


It would have haunting vocals and lyrics you think about late at night when you can’t fall asleep. There wouldn’t be another one like it, all alternative sounds and good beats that make the lyrics roll of your tongue before you realize you’re saying them. It’s the tape you would play at a party in someone’s basement while you cream your best friend in beer pong and find something you never knew you were looking for. See here.


It would be an oddly balanced mix. It would have the right amount of upbeat songs to get you moving but also just enough slow songs to keep you from going too wild. It would be something you’d want to listen to in your favorite coffee shop while you slide into a corner booth with a drink and a book you’ve been wanting to read. You’d be able to watch people come and go in time with the song changes. See here.


This one would be the mix your squad would need to play when you’re getting ready for a night out. It would be strangely invigorating and empowering. It would make you feel like you’re ready to take on the night. It would play while you’re speeding through the deserted city streets early in the morning, windows down and hands stretched for the skies. See here.