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Twenty Four (Avery)

Brewery : Avery
Beer : Twenty Four
Style : Double IPA / Imperial IPA / DIPA
Variance : None

8.5 / 10

Holy shit. I honestly though at this point in my drinking career a brewery couldn’t surprise me with flavor but I honestly said “whoa” out loud after I took my first sip of this because of how unique it is. Apparently the traditional gift for a twenty fourth anniversary is china or as Trump would say, Gyna, but since I’m broke as a joke I guess I could just order you guys some Chinese food from my favorite place Shanghai up the road from my house. Mmmmm, now I’m really craving pepper, steak, and onion from that place. I feel like just as I always start to forget how incredible Avery is I find a beer that drags me right back in which is what I love most about them because they always have something new up their sleeves. An initial floral hop punch starts things off before a crazy mix of pine, oniony hops, potpourri, citrus, and melon mix in towards the middle (honestly I might be way off base but it’s fucking weird in a good way) before ending with a smooth astringent hop flavor and bitterness to tie it all together. I seriously feel like every sip of this continuously blows my mind because of it’s flavor because I really have never tasted a DIPA even close to this which is a huge damn accomplishment just like someone making god damn spinners popular is a huge accomplishment. Seriously, why the fuck are kids just spinning shit in their hands?! Do they not have people to try and get to 3rd base with? Do they not have lotion and tissues and a lock on their door?! Kids are fucking dumb. Anyways, this beer is anything but dumb and if you are a fan of the style you should definitely pick this up ASAP because it’s flavors are one of a kind. As for you newbies, run from this beer as fast as you can because this does not shy away from pretty much every hop flavor out there and will definitely have your taste buds crying like little bitches but hopefully Avery will still have this out by the time you’re ready. Oh, and it’s 9.7% ABV so there’s that too.

Written by: Steve B.