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I Shouldn’t Have Said Anything

Request:  Hi! I’m relatively new to your blog, and I love what you write. so I would like to request a fic. Can you do a really fluffy Castiel fix where he first tells reader he loves them? Pleeeeeease?

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: fluff of course.

Word Count: 851

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Great, you thought. You had just gotten back to the bunker with beer and pizza, and you noticed that while you were gone, the impala was no longer in the garage. You rolled your eyes, why did Sam and Dean insist on you going out for food whenever they were just going to be gone when you got back?

With your arms full, you made your way into the bunker, setting everything down in the kitchen.

“Hello?!” You yelled. You shrugged when no one answered. You grabbed a beer and made your way to the library. At least you would have some alone time for once. You liked to sit in the library when the bunker was empty. You sat your feet up on the table and had a book in your hands when you heard a flutter of wings behind you.

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Tybee Island - Feb 2015 by Lindsay Appel

stoncy // spring
↳ fresh tulips on nancy’s dresser, long walks on along a chilly shoreline, huddling together under a single umbrella, planting vegetables in the backyard, dying easter eggs for holly, extra sweaters in the back of steve’s car, finally sleeping with the windows open 

stoncy // summer 
↳ cold beers and hot pizzas, picnics in the park, drawing hearts in the sand, fireworks in july, staying up all night, poolside shenanigans, weekends at the cottage, baseball games, walking barefoot across the lawn, loud music blaring out open car windows, evenings on the roof, gazing at the stars, monster hunting 

stoncy // autumn 
↳ the crunch of leaves underfoot, pumpkin guts all over the tiles, kisses in the crisp breeze, more baseball games, jonathan on steve’s shoulders to find the perfect apple, discreetly holding hands on the hayride, big mugs of cider, nancy in borrowed plaid shirts, bad memories

stoncy // winter
↳ steaming cocoa, names written on fogged glass, slipping and sliding across the ice (trying to teach jonathan to skate), bickering over the perfect christmas tree, shrieks of delight as snowballs fly, shovelling way too much snow, tipsy christmas carols, tipsy gingerbread houses, lots of eggnog, blushing gift exchanges 

Screw Up (Dean x Reader)

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Warnings: none
Word Count: 789

    After a particularly bad hunt you would usually go to the nearest bar and drown your problems in whiskey or beer; whichever you had a higher alcohol content. But the half-full bottle of painkillers you had downed earlier had warned you not to drink any alcohol for a couple of hours. So, while the long gash on your side thanked you, your sober mind did not.

    Instead of feeling sorry for yourself and moping in your motel room, you decided to go the only bar in town: a rundown old building with a gravel parking lot. Once you arrived you promptly consumed the most sugary drink you could find in the hopes of substituting the buzz of alcohol with a sugar high.

    It wasn’t going very well.

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Jar Of Hearts

Summary: Jensen and Y/N had a love that happens once in a lifetime, until it slipped through their fingers. Years later, he has moved on, but deep in his heart she will always be the one he dreams of. Y/N returns with a secret he’ll never know.

Characters: Jensen, Reader (Y/N)

Word Count: 2935

Warnings: ANGST, fluff, romance, sadness, guilt, pain, regret, tears…. I could go on.

A/N: originally written for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing‘s Anti-Valentine’s challenge, but got hopelessly delayed. Based on Christina Perri song by the same title. Lyrics are bolded, flashbacks/back story are italicized. Beta’d by the lovely @eyes-of-a-disney-princess and @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid


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You sit at the small coffee bar table all alone, fingers worrying at the cup of forgotten coffee going colder every moment, your knees are pressed tightly together below the tabletop, ankles crossed and one foot bouncing in double-time to the heartbeat you can feel at the back of your tongue. A shadow passes across your hands and you glance up to the glass door and expansive floor-to-ceiling windows. Hipsters in their chill wide cropped pants scoff at the new professionals in knockoff Stella McCartney. Still, every one of them has a phone pasted to their cheeks. Sun spots like camera flares from adjoining windows draw the straggling hopefuls in to see and be seen. Everyone chooses their part to perform. Great. This makes it easy to get lost in the slew of fake laughter and too-wide eyes.

‘This is pointless. Why did I even bother? What do I hope to accomplish?’ you whisper to yourself as your eyes range over the table top and the usual spotty utensils strangled in a paper napkin next to your elbow. A presence stops next to the chair opposite you. Without raising your head, you take your  hands from the cup and curl your fingers into fragile fists, eyes clenched shut in a silent prayer for mercy. With the contained effort of purpose, you lay your trembling palms flat on the surface in front of your cup. Only then do you open your eyes and turn your face up. To him. That one special “him”.

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how this works:

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HAPPY VATERTAG to all the German dads out there. :)

In Germany, Father’s Day (Vatertag) is celebrated differently from other countries. It’s always on Ascension Day (the Thursday 40 days after Easter, originally a religious holiday), which is also a federal holiday so almost everyone is off from work. In some regions, it’s called Männertag (Men’s Day) or Herrentag (Gentlemen’s Day). It’s traditional for groups of males (young and old but usually excluding pre-teenage boys) to do a hiking tour in nature with one or more small wagons called Bollerwagen that are pulled by manpower and filled with wine and beer, and traditional rustic / picnic / BBQ food - Hausmannskost. Many, but not all men use this holiday as an opportunity to get completely wasted and do “guy” things together in a group; other men and / or actual fathers may spend the day with family, also doing outdoor activities if weather permits. According to the Federal Statistical Office, alcohol-related traffic accidents multiply by 3 on this day.

These traditions are probably rooted in Christian Ascension Day’s processions to the farmlands, which has been done since the 18th century. Men would be seated in a wooden cart and taken to the village square, where the mayor would award a prize to the father who had the most children, usually it was a whole ham. In the late 19th century, the religious component was progressively lost, especially in urban areas such as Berlin, and groups of men organized walking excursions with Bier und Schinken (beer and ham). By the 20th century, it had evolved into a holiday for limitless drinking and merriment among (some) men. Most German fathers control their alcohol intake and simply take relaxed walks with friends, but a minority will get drunk and rowdy and very noisy without fail. Many people take the following Friday off work, and some schools are closed on that Friday as well, so the coming weekend is a long one for many. Prost and stay safe, everyone!

Request: Tig’s Old Lady

Request: Imagine placed somewhere in the beginning of Season 3. You’re Tig’s old lady and was out of town for some time (business trip or something) and you come to the clubhouse and all the new prospects and Kozik start to hit on you, not knowing who you are and who you are with.

[Hi everyone 😃 I had a nice day, how about you?

I watched the episodes again to choose where I would place this imagine and I couldn’t resist Tig and Kozik fighting…

Enjoy! Love you amazing people!]

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: Violence

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Every time before you leave for a business trip, your last stop was the clubhouse. Samcro was your family and now they were hurt. Jax’s son was missing and Kip died trying to protect him. Gemma had killed someone and now she was hiding. Club needed you, so you cancelled every meeting and hopped on a plane back home.

Your old man, Tig, was with Gemma, so you were at Kip’s funeral to represent him too. Everyone was happy to see you, even in that circumstance. You noticed some new people around, especially a blond guy, who was following you with his eyes all the time. You ignored him, that was not the place or time, besides, you were faithful to Tig and the blond guy was lucky he wasn’t there.


In the next day, you were at the clubhouse, trying to organize some things. Chuck was talking to you about supplies and you were making a list.

“Hi gorgeous”, you heard behind you. You turned just to see the blond guy standing there. “Have you seen Clay?”

“No”, you said. “And I don’t know where he is”

“Okay, I’ll wait”, he smiled. “My name is Kozik, by the way”

“Nice to meet you”, you said getting up. “Come on Chucky”

You were walking to the door, ready to leave for the supermarket. You heard Kozik saying behind you. “Aren’t you gonna tell me your name?”

Outside, the bikes were coming. Clay hugged you, thanking for your help.

“There is a guy, named Kozik, waiting for you”, you said. “Quite a dumbass”

“Your old man would say the same thing”, Bobby laughed.

“Why?”, you asked.

“You don’t know who Kozik is?”, Clay asked smiling. You said no and they told you about Kozik and Tig little quarrel.

“Well, he doesn’t know who I am either”, you said. Don’t tell him”

“What are you going to do?”, Bobby asked. You gave him a mischievous smile and put your sunglasses on, walking to your car, but still able to hear Bobby. “She is as evil as Tig, I swear to God”


Kozik and the new prospects were around the clubhouse all the time and they were flirting with you every chance they could get. They thought you were alone.

“Hi gorgeous”, said Kozik, who seemed to think that this was your name. “Do you wanna drink with us?”

“No. Thanks”, you said walking to Clay’s office. He followed you, leaning against the door, clearly looking at you with lust in his eyes.

“Come on”, he said. “We can have a good time together. I think you need it”

“No, I don’t”, you said carrying some papers, ready to go back to the office.

“How about a ride?”, he said, putting his hand on your hips and giving you a smiled that he thought was seductive. “Just us. We could stop somewhere quiet, be alone…”

“Get your hands off me blonde”, you hissed.

“I will transfer tomorrow”, he smiled. “You won’t say no to a patched member”

You rolled your eyes at him. He clearly thought you were some crow eater, but soon Tig would be home and then the playtime would be over.


You woke up with a call from Tig, he was back in town, but the circumstance wasn’t that good. Gemma found out about Abel and she almost had a heart attack, now she was at the hospital, recovering. You saw your old man time enough for a kiss before he leave with his brothers to solve something before Church. You stayed at the hospital for a while, Gemma was sleeping and Tara was with her. The TM needed you so you drove back there.

The bikes were parked, looking bright against the fence, but no one was around. They must be in Church. You started to gather some bottles of beer left on the picnic table, but at some point, you heard angry voices and things being broken inside.

You opened the door just to see Kozik and Tig fighting. Jax saw you and smiled. Was this about you? You shouldn’t stop the fight, you knew that, so you walked to the bar and sat next to Opie who was looking like a child watching cartoons. He smiled at you and shared his bowl full with snacks.

“Get him baby!”, you shouted. Both, Tig and Kozik, looked at you and for Kozik’s misfortune, your old man saw that and hit him with his excellent right cross in the eye.

Bobby stopped the fight. You and Chibs cheered while Kozik gave you a shocked look. Tig walked towards you with a wide smile, he put his hands on your hips, leaning to give you a breath-taking kiss.

“I can’t believe”, Kozik said pressing a towel against his eye. “That is why you were pushing me away, you like him?”

“Pushing you away?”, Tig narrowed his eyes, ready to a second round. You stopped him grabbing his face making him look back to you.

“I’ll tell you later baby”, you said and turned to Kozik. “Of course I like him. He is my old man”

Kozik jaw was ajar, all the boys were laughing now. Tig was confused, but his hands were at your thighs, he was excited for the fight and ready to spend the adrenaline in bed. You got up, holding his hand, guiding him to the back of the club. In your way, you stopped next to Kozik and whispered.

“Never, ever call me gorgeous again blonde”, you smiled. “Or I’ll cut that little dick of yours out”

“You heard my old lady”, Tig added while you were pulling him to keep walking. “She will really cut you”

The boys were still laughing behind you and Tig wrapped his arms around your waist, saying how that was hot and what you could do to his not-so-little dick.

I want to know how you like your tea, do you like drinking tea? How many sugars do you take? What do you eat for breakfast? How long do you take in the shower, I want to become familiar with your ticklish areas and hear you laugh loud and uncontrollably whilst my fingers… My fingers , I want to trace my fingers across your lips followed by a kiss. Then find my lips in other places, I want to know what turns you on and what makes you mad.. I want to make you mad so that I can make it all better. I want to pick at your brain & find out what you think of this universe.. From the stars to the pavement we stand on.. I want to stand there with you whilst it’s raining & whilst the sun shines we can find a patch on the grass with a basket of fruit & a bottle of cava .. Do you like sparkling wine or are you more of a beer guy. I wouldn’t mind fetching you a beer whilst your sprawled out on my sofa watching your favourite program. I would lay beside you & play with your hair, trace my fingers over your wrists and pay no attention to the TV.

I would rather look at you, deep inside you, deep in love..